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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2017

Alien technology, Venusians, us and the Multiverse

by: Brent Raynes

Alien devices

We know that in many reported UFO encounters where alien beings are observed that they have often been described as carrying and manipulating mysterious objects resembling spheres, tubes, wands, boxes – objects of various descriptions – which may be luminous or simply have a shiny metallic type appearance, used seemingly for altering the consciousness of the experiencer in some instances, or perhaps influencing communication in some manner, or maybe even healing (or, of course, a combination of each). Since May 2016, I've been on the research committee for the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE). In September, I contacted FREE co-founder Rey Hernandez and Dr. Bob Davis, a co-chair of FREE, with a proposal to organize a subcommittee to look into this specific aspect (i.e., alien objects, tools). They were both very receptive and helpful, and in a few weeks time, with Rey's help, we together prepared a questionnaire to be submitted to slightly over 500 FREE survey participants who had indicated in an early quantitative survey that they had had experiences with non-human intelligent beings carrying objects with them. As of this writing, FREE has received 113 survey responses on this particular aspect; the majority of them quite detailed and interesting. Whereas early UFO entity encounters recorded back in the 1950s and 1960s usually involved situations wherein a human witness unexpectedly happened by surprise upon an entity (or entities) outside a landed “craft,” in which case the so-called “ufonaut” would render the witness temporarily paralyzed, usually using some sort of metallic tube like device, the contact experiencers in the FREE survey are reportedly using devices of multiple descriptions that have more functionality, generally in a medical examination type of setting, either in their bedroom or onboard a “craft.”

Another project that FREE is also just beginning to embark upon is a special survey of participants who described what are called “downloads” or having insights related to alien science and technology.

If you are a contact experiencer yourself your participation in the FREE survey process would be sincerely appreciated. FREE is taking a comprehensive, global and academic approach to this research. For more information, visit the FREE website now at: www.experiencer.org.

Tales of a Venusian

LtoR: Brent Raynes conversing with Raymond Keller, Ph.D., author of Venus Rising, regarding Venusians, Adamski, Gray Barker, and all other matters Ufological.
Location: Home of Sandy and Sherry Nichols, Thompsons Station, TN.

In Dr. Raymond A. Keller's book Venus Rising (2016) he describes the strange story of one Dolores Barrios, a follower of the aclaimed contactee George Adamski who, in August 1954, attended a UFO conference at the Skyline Lodge at the top of Mount Palomar, California, where Adamski and other contactees including Daniel Fry and Truman Bethurum gathered to share their stories and information. It was at this time that attendees noticed a strong resemblence between this Dolores and the Venusian “Orthon” from Adamski's painting based on his alleged California desert encounter with this particular Space Brother (?) back around noon on November 20, 1952.

People at the conference the day before had already been asking Dolores whether she was Venusian or not. She had tried to simply put people off explaining that she and her two companions were merely interested in the subject. Toward the end of the conference Dolores and two male companions were outside posing for a few photos by a photographer. Word had spread as people were just about to leave that the Venusians were being photographed nearby. A group of people with cameras began to move in their direction. Supposedly, at seeing the approaching crowd, Dolores produced a tennis ball sized metallic sphere that was responsible for producing a halo of ionized air over their heads. Then they vanished into a cloud of light as a swarm of bees appeared out of no where keeping the curious at a distance.

Dr. Keller claims to have met this Dolores, even flown in an illuminated translucent white bubble of light with her back in December 2012. He claims that she is several centuries old. He will soon be coming out with a second book to provide further details.

Researchers have suspected, I learned from an internet search, that her true identity might have been a Dolores Barrios Kieff of St. Bernard, Louisiana, who died back on April 6, 2008. [forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=203316] On December 7th, I finally managed to track down one of the late Dolores Kieff's daughters in Chalmette, Louisiana, setting out to determine whether her mother had been the same Dolores Barrios associated with George Adamski back in the 1950s. When I told her that the Dolores I was researching had lived in California back in 1954, she said, “That's not the person.” She said that she had been born herself in 1950 in New Orleans at Charity Hospital. Her mom had been living there with her and her brothers and sisters and her husband. As to UFOs, her mother did not seem to know anything about the subject. “She never did tell us anything if she did,” the daughter told me.

Pondering the Multiverse?

