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Archaeotrek—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2017

Dr. Zyrmek’s Predictions for 2017

by: Dr. Zyrmek

For those unfamiliar with Dr. Zyrmek, it is computer-based prediction software that takes news and events and generates predictions. The calculations are based on statistical probabilities and cover an enormous range of topics. We have listed only a few that may be most relevant to our readers. These were submitted to us in December 2016. At the end of the year, we’ll see how accurate it was.


Donald Trump will take office as scheduled.

One of his first acts will be to abolish most of the previous administration’s Presidential orders.

The “wall” will be started near San Diego and also in portions of Texas.

Approximately 200,000 “criminal” illegal’s will be found and deported in the first 4 months of Trump’s Presidency.

Trump will ban refugees from Moslem countries defined as terriorist-breeding grounds. Heavy vetting will reduce refugees entering the US to a tiny fraction of today’s level.

Obamacare will be altered slightly, however, several plans will be offered and rejected by Congress.

The Senate will attempt to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. After much haggling, they will be confirmed.

Wikileaks will issue emails and other confidential documents from the Obama administration. Some of these will be recordings.

Nigel Farage will be offered an “official” position by the UK government.

The US will see fewer protests.

There will be an increase in the ages (1 year) required for social security and the amount subject to tax will dramatically increased. “Sanctuary cities” will be heavily punished through federal courts and reductions in Federal money. By the end of 2017 only one major city will retain that status.

Trump’s popularity will increase in 2017. He will continue tweeting.


The Federal government will either begin to enforce marijuana laws or will start discussing the legalization of the drug. No final action will take place in 2017.


The stock market (DOW) will peak at 21,500 in June. It will decline to just over 20,000 by October and then rally.

Senior care REITS will see large increases as will big oil.

America’s trade deficit will shrink by 40% in 2017.

There will be a resurgence in shale-oil and coal.

Several large US companies will return manufacturing to the US due to dramatically lower corporate taxes and friendly laws.

Inflation will rise to 4%.

The FED will progressively raise the interest rate to 2%.

The IRS will see a dramatic decrease in regulations.


Paris and Germany will see several large terrorist acts.

The UK will stop several terrorist attempts.

Brexit will stall until November with a renewed effort then emerging.

Russia will manage to end the Syrian war and Assad will remain as the head of Syria.

The US will establish a more formal military arrangement with Israel.

NATO will experience some chaos when the Trump administration begins to demand that Germany play a larger role.

Turkey will experience a huge increase of terrorism.

Russia and the US will enter a large cooperative agreement.

Russia’s economy will dramatically improve.

China and the US will have renewed tensions as the Trump administration begins to tighten cheap imports.

The US will make a large naval presence in areas where China claims territorial waters. There will be one military engagement that is quickly defused.

The US will begin direct bombing of terrorist cells—much heavier than previously done.

Pakistan will claim that its citizens were targeted.

Cuba will collapse in chaos with its citizens demanding a change.


2017 will turn out to be cooler than in prior years.

There will be one large hurricane that hits Florida and the southeastern coast.


NASA will announce that microscopic life forms (carbon-water based) have been found on Mars.

NASA will announce that several planets in the Cygnus constellation harbor planets that most probably harbor life.

NASA will make formal plans to visit Mars with manned missions.


Several huge music stars will have total meltdowns that are publically observed and filmed.

Three Hollywood icons will die.

One big-name Hollywood superstar will tragically die.

The 2017 box office will be the largest ever.


South American archaeologists will present definitive evidence that South America was inhabited as long ago as 50,000 years.

The Oak Island mystery will continue—nothing of significance will be discovered. The current show and investigation will continue one more year with the final conclusion being that pirates visited the island many times.

At least 4 more sites similar to Gobekli Tepe in Turkey will be found.

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