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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2017

The Worldwide Government of the Secret Octopus

by: Steve Erdmann

“An international cabal whose services cover parochial political intrigue, espionage, the raid of weapon technologies, bio toxins, drug trafficking, money laundering and murder has emerged from an isolated desert Indian reservation just north of Mexicali...” (p. 40, The Octopus, 1996 edition)

[The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith, Feral House, P.O. Box 3466, Portland, Oregon 97208-3466, 1996, 182 pages, $27.92; 2004 edition, 237 pages, $15.00.]


“The Octopus was Casolaro's name for a handful of spooks and power brokers in the intelligence community who had manipulated public events as wide-ranging as the 1980 October Surprise pay-off that may have cost Jimmy Carter the presidency, and the BCCI bank scandal in the early 1990s,” says Jim Keith. “Like the tentacles of his metaphoric sea creature, the eight and half-eight slashes in either wrist pulled Carolaro down into oblivion, ending his investigation into a power cabal whose involvement in a list of notorious contemporary political crimes he had documented in his book.” (p. 2)

The authors disclose the various displays of what eventually became a 'world monster,' primarily born out of the PROMIS computer network, such as computer-genius, Michael J. Riconoscuito, the Wackenhut Security Corporation, the Cabazon Indian tribe, and many other faces along with many deaths, not excluding that of Danny Casolaro.

“Danny Casolaro may not have known what he was getting into when he began the investigation of PROMIS and the conspiracy tributaries that ran from it,” Thomas/Keith say. “But the truth was brought home to him on January 31, 1991. Alan Standort's body was found in the back floor of his car at the Washington National Airport. He had been murdered by a blow to the back of his head.”

Standorf had worked at the secret military electronic listening post at Vint Hill Farm, near Manassas, Virginia, and had given Casolaro classified information. (p.12)

Also known as “the Inslaw Case,” composer engineer Barry Kusnick had also worked on PROMIS to promote deductions: “From personality characteristics the potential action of the person being traced.” Kusnick completely disappeared, possibly adding to a growing list of deaths.

“Sherman Skolnick, a long-time chairman of Chicago's Citizen's Committee to Clean up the Courts,” say the authors, “charged that nearly forty witnesses in the Inslaw case had been murdered and complained that a Federal judge's appointment to review the case failed to show concern over the safety of other witnesses.” Three of the grand jury witnesses and Michael Riconosciuoto filed against the judge “for obstructing the indictments.”

International Fascism

Referring to “the Octopus” as a “super cabal” that ranged through nations and various countries, from China to Southeast Asia, Guatemala to Cuba, an “anti-Communist” conclave of OSS/CIA veterans existed as “tag team compartments”: “Reaping huge profits through assassinations, arms sales, the control of governments, international drug trafficking, and the promotion of international fascism.” (p. 72)

Amidst the many characters that appeared in the Inslaw/PROMIS mystery, that of George Bush was noted by Casolaro as “Zapata-1953-Narcotics-Smuggling-Shadow govt.”

# That George Bush was part of the management of the Bay of Pigs invasion, code name Operation Zapata (referring to Bush's oil drilling company at the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion).

# Bush's family fortune was secured in large part through Bush's father and the Union Banking Corporation, Hitler, and German financier Fritz Thyssen. “To this day,” say the authors, “George Bush retains many connections linked to the Nazis and fascists.” (pg. 75)

# Bush's connection to the Yale Skull and Bones society (founded by General George Russell in the 1800s, and was the anglophile Boston Brahmin who dominated the opium trade as successor to the Perkins opium syndicate), not only as a CIA recruitment center, but allowed Bush's family to be operatives “for these Eastern Establishment interests,” such as the Russell Trust connections to the Wachenhut Security Corporation.

# A Com-12 briefing refers to the Black Rose Organization and “Black World Order” of drug monies from the Golden Triangle and the Gold Crescent: the current chairman and co-founder are alleged to be George Bush, called the Black Rose and the White Rose (p.76).