I recently read a post on Facebook that began: "Many people who have the contact experience have had contact with things people see as ghosts.” This is very true. The spirits of the dead seem quite busy and restless on the other side. Especially for people with any latent psychic ability, and that includes UFO contact experiencers. Also, as a Cherokee chief pointed out to me once, such experiences are not at all uncommon among American Indians. He described to me how his mother, who had died four years earlier, had appeared to him on three separate occasions, and that she looked to him as real as she had been in the flesh. He even added that he had kissed her!

Back in the mid-1970s, I was directed by an Ohio “contactee” who was part Iroquois to a Susquehannock medicine man in Pennsylvania who had greatly impressed her. She recalled, for example, one time how he had helped conduct a successful rain-making ceremony in which four human-like figures appeared in the sky. “One looked almost like a half bird, half human,” she explained. “They did not look Indian.” Then there followed a downpour of rain.

I visited the medicine man a couple of times at his home. He described a variety of personal experiences with spirits, elementals, and star visitors. A few years later, he passed away. His wife wrote us shortly afterwards, describing how his spirit had appeared to her, in very dramatic ways. In fact, she said that he had appeared to her in one instance in a solid way as well. One night as she had laid down in her bed she felt something pulling her cover from her right hand. Then, she explained, she felt a warm and firm hand take hold of hers, and looking up she wrote that she was looking into the eyes of her smiling husband. “He didn't say a word as he enveloped me in his arms,” she wrote. “These too felt warm and good to me. My heart beat like it did when we first met and that is exactly how he appeared, young again.” She added, “I got up and wrote down my experience in short terms, but oh I do remember more than I wrote down.”

You don't have to be Native American to have such intense and profound experiences with deceased loved ones. I'm even aware of a case here in my own little Southern hometown in Tennessee. I know also of a New York UFO investigator, a lifelong athiest, who had a visit from an old buddy he hadn't seen in a good while. They spent several hours together. Other people also met this buddy of his. But sometime later, he ran into the man's wife, who informed him it wasn't possible. His buddy had died well over a year before! “Big guy with a powerful handshake,” a witness explained for me. Interestingly, this visit occurred at a crucial time in his UFO investigative work as it coincided with a major event that came to define his understanding about the intelligences behind many UFO-related happenings. Being an athiest, he had a hard time wrapping his mind around this visit. Plus the friend appeared as “flesh and blood” and not only looked like his old buddy, but had his memories too. He seemingly concluded that it had to be a deceptive entity from a parallel dimension or something. How could such a thing actually be what it seemed to be?

Athiests can certainly come up with some very interesting reports too! “I was in a horrible car accident back in 1978, when I was a kid, at 16,” a man, an admitted athiest, explained to me on the phone recently. “I saw my entire life flash before my eyes. I was surrounded by the warm light. I was flying through the cosmos. I felt wonderful.” In fact, he said was very upset when he had to return to his body! He had to admit the religious people were right about the NDE. “If I had been a Christian, I would have said that angels came down, swept me up and saved my ass,” he told me. “I barely had a bruise on me.” Which was rather remarkable, as he said that they had crashed into an oak tree at some 75 miles per hour and he later came to some 20-30 feet on the ground from the wreck. A few months later, he looked up one night and saw an “enormous ferris wheel in the sky.” His world has not been exactly normal ever since. Not normal as mainstream society and science define it anyway. But people like myself, who have been wading in this kind of data for a pretty long time, find his descriptions of strange aerial anomalies, paranormal phenomena, deja vu's, precognitions, unusual problems with electronics, etc., as all just part of our now familiar experiencer checklist.

Instead of religion he's leaning more toward quantum physics. He leans towards the scientific, even if it's still quite theoretically based. Perhaps, after all, the two are intimately intertwined. Perhaps we just don't know enough at this time to put everything together in its proper perspective. We like to think of ourselves as very knowledgeable and as modern people with advanced scientific understanding and insights, but the quirky worlds of ufology and parapsychology hint strongly that we still have many more truths and knowledge yet to uncover and to completely process.

Behind the Paranormal: Everything You Know is Wrong (2016) is a powerful, truly thought-provoking and revolutionary book that takes you way outside the box of conventional mainstream science, Christian dogma, and other works on the paranormal. While my favorite UFO/paranormal author has long been John Keel, Keel came to view all the inhabitants of the multiverse (what he called the Superspectrum) in negative terms. The Eno's, however, perceive the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I believe their approach and understanding appears more comprehensive, balanced and complete. Just maybe they can help build inroads to connect science and spirituality too. Their journey delves deeply into things like what they call the “parasites,” who they see as multiversal life forms who seem to be plasma based, highly intelligent, often pretending to be loved ones who passed on, “spirit guides,” or even angels, while on the other hand the Eno's have encountered in their investigations positive, helpful forces as well that, surprisingly enough, may come through from an ancestor somewhere out in the multiverse.

