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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2017

Can a Paranormal Encounter lead to serious physical harm?

by: Brent Raynes

American ufologist Scott Corrales, founder of the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy, has described how he learned of a strange and disturbing case in Peru from a Peruvian physician named Dr. Raul Rios Centeno. Reportedly, Dr. Centeno had a 30-year-old patient who had suffered very unusual symptoms and told a very peculiar story describing how the onset of those symptoms had occurred. Dr. Centeno, in his own words, wrote: “It was a very strange case of hemiplegia, since upon examination with a CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scan, there were no areas showing bleeding vessels nor any traumatic lesions. When I began asking questions about the case, the patient told me the following: 'I was at a campground in the vicinity of Markahuasi (the famous stone forest located some 56 km east of Lima) when I went out exploring late at night with some friends. Oddly enough, we heard the strains of music and noticed a small torch-lit shack. I was able to see people dancing inside, but upon getting closer I felt a sudden sensation of cold, which I paid little attention to, and I stuck my head through an open door. It was then that I saw the occupants were clad in 17th century fashion. I tried to enter the room, but one of my girlfriends pulled me out.'”

“The patient was tugged out by one of her friends, and her body became paralyzed in half precisely as she was drawn out of the 'shack'. My conclusion is that the probable cause behind the hemiplegia is unknown. No medical test was able to ascertain its cause. Nonetheless, an EEG was able to show that the left hemisphere of the brain did not show signs of normal functioning, as well as an abnormal amount of electric waves.”

Regarding the CAT scan results, Dr. Centeno also shared with Mr. Corrales the following: “Intact intracranial regions without any specific area having been comprised. There is neither swelling nor color changes whch may suggest some manner of trauma. The clinician certifying this exam cannot find a justified cause for the hemiplegia in the left hemisphere, due to the fact its vascularization and irrigation fall within paramenters considered to be normal. The EEG shows areas evidently paralyzed due to the lack of electric current transmission. These tests lead me to believe-and this is my personal opinion, since my colleagues have simply catalogued it as a 'unknown affliction'-that the dimensional shift, or 'partial entry' of this person into this anomalous zone, (was) able to produce a change in the energy flow existing in her nervous system, or perhaps even a change in the energy flow existing in her nervous system, or perhaps even a change in the type of energy. Given that the cranial area is where our nerve impulses are contained-in other words, the right cerebral hemisphere controls the left side of the body and vice versa. This could be the reason why the left hand autonomous nervous systen did not at all affect the operation of crucial organs such as the heart or the stomach, which are governed by the right cerebral hemisphere.”

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