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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2017

Single UFO Reality

by: Steve Erdmann

Micah Hanks views himself as a “transhumanist” who visualizes “technological growth at a rate so incredible that it begins to become imperceptible to (or maybe indistinguishable from) human intelligence…” (p. 29)

Contemplating the most recent scientific findings and their far-reaching effects on mankind, Micah Hanks speaks about a final “singularity” of an “illumination...rooted in some aspect of what humans are eventually destined to become…” (p. 249)

(The UFO Singularity, Micah Hanks, New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Inc., 220 West Parkway, Unit 12, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444, www.careerpress.com; www.newpagebooks.com, 2013, 287 pages, $15.00.)


Hanks focuses on the UFO (think, flying saucer) phenomena and its many facets: UFOs are a means to perceiving the true nature of the paranormal and its connections to the on-goings of mankind. Hanks quotes Alexei Turchin, a Russian Transhumanist, on the nature of the UFO wonders: “UFOs are a reflection of our fear. They represent a certain kind of taboo, and are often a scapegoat in the absence of real science…often to test the edges of our rationality, or our ability to rationally and somberly look into the unknown.” (p. 213)

Described as a “convergence,” Hanks examines a historical cavalcade of theories and findings lending to his overall conclusion that there will be “no virtual distinctions remaining between man and machines, there will be just as few that exist to separate what we call ‘human’ and ‘alien’.” (p. 67)


“…far be it from me, let alone the staunchest skeptics among us to hope to derail anyone’s belief in alien visitation here on earth,” says Hanks. “The bottom line is that we simply don’t know, exactly, we may be dealing with when it comes to UFOs. At present, we only have a few reasonably good ideas.”

Hanks mentions various possibilities such as crypto-terrestrials, interdimensional intelligence, or temporal displacement (time travel). “Artificial intelligence, bioengineering, anti-gravitational aircraft and perhaps even time travel are all things that could account for various UFO technologies.” Hanks tells about the stages of “intelligence explosion,” artificial intelligence, and the possibility that UFOs exist “for the mere purposes of staging psychological experiments with humans.” (p. 65)

As an example, he points to the “shape-shifting” abilities of the Transformers films and media-types, extending even farther to exotic modes of travel. “…direct relevance to there being some potential connection between UFOs and time travel, involves the interrelationship between high-speed travel through space, which UFOs are often observed doing, and the effects of time dilation and other conditions on the presumed occupants of such craft.”


Elements of the “convergence” might be seen in the prophetic elements of science-fiction and then their further fulfillment.

One such forecast was from the writer Jules Verne’s Robur the Conqueror and the tale of Robur, “master of the world.” Hanks goes on to explain: “And, of course, his unusual flying vessel may have been far closer to reality than Verne himself, or many of his readers, had ever realized.” In 1896, in the skies of California and other various localities, strange aircraft, often compared to Robur-type, dirigible-like aero foils, caused an “airship scare” across America. J. Allen Danelek spoke of the ‘phantom airships” as possible creations of clandestine “private entities,” and, as Hanks says, “Certain technologies to have existed around the time…to produce an aircraft…”

Hanks conjectures on a point sometime in the future when the “singularity” arrives and all technologies and human knowledge converge into a “literal creation of new kinds of life and intelligence that would further narrow the boundaries between humanity and the technologies at our disposal.” (p. 28) In fact, Hanks suspects it may have already happened in a meeting of our own “secret societies” with that of “alien” sources.

“In truth, there may have been a number of secret private enterprises throughout the years, which might have contributed to reports of unexplainable and other worldly looking things in the skies…contained throughout the decades, and that advanced technologies might also be in production behind the scenes today...if Kurzweil is right, does this mean that someplace here on earth, and at this very moment, various kinds of secret technology may have already been in development for some time now?” (pp. 103-104)


Hanks glides through reports of UFO phenomena, the occurrence of Nazi “incredible super technology” (a possible contributor to the “secret society”), UFO abduction reports, and he mentions Martin Cannon’s amazing 1990 essay “The Controllers: A new Hypothesis of Alien Abductions” which introduced the theory that the abductions can possibly represent experiments to control humanity by simulating alien abductions or other mental control; that someone or something has taken control of our minds in some grandiose experiment.