Hmmm. Ancestors? Think about that for a moment. But be warned for it gets more complicated and strange as you read on! The Eno's even encourage people they work with who seem troubled by these entities that they've come to call “parasites” to at times seek the help of an ancestor. In one incredible case in Portland, Maine, in 1988, a family of four was being harassed by one of these beings. Most of its attention was directed at a teenaged girl. Paul inquired of the parents if there might be a family ancestor that the girl might have been attached to, who might be able to help. He was told about one who had been a former Union naval officer during the Civil War that she felt very attached to for some reason. So Paul asked the girl to seek this ancestor's help and one night soon afterwards, the parasitic entity returned, causing items to fall off of shelves and pulling the covers off the girl's bed. Her screams brought the family into her room in time to observe what appeared to be a sword flashing through the air. In a picture of this ancestor, he is seen wearing a sword at his side. After this incident, the parasite ceased activity.

Back early in 1975, Paul describes how he worked, as part of his studying for the priesthood, at the Ogdensburg State Hospital in upstate New York, which from time to time acted as a regular hospital. There he met a little 4-year-old girl who had been in a bad car wreck where her mom and dad died. Suffering multiple fractures and some internal bleeding that was inoperable, the child was not expected to live. Nonetheless, she was quite conscious. Paul noticed that she never talked about her parents, so he gently tried to discuss this with her one day. He noticed that she gave him a strange look and remarked that they were there a lot.

The next day, during a visit to the hospital to see a psychiatric patient, Paul decided to drop in and visit the little girl. The hallway seemed oddly deserted, he noticed. Then just before walking into the room he heard the girl giggle, then noticed a shimmering in part of the room, like how heat rising from a road on a hot day does. Then he observed a female hand with wrist, with a silver bracelet attached, stroking the child's hair. He observed this for about three seconds, and then it all disappeared. He walked into the room and was greeted by what he said was the most angelic smile that he had ever seen. Later that night, she passed away. Staff told him it was incredibly peaceful.

Returning to the other end of the paranormal spectrum, Paul Eno noted that like many creatures in nature, the “parasites” are “excellent mimics,” though capable on a far more sophisticated level, able to convince many human experiencers that they're a ghost, a dead relative, an ET, an angel, or even God. The Eno's have learned from their own investigations and their own firsthand experiences with these various beings and their various forms that they're little doubt responsible for mankind's rich folklore revolving around these very entities and more. For Paul, it was his very physical encounters with these creatures that drove him to this conclusion.

Paul entered the paranormal field back in 1970, while studying for the priesthood. He graduated from two seminaries, though was expelled from the third due to his paranormal studies. So he became a journalist instead.

In 1974, while investigating, with iconic ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, explosive poltergeist activity centering around a 10-year-old girl in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Paul, the girl, her parents, a neighbor and a news reporter, confronted the unknown force in a dramatic way. “We were all in the living room and could feel a powerful energy forming down the hall in the kitchen,” Paul explained to me in an interview. “As this energy grew, four faint, gauzy figures came down the hall and into the living room. I put the girl behind me because I knew they were after her. One came and stood right in front of me. Instinctively, I pushed toward it and I felt physical resistance. I even felt bone structure, though it didn’t seem human. This was a physical being.” 

“This was my first lesson in how not to deal with 'parasites,' as we call them today. As I became angry that it was after the girl, it fed on the anger and got stronger. The energy became so powerful that I pulled the family out of the house.”

Paul has delved deeply into the theories of quantum physics. “One result of adopting a 'multiverse' view of the paranormal is that all sorts of connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena have become apparent,” he told me. “Why do so many people who have UFO encounters also report ghost and/or poltergeist phenomena in their homes? Why are cryptids often seen in areas of UFO activity? Being aware of the multiversal process (energy, objects and even inhabitants coming and going – sometimes intentionally – across the “branes” or boundaries of parallel worlds, usually in a very physical way) completely transformed paranormal concepts and experiences for me.”

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