# Bush allegedly headed a heroin “shipment ring” as Ambassador in China, running cocaine from Panama through his offshore oil rigs. Theodore Shackling, as head of the CIA's Far East Division during the time that Bush was American ambassador to China, was made Associate Deputy Director of Operations in 1976 by Bush. At the time of the Bay of Pigs, one anti-Castro group in Miami was called the White Rose. There was also the Rose Law Firm of Hillary Clinton.

Prescott Bush with Skull and Bones Society at Yale, was rumored to be one of the financial backers of Hitler. He allegedly helped to launder Nazi assets. If true, George H.W. and George W. both received their wealth from the Nazies. Prescott Bush's father-in-law attended the famous Jesuit school, Stonyhurst College.

The real significance of Bush's White Rose lied with Boston “anglophile” interests of British royalty, and the White Rose House of York, say the authors, and the further connection to the Italian Masonic/CIA/Vatican cabal called “P-2.” P-2 carried a terrorism cell called “the Rose of Twenty.” P-2 “interlocks” with military regimes, neo-Fascisms and countries throughout the world, perhaps “the real power behind international drug running.” (p. 76)

Another link appeared to be The Aquarius or the Fourth Reich called the Order of the Rose, found within the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Aqua-Tech group “to help provide cover protection, safe routing and screening procedures for the Middle East drug-running operations.” (p.94)

Bank of Credit and Commerce International

One such arm, of many arms, tentacles of “The Octopus” was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), an international full-service bank that was involved in money-laundering, financing arms deals, working with intelligence agencies from all of the Western countries, manipulating drug profits, banking for international terrorists, the “razing of national treasuries,” and other services that its nefarious inner-sanctum “deemed necessary.” The authors quote TIME Magazine: “When BCCI went belly-up, investigators estimated that $10 billion or more was missing from the bank's coffers.”

The U.S. Justice Department gave no cooperation to probes of BCCI investigations. The authors point out the persons of high-import involved with the Bank, such as George Bush, General Manuel Noriega, the Banca Nazionale Del Lavora (BNI), John Kerry, Bill Clinton, and various people and organizations. TIME Magazine spoke of “the black network” out of Pakistan (“...network has used sophisticated spy equipment and techniques, along with bribery extortion, kidnapping and even, by some accounts, murder...”), possibly connected to George Bush's Black Rose. (pp. 95-98)

“These men reaped and are still reaping staggering profit while at the same time constructing omnipresent world criminal and fascist networks,” say the authors, “and in the name of anti-Communism.” Researcher John Judge spoke of “Nazis in the White House.” (p. 99)

Albro Lundry III testified that he received a telephone call from Casolaro claiming, a week prior to his death, to have uncovered “the man in charge,” and that the “BCCI, Inslaw, Iran-Contra, and the cover-up of POW-MIA's was all related.” (p. 109)

The UFO Connection

Fred Crisman

"As documented in books by Kenn Thomas, there appeared to be a UFO connection to Casolaro’s research.   Michael J. Riconoscuito had reported connections with Lear Aircraft in Nevada, Bill Lear, creator of the Lear jet (as well as former CIA pilot, son, John Lear), and having done research on “anti-gravity.”  Fred Crisman, CIA agent, was co-mingled into the “Maury Island Incident” in the Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington, where Harold Dahl, his son, his dog, and two other witnesses saw six-saucer-shaped aircraft (one of which dumped debris on them, killing the dog and injuring the boy).


Later, after investigating the many mysterious facets of the retrieval of the UFO debris, two Air Force officers died in the crash of their B-25. Fred Crisman, one of the participants in the mystery who worked with Harold Dahl, was implicated in the Kennedy assassination and subpoenaed by District Attorney Jim Garrison as a CIA operative and possible Dallas “tramp” found behind the infamous Grassy Knoll on the day of the assassination.

Also connected was Kennedy assassination person-of-interest, ex-FBI agent and detective William Guy Bannister who became involved in the UFO fragment retrieval fiasco. Related information disclosed that Crisman was involved with Bannister, and later, assassination-suspect Clay Shaw (and Shaw's clandestine connections into the cover-up of Nazi Operation Paperclip and the various aerospace industries), who operated in the UFO fragments retrieval. It was Bannister's New Orleans shenanigans in the Kennedy scenario that brought to light Oswald, David Ferrie and a cavalcade of related incidents and persons.