Cannon purveyed the story of Rex Niles and his sister in what Cannon suspects was a “psychoelectronics” harassment experiment that seems to parallel the characteristics of “abductee accounts.” Niles was cooperating in the investigation of his Woodland Hills firm until mysterious helicopters began to circle their home. The atmosphere outside their home measured 250 watts of microwaves, and a radioactive disk was found under his automobile dashboard. When Niles stepped near Lyn Silverman’s home computer, it also went haywire. All these elements can be found in UFO abduction cases, including the shutting off of televisions and stereos.

“But the radioactive disk is especially intriguing. As former FBI agent Ted Gunderson recently explained to my associate Alexander Constantine, magnetic radioactive disks have long been used by the clandestine services as cancer-inducing ‘silent killers’ - i.e., as tools of assassination,” said Cannon. “Not only that. The disc calls to mind one little-remembered detail of the Hill case - the dozen-or-so circular ‘shiny spots,’ each the size of a silver dollar, found on the trunk of her car directly after the abduction.”

Ed Conroy, in his Report on Communion, also reported on mysterious helicopters as common phenomenon in abductee cases. The assumptions that these are government spy-aircraft are seen as ridiculous because of how they are too expensive to operate and intelligence agencies have ample alternative methods to use in their “spy operations.” Cannon speculated that perhaps more than mere surveillance is involved, but, rather, some version of “crowd control.” “Contactee Eldon Kerfoot has written of his suspicions that human manipulators, not aliens, may be the ultimate puppeteers engineering his experiences,” said Cannon. “ He describes a sudden compulsion to kill a fellow veteran of the Korean conflict - a man Kerfoot had no logical reason to distrust or dislike, yet whom he ‘sensed’ to have been a traitor to his country. Fortunately, the assassination never materialized. But the situation exactly parallels incidents described in released ARTICHOKE documents concerning the remote hypnotic induction of anti-social behavior.” http://www.constitution.org/abus/controll.htm.


Cannon extended speculation further along these lines:

“Another possible scenario is that aliens are real, U.S. intelligence knows more than they are telling, and they send out disinformation agents to keep the issue at merely a low simmer. By muddying the waters with kook-biz, they keep it from becoming officially-credible spook-biz, at which point it might boil over into eschatology, mass hysteria, and vigilantism.
“UFO researchers have recently become interested in the Aviary, a group of former and current U.S. spooks, along with some defense-contracting scientists, who may or may not have official status. Apparently the mission of this group is to discredit any serious research into UFOs. Its members include Col. John B. Alexander, Harold Puthoff from the remote viewing project, and Jack Vorona of the Defense Intelligence Agency (formerly the boss of Michael Persinger). The names of others are floating around the Internet as well.
“Some Aviarians claim to be UFOlogists themselves, or are friendly and good-natured with other UFOlogists, and some genuine UFO researchers are quick to squabble with other researchers. This makes it nearly impossible to sort out who is disinforming whom, and difficult to distinguish the white hats from the black hats. Since he began looking into the Aviary, British researcher Armen Victorian has been burgled eight times, his car broken into three times, his telephone tapped, and a bug was discovered in his home. All this happened courtesy of British intelligence and police, reportedly as a favor for the CIA.”


Something is going on here and it is ‘not’ just for our amusement, said Cannon. Speculators from ‘fandom’ are not their biggest worries, but rather the serious and dedicated investigators that “track their careers and publicize their deeds” forging ahead to that day when all their secrets are uncovered and eventually are held accountable. (http://ce399.typepad.com/weblog/martin-cannon/.) The late UFO guru Dr. J. Allen Hynek referred to this “source” as having command of “mental and material” (M + M) realms (p. 122).

