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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2017

Dear Brent,

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Greg Little's article theorizing why so many orthodox anthropologists fear the remains of giants, seven to eight feet tall. I see there is a Part Two coming up, and I am eager to read that as well. I have hardly specialized in reporting graves of giants, but whenever I have, I have received angry correspondence from "those who know" that I am a charlatan, a deceiver, a downright stupid researcher to include such reports. Some of the reasons given why such giants that tall couldn't have existed include the dandy that their knees would have shattered walking about at such heights. By reporting such dubious finds, they accuse, I have increased the positive reputations of researchers who are merely hoaxers out to deceive the public. 

I didn't bury these gigantic specimens of beings who may be our cousins. I didn't dig them up. I merely reported the accounts sent to me by fellow researchers whom I trust.

I am awaiting Dr. Little's Part Two, and again I commend Alternate Perceptions as a splendid and balanced publication.

I have noticed that many authors rising on today's scene do not bother with giving credit for their sources. It has become commonplace for me to spot my previously published material appearing in articles for Internet magazines. Authors of these articles may think that I am dead, but even if that were so (and I am pleased to report that I will turn 81 in February), the works from which they "borrow" are all copyrighted and not free for common usage. It is perfectly legitimate to quote another author's in-print work using consecutive sentences totaling no more than 250 words--if you give full credit to the author and the title of his/her work. It is also permissible to summarize an author's in-print work to substantiate or to bolster a similar point that you are trying to make, but you must recognize that the author's material precedes your own and you must give credit to the author and the source. 

Brad Steiger, Iowa, USA
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Editor's Note: Thanks Brad for your positive remarks on Greg's article dealing with phobic reactions to the ancient “giants” evidence and for your complementary expression of confidence in our publication's overall integrity.

As for the copyright abuses, this is certainly a serious and growing problem. And, by the way, we're very glad that you're still alive and well and continue to actively contribute to the literary richness of the paranormal field. I know of an author whose 1984 book on UFOs recently got republished (same contents with a new cover), supposedly by accident, by someone who stated that they meant to seek permission first (blamed it on a business partner), but suddenly there it was on Amazon. The author was quite surprised!


Dear Brent,

Listening to your interview with your interesting daughter. Brent, you and your daughter have a lot of ideas and energy and knowledge flowing between you. I'm sure Chandra's time and energy are taken up by being a mother but maybe in the future? I can imagine video investigations? Interviews? Maybe once a month? Who knows where it could go? Ghosts, angels, aliens – a lotta interest in all of them! Karin Holloway, England


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