Far-Reaching Matrix

The kaleidoscope of names, groups and events await the readers prying eyes. The “Octopus” literally described the well-founded paranoia established when considering the reach of a Shadow Cabal beyond any one nation, government or political segment.

“Casolaro believed the Octopus responsible for criminal conspiracies which, linked from a virtual history of intelligence double dealing from 1950 to the present. These events, in Casolaro's view, included the ouster of the U.S. President Richard Nixon, dealings with Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, the Shah of Iran, and the murders of Chilean President Allende and, of course, of John F. Kennedy,” say the authors. “Casolaro saw the Octopus tentacles entwined throughout the creation of the Golden Triangle and Latin America drug trade, the Cuban Bay of Pigs debaccle, the October surprise, the BCCI banking scandal, and, almost as an after-thought, the theft of the PROMIS software.” (p. 68)

Many researchers apparentlty “got lost in the fog,” assigning various “political crimes to the alphabet soup of intelligence agencies, institutions or even the natural dialectic of the modern terrorist state and its citizenry.” Casolaro's research, say the authors, named individuals as well as “outlined their hierarchy” and also gave details of their “behind-the-scenes” history.

The Kennedy Assassination

Casolaro tied in numerous individuals into the deadly mosaic of the Kennedy assassination and the “Octo-spooks” that contributed to the cover-up, ranging from Allen Dulles, C.P. Cabell, Richard Helms, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Orlando Bosch, the Novo Brothers, Gerry Patrick Hemming, and Pedro Diaz Lanz as accomplices and hitmen.

The Banca Del Lavore, as part of the BCCI tentacles, financed “the training of an assassination team in Mexico” connected with the Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. (William Torbitt, Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, 1970)


On August 10, 1991, Casolaro was found dead in a hotel room, slashes were on both wrists, and notes that Casolaro carried were lost. Two unknown figures appeared at his funeral placing a medal on Carolaro's casket; the men also did a military salute, athough Casolaro never served in the military. (p. 180)

# Although Casolaro's death was named a suicide, his demise was just another incident in a long line of “Octopus” deaths.

# In a long list of possibly connected deaths, there existed the 1973 assassination of President Salvador Allende Gossens in Chile.

# The January 27, 1980 body of Frank Nugan was found dead. Nugan was involved with the CIA propietrary Hugan Hand Bank, an October Surprise money-laundering conduit.

# Cabazon tribal leader Fred Alvarez and two companions were murdered on the Indio reservation in 1982, along with two other murders of Paul Morasoa and Mary Quick.

# In February 1987, Riconoscuito-connected lawyer, Larry Guevin, was found dead.

# Also connected to “Octopus deaths” was that of Abbie Hoffman on April 12, 1989, shortly after he wrote an early article on the October Surprise.

# On March 31, 1990, Jonathan Moyle was found hung in a hotel room in Santiago, Chile. Moyle was a journalist that had investigated arms-deals connected to the illegal PROMIS software sales.

# July 1991, Anson Ng, a reporter investigating the Cabazon murders, was killed by a shot in the chest.

# On November 1, 1992, Riconosciuto-connected intelligence spook, Ian Spiro, his wife and three daughters were found dead.

# In April 1993, Riconoscuito-connected associate Peter Sandvigen was found dead.

Head of the Octopus

The authors say: “according to Bill McCoy, Casolaro made one more call on August 5, to Bob Bickel, a Texas oil engineer and former Customs Bureau informant, and told him he was going to bring back the head of the Octopus...then Casolaro departed for Martinsburgh.”

“And it looks increasingly convincing to us that the PROMIS software was installed throughout the BCCI Empire, to keep track of wire transfers of money and letters of credit, so that NSA could monitor. I believe that the PROMIS software was used in all kinds of things. One is that the same people are making money in all these different kinds of business. And the other thing that is in many instances PROMIS was the useful way of keeping track of everything that was happening.” (The Octopus, p. 164, 1996 edition quoting William Hamilton on June 8, 1995, the founder of Inslaw, a company that developed PROMIS).

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