The UFO enigma could have been “exploited” by secretive persons for “purposes of masking more highly advanced technologies right here in our midst,” says Hanks, joined with unfathomable, unthinkable “morphosed” reality that is guiding our existence (page 197). Hanks mentions veteran UFO researcher Jacques Vallee and his theory of a “spiritual control system…under the power of some superhuman will.” (Dimensions: A Case for Alien Contact.)

“Maybe UFOs are robotic drones, the author wonders - a consideration given by many to the Greys.  Indeed, he offers many ideas up to the reader,” queried reviewer Andy Lloyd about Hanks.  “The only argument he doesn't include is about whether UFOs are real at all - he works from the basis that there is something to it, and that science could learn much from UFOs if only they allowed themselves to take the subject more seriously.”


Hanks obviously believes the UFO field is far too complex and ingrained with clandestine origins to easily unravel a final answer at this time. This approach was gleaned by a reviewer of the RRRGroup:

“One might think Mr. Hanks is an ET advocate, but I find him to be agnostic and objective about that prominent view held by many of the old-guard ufology group.

“Mr. Hanks provides almost every view extant about UFOs: what they are, where they come from (he likes the time-travel scenario), and what they portend, as the phenomenon drives us and itself toward Mr. Hanks’ singularity concept.”

(Sunday, December 02, 2012 [http://ufocon.blogspot.com/2012/12/micah-hanks-ufo-singularity.html].)

Hanks, similarly, underscores the prevalent “zombie apocalypse” theme in television, movie and book productions (such as Wade Davis’s The Serpent and the Rainbow) as predictors of future reality:

“Modern zombies are the product of this globalized, risk-conscious world,” says Hanks. “No longer the work of a single ‘mad’ scientist reanimating the dead, they now appear as the result of secret government programs creating untreatable viruses. The zombies indiscriminately overwhelm states irrespective of wealth, technology and military strength, turning all order to chaos.” (Fate Magazine, No. 727)

(That humanity can be “transmogrified” into an “entity” with no “free-will” possibly, beyond soulful consciousness, is to this reviewer, frankly, quite frightening.)

“Whether or not future investigation proves UFO abductions to be a product of mind control experimentation, I feel that this paper has, at least, provided evidence of a serious danger facing those who hold fast to the ideals of individual freedom,” said Cannon. “We cannot long ignore this menace.” “A spectre haunts the democratic nations - the spectre of technofascism. All the powers of the espionage empire and the scientific establishment have entered into an unholy alliance to evoke this spectre: Psychiatrist and spy, Dulles and Delgado, microwave specialists and clandestine operators. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste - and a worse thing to commandeer.”



Hanks is well-read and highly versed in the topics he has selected and proceeds through them rapidly and without seeming hesitation; he sees a new era of investigative methodology called “speculative logic” (p. 72).

“I bring it to the table in The UFO Singularity within the context of showing how a potential lineage or progression of advanced technology here on Earth might occur, and sure, the possibility exists that some of the UFO phenomenon we see out there today actually are the result of hidden or ‘suppressed’ earth technologies,” summarizes Hanks. “The stories of ‘Firefly’ craft are compelling, and if we were to begin weighing the potentials here, the notion that this could have something to do with abduction claims may not just be a possibility, but could even be likely, in the sense that, despite what many choose to believe about UFO craft, there is less obvious evidence pointing to an extraterrestrial component.” (http://www.examiner.com/article/interview-with-micah-hanks.)

(The average person may view his prose as “rambling” and “jargon,” unless he or she has done prior reading on these topics. If some of the verses seem incoherent, I suggest they obtain some of the volumes that Hank’s mentions, and after a cursory study, much of which Hank’s speaks about will come into horrifyingly clearer focus.)

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“The study of cryptids has always been my greatest fascination, ever since grade school when I was first introduced to the subject by my father. He presented me with several books he'd had for years, written by the likes of Peter Byrne, Ivan T. Sanderson, and Ray Fowler. After that, I haunted every library I could get into in search of new books about these amazing new characters I'd discovered...of course, the best part of it all was that, deep inside of me somewhere, I knew they could be real.”

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