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Archaeotrek—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2016

Dark Earth: The Source of Aliens and Angels?

by: Diane Tessman

We are composed of bio-plasma, a form of visible matter. Physicists have discovered invisible dark plasma, a form of dark matter which is abundant throughout the universe. In fact, there is approximately six times more dark matter than visible matter.

We know there is bio-plasma but is there dark bio-plasma? Are there dark bio-spheres parallel to ours? Is there Intelligence visiting us from Dark Earth? Is this the origin of UFOs?

Background information on dark matter: Physicists around the world are delving into the reality of dark matter and dark plasma; in doing so, they are radically changing our knowledge of the universe. Discovering the locations of dark matter in the universe is based on its gravitational effects on surrounding matter, because dark matter seems to be the source of “extra gravity” which cannot be otherwise explained.

In the 1930s, Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky first observed that some galaxies were spinning so fast that the stars in them should fly away from each other. Unfortunately, Zwicky had personality clashes with many in the astronomy community, so his views weren’t taken very seriously.

In 1962, astronomer Vera Rubin made the same discoveries and had nearly the same outcome. Her work was mostly disregarded because she was a woman. Rubin bravely continued her work and by 1978, she had studied 11 spiral galaxies, all of which were spinning so fast that the laws of physics ordained they should fly apart. Together with work from others, this was enough to convince the astronomy community that something strange was happening. We are now certain there is far more dark matter than visible matter which is called baryonic matter, which comprises everything we know and perceive. Gravitons are particles which mediate the gravitational force of our visible matter. Physicists are working to find whether there is a super-symmetrical partner to the graviton called the gravitino which would be the mediating force of dark matter. Indeed, physicists are seeking to prove that the entire universe is super-symmetrical. Gravitons and gravitinos, if these exist, are mirror images of each other.

There are growing alarm bells and/or utter wonderment in theoretical physics that dark matter could have nurtured and evolved life just as visible matter has done. No one knows at this point if beings of Dark Earth might be able to perceive us. Have they always been aware of us visible folk?

What if Dark Earth beings have the ability to convert their dark plasma into our “normal” plasma for a period of time? Might this ultra-terrestrial source be the origin of bright plasma-UFOs and UAPs? If some UFOs are plasma, or if some UFOs are manned by plasma-beings, where is this plasma world of theirs?

Dark matter has been found to gather around visible cosmic bodies, like Earth which has a dark plasma halo many times larger than rocky, solid Earth. Any cosmic body with sufficient mass to possess gravity has apparently also attracted dark matter, which creates “extra gravity.” In fact, researchers believe that in the early universe, dark matter was spread out in a web of filaments, some of which still exist.

It is possible that gravity corridors which might offer inter-galactic travel in relatively short amount of time, would depend on these invisible dark filaments with their strange gravity. These dark corridors would be generated by the dark matter hovering around visible cosmic bodies.

Ultra-terrestrial Earth was probably created at the same time as baryonic Visible Earth about 4.6 billion years ago. The Solar System was just being formed; dark matter filaments were many times more abundant in the universe than visible matter. Since its birth, Earth has had a dark halo composed of dark matter originally from the Milky Way’s galactic dark halo and webbing network. Over billions of years, Earth’s dark halo was enlarged by countless events, including the moon crashing into Earth. An ocean of dark plasma formed around Earth.

Has this dark ocean over billions of years, evolved dark bio-plasma? Has life itself emerged?

It is very possible that Visible Earth and Dark Earth both originated and developed life-forms in their own unique ways, as they danced together over the eons in perfect super-symmetry. Some researchers feel evolution would advance more quickly in a dark bio-sphere with its strange gravity; beings from Dark Earth might be more advanced than we are. It is theorized that they “swim” through their atmosphere like insects swim through our air and are probably formless, though perhaps can shape-shift.

Dark Earth is much larger in area than we are. The relative dimensions of Dark Earth to Visible Earth seem to be similar to the giant gas envelope of Planet Jupiter to the actual size of rocky-surface Jupiter, which is about the size of Earth.

Dark Earth is as large as giant gas-Jupiter; one thousand Visible Earths can fit inside. Ultra-terrestrial Earth is all around us, super-imposed over us and our bio-sphere. Dark Earth is not the anti-matter universe; that is an entirely different subject.

Our dark sister is indeed larger than we are but she is in fact – Earth. Her life-forms might be alien to us but they are still from Planet Earth. Do extraterrestrials gaze at Earth from their distant planet and perceive Visible and Dark Earth as one planet? “This is Earth!”

Dark Earth is imagined to be a dark ocean; this is their bio-sphere, their reality, their Planet Earth. They might develop telepathy for communication because fingers and tongues would not exist. As these globs of advanced consciousness swim along, can they shape-shift? Are these the shape-shifters of Celtic myth as well as the folk-lore of other civilizations?

What is life? Is it always a solid, visible life-form, preferably with two or four legs, a head and eyes? Is our own life-force defined by our density, our visibility, by our legