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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2017

Kundalini, UFOs, and Non-Local Electronic Voice Communications

by: Brent Raynes

Kundalini and the UFO contact experience is something that seldom pops up on the radar of mainstream ufology, but if one carefully reads the accounts and listens to the experiencers such details do emerge. A few years back, I delved into this subject in this very column.

My report began as follows: “In Brad Steiger’s Gods of Aquarius (1976) he quotes a statement given to him by one Gene Kieffer of New York’s Kundalini Research Foundation who explored the area of UFOs and Kundalini. Kieffer had concluded that 'Kundalini is responsible for most of the UFOs that abound in our times.' He recalled a personal experience back in December 1968, while when meditating (and before he had any knowledge about kundalini) he observed a 'luminous green, slightly pulsating, amorphous vehicle.' Though he initially believed that this was a true visual sighting, he later concluded that it was a 'projection of my own self.' He was also given instructions, he felt, to contact a certain person at NASA in Alabama and inform him that astronauts who were about to embark upon a lunar mission were going to have a 'spiritual experience' when they entered lunar orbit.”

Here's a link to that article that contains further details of this phenomenon and the accounts of others as well.

A fellow UFO researcher, who is well respected and well versed in science, was attending a conference in Australia recently when he met a medical doctor named Maree Batchelor. “I was informed by others that she had great power and can access and channel 'off-world' energies to create a spiritual awakening. And so, I participated in a session with three other recipients followed by a separate one-on-one session with Maree the following day.”

As a result, he experienced what he could only describe as a profound kind of kundalini spiritual awakening. With awe in his voice he told me over the phone, “This stuff is real!” He shared a Youtube video interview with this doctor that had been done by Alfred Lambremont Weber. In the interview, she described how her life had changed dramatically back in June 2008 following the tragic death of her 4-year-old son, who had been struck by a car driven by a reckless, unlicensed 15-year-old. Unexpectedly she began to receive psychic messages, and then one day she returned alone to the scene of the accident. A mysterious ball of light appeared, immersing her in its energy. She was comforted by a great sense of calm, a feeling that all was okay. This was the beginning of her own kundalini awakening. “I was being rewired,” she told the radio host at one point. Visits to a sacred temple in India has greatly facilitated her spiritual evolution. In fact, I learned that as I am writing these words she is in India right now. I've been told that she has a strong desire to help heal and awaken others and welcomes emails from anyone interested: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is a link to the Youtube interview just mentioned.

Here in my UFO researcher friend's own words is what has happened to him:

“While relaxed with eyes closed Maree began speaking about energy, timelines, DNA, time and space, the greater good, cleaning and healing different parts of the body, negative and positive entities, past lives, emotional traumas, among other concepts that seem to perplex yet maintain my interest, as my body began to respond involuntarily to her words and intentions. Numerous physical reactions occurred which included, excessive coughing, facial twitches, and rhythmic and repeated head turning. Moments of exhaustion mixed with feelings of high energy, euphoria, and positivity occurred throughout the session as she spoke.”

In 2010, a group of us began experimenting with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) at the home of Sandy Nichols (L), founder of the ARG (Alien Research Group), in Thompsons Station, Tennessee. Bret Oldham (R), both a paranormal investigator and a UFO contact experiencer, pictured here explaining the operation of the so-called "ghost box."

“Confused and amazed by my violent uncontrollable involuntary behaviors, which felt surprisingly positive and stimulating, was still questioned by my logical ego based brain. My inability to maintain control defied all logic. And in the following few weeks, my perspectives on life and reality changed, which led to both blissful feelings combined with the anxiety of a spiritual crisis; my personal transformation became an emergency in need of control. I felt a non-ordinary state of consciousness which I questioned as being either a very positive outcome, spontaneous psychoses, or both. Except for the confusion and associated anxiety, I never felt better spiritually. It was like seeing the world through the eyes of a child again. I was amazed at the wonder of it all. This was a fundamental shift in identity from an egoic conditioned mindset into an awake, spacious, and ineffable awareness. I felt liberated from the complexity of my over-analytic and conditioned ego. Being able to experience oneself as awareness itself, and to experience greater unity with oneself, represented a new realization of what I am: a shift in perspective out of the ego as me and into something more true and unlimited that Life and I are one, with a dramatic shift in who and what I knew myself to be. I now realize, for some reason and in some way, who and what I am: an awake, alive awareness and not the mind, ego, emotions and body.”

More Electronic Voice Communications, including one Transglobal Message

The late Shirley Fickett, a Maine experiencer and researcher of UFO and paranormal phenomena, was a dear friend of mine. Recently her daughter Leanne emailed me wanting to know my personal thoughts as to whether or not family members who have passed on could possibly become “spirit guides” to us? She suspected that her great-great grandmother, who had built the house she's living in now, might be one. “I KNOW that her spirit visits here,” she wrote. “The door to the room she passed away in often opens on its own. Stuff like that. It doesn't fright me at all. I love having her here.” I told her I considered it possible, and sent her a couple of audio files I had recently been reviewing, that were rather remarkable, both made on the night of January 15, 2011, using the so-called “ghost box.” In one instance, I was saying to the box how I felt that for Leanne it no doubt was a comfort to feel that her mom and dad were still watching over her, afterwhich I could hear a female sounding voice saying “We're watching over you too.” Audio1

Also I asked about how after her mother's death, Leanne began to notice a lot of crows and crow feathers nearby, and she began to feel that they were connected with her mom. Within 10 seconds or so after I asked, “Why the crow?” a male sounding voice said, “Shirley Fickett.” Audio2 Leanne wrote me back immediately. “OMG Brent. I just read your email. I have goosebumps. ...Yes, the voice said Shirley Fickett. Verification that the crow feathers and crows that came to me after she passed away, were indeed her sending messages to me.”

EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) responses can seem so intelligent and interactive. As Miami rheomatologist Dr. Jose Aldrick told me in a recent interview (included in this issue) once you try it and get results for yourself then you know that the phenomenon is quite real. He shared some very interesting personal stories.

So if they're real, as experimenters like myself and Dr. Aldrich have come to realize, then where do they originate from? In the past, some have speculated that they originate from our subconscious minds. While I think that our subconscious mind may affect what 'comes through,' so to speak, I feel it's more complex than that, and most successful experimenters I know seem to agree.

On March 19, 2011, my daughter Chandra and I spent the night with a group of “ghost hunters” at the notorious Sloss Furnace of Birmingham, Alabama. We broke up into teams and the young lady who was the team leader of the small group I was assigned to said she wanted to test the reliability of the “ghost box” I was carrying around with me. So at one point as we were walking about the Sloss complex she asked, “What holiday did my grandfather and his father die on?” and almost immediately she heard the answer. On the audio below, at second 3, listen for “Father's Day,” and then at second 4 “Father”. Audio3 Soon afterwards, she reported to the director of the paranormal group she worked for and informed him of what had happened. He was a skeptic of the “ghost box,” and as I recall simply nodded his head.

Another interesting audio recording done on August 17, 2013, was one where a voice said, “Psychic Nexus.” Audio4 Interestingly, just moments before doing this session, I had been looking at a book with that very title, written by my psychiatrist friend/fellow UFO/paranormal researcher the late Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz. During one session, on January 15, 2011, I asked the spirit of Dr. Schwarz to say the name of a certain book he had written. On this audio, at second 3, listen for “This is about John Keel.” Audio5 To me, it even sounds kind of like Keel's voice. I used to talk with him on the phone periodically. “Keel” used to pop up so often for awhile, that my wife Joan, who was trying to talk with family members on the other side, had a talk with him one night about his manners and how he needed to give others a break.

I did a remarkable experiment, just one time, with a contact experiencer in Australia, named Judy Carroll, an experiment that was coordinated with her book publicist in California named Eileen Duhne. We coordinated our time together so that Judy could mentally send me a telepathic message and I'd have my recorder and spirit box on at the same time and see if I could pick the word or words up. I had no idea what it would be. The target of the experiment, done on November 30, 2011, was later described to me by Mrs. Carroll as the following: “The key words were 'fingers together'! This was what our Zeta teacher Oris once said to Helene [another contact experiencer friend of Carroll's] in a very clear, strong physical voice when she was first practicing the aura cleanse he'd taught us, and she wasn't holding her hands quite right. It was the only time she ever heard him speak physically, and so loud all the dogs in the street barking except for their dog, who knew Oris and so didn't worry about the sound of his voice.”

Later we were all amazed to come across a section on this brief recording that contained what sounds like “Think Ted. Hold your fingers together.” Audio6 Mrs. Carroll speculated that Ted was a spirit guide that helped, but none of us seemed to recognize it as one of ours. I also learned that the experiencer Helene had also participated in the remote experiment, and according to Mrs. Carroll, “During the exercise she reported feeling a strong sensation in her throat and around her mouth.”

After I sent the ladies the audio file, they supplied me with copies of their email exchanges prior to verify that this was indeed what they had chosen for the experiment.

Listen to the audio files:


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