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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2016

Alien Three Day House Arrest and Healing

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Nizhniy Novgorod Province, Russia.
Date: October 11-14, 2001.
Time: Unknown.

At the same time that a huge triangular-shaped UFO was observed in the regions of Krasnodar, Stavropol, Rostov, Volgograd, Saratov and Samara, businessman Oleg (last name confidential) was repairing his recently purchased wooden cabin in a small village near a river where he intended to open a manufacturing business. On October 11, he received a telephone call from the security personnel guarding the area that there was a huge object hovering over his house, about 100 meters in diameter and luminous. Oleg looked out the window and was stunned to see the luminous object right over the roof of his house; it seemed to be covered in a light fog. While he pondered on what to do several entities suddenly appeared inside his house. They were two types, human-looking females, in white dresses, and two human looking males, dressed in a kind of uniform. They were walking from room to room and carrying some type of metallic equipment. When his shock passed Oleg became indignant and asked the strangers, what were they doing in his house. The entities stared at him in questioning glances. Suddenly he heard a voice in his mind. A voice told him that they would not harm him, that they had encountered some technical problems that must be solved. They also added that the house and area was not his “domain” but their territory that they had visited since ancient times. They ordered him not to allow anybody in the house and for him to stay in the house without contacting anybody. Oleg then telephoned the security post and told them that he was okay and kept quiet about the situation. For the next three days he was under virtual house arrest. The whole time the alien “technicians” were occupied performing certain tasks and the females kept watch over him. Once he attempted to peek inside the large room where most of the “work” was taking place, but he was prevented from doing so. He could not get any TV or Radio reception and spent most of the time watching videotapes.

Finally an alien woman advised him that they were almost done and soon would be leaving. He then told the aliens, “If you have great ability, can you help me please, as you can see I am an invalid. Can you cure my legs?” He had been suffering from some type of debilitating disease that had atrophied his legs. They told him that they could cure him but he would have to run every-day on a regular basis or his whole organism would “degrade.” After that, the aliens performed some type of “surgery” on his body. Two females stood on each side of him and scanned his body with some type of device. They then told him, “Now you do not only have normal legs but very strong legs,” but told him that everything that had occurred must be kept secret. The next morning, Oleg woke up a normal man, and for the next several days he was in a state of euphoria and started running. But soon a fear overcame him and he worried that the aliens might return again soon and so he reported the incident to a Moscow based group called “Cosmosearch.” Several group members, including Vadim A. Chernobrov, visited the site and interviewed many witnesses. However, while at the house they were all overcome by a strange eerie feeling and could not hear their footsteps as they walked on the wooded floors. While performing their investigation the electricity went out once. Despite all attempts information leaked out, agitating the locals, who now firmly believed that the area was a thriving UFO base. Soon the huge UFO appeared over the area again and many of the wooden cabins mysteriously caught fire and all burned to the ground. Shocked as to the events, and thinking that the aliens were upset at him, Oleg sank into a deep depression and forgot to exercise daily as the aliens had told him. As he was warned, the problems on his legs returned again and his lungs and heart also began malfunctioning. He died in January, 2004.

HC addendum.
Source: Dmitry Pisarenko ‘Arguments and Facts’ Newspaper Moscow #8 2004. Vadim Chernobrov ‘The History of the 11th of October Phenomena,’ Anton Anfalov. Type: G?

Type G: When there is direct contact or interaction between a witness and a humanoid or entity; either involuntary, as a result of a forced abduction, or as a voluntary contact.

Above feature reposted with permission from Albert S. Rosales's book Humanoid Encounters: The Others Amonst Us (2015).

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