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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2017


by: The “Cosmic Ray,” Dr. Raymond Andrew Keller
11 January 2017

This week I am feeling very tired physically, as well as emotionally and spiritually drained. Just feeling so overwhelmed by all the Mickey Mouse concerns of living in the material world, I suppose. Sometimes I find myself on a spiritual high of sorts, invoked by a real epiphany-like mountain-top experience, but then I have to come back down to the valley (back to Earth) and sulk around this backward planet. So I come to realize that Jesus probably felt the same way himself at times, being a “cosmic soul” like myself. After all, when your second home is on Venus in Dimension X, it’s pretty hard trying to adapt to life in fly-over Trumpland.

Well, I was reading John Chapter 6, verse 38, where Jesus declared that, “I came down from Heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.” Then I felt a little better, because some of us are here, as Jesus was, on borrowed time. We really didn’t want to leave our celestial home; but just incarnated here to pass through everything our father wanted us to experience so we could learn and evolve, preparing us to fulfill our individual as well as collective destiny. That’s what the prophetess Annalee Skarin taught Clayton Parker, and what Clayton taught me.

Jesus must have been depressed a lot, because even a goodly number of his own inner circle failed to understand him and continue their walk with him. In the same chapter of John, verse 63, the Master explains about the flesh and how it “profiteth nothing,” but that the words he speaks being “spirit” and “life.” Throughout this chapter, Jesus is referring to himself as the “bread” sent by the father to his children on Earth in order to supply them with this “life,” which is of the immortal variety. He wasn’t talking about cannibalism, but his role of being the spiritual manna come down from Heaven. After all, it is not by bread alone that we sustain our being, but by every word that God imparts to us. Regular bread might keep us physically alive, but Jesus’ example, his very life and words are what spiritually sustain us. So spirit always trumps anything the material world has to offer. Even Peter thought about leaving Jesus when he started talking about being the “bread,” but said he didn’t have any place to go back to. He probably sold his fishing boat by this time.

During such sad times, when everything was falling apart and his so-called “friends” were abandoning him, Jesus probably felt like packing it all in and taking off for another, but more joyous world…. his “happy place.” But then he didn’t want to disappoint his celestial father, so he gritted his teeth and carried on. Would I have been one of those who left Jesus for the lack of understanding his message? I hope not, but you never know. I have been known to go “walk about” for years at a time, in Africa, Australia, China and other “exotic locales.” At least in Peter’s case, he always came back to Jesus. So maybe like the fisherman, I might fall away for a time or even a season, but eventually find my way back to the One.

Note: Dr. Raymond A. Keller, the author of Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet (Headline Books, 2016), will have the eagerly anticipated sequel ready in March 2017. The book will premiere at the Mainline Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) meeting to be held 21 March 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The book contains never-before-seen or published photos of some of the Venusians introduced in the first book. Dr. Keller promises that the book premiere will be a memorable event, to be attended by some “distinguished visitors.” Dr. Keller is currently working on his third graduate degree, this time in theology, at the Graceland University Seminary in Independence, Missouri.

“Cosmic Missionaries”: Lady Encara (Annalee Skarin), manifesting as a young girl, drops by a South Australia beach to deliver an important spiritual message to the children while her Venusian “swoop” hovers overhead. The “Cosmic Ray” (Dr. Keller), magic realist and Greco-Roman mythologist, reflects on the role of Venusian avatars on planet Earth from a Bible perspective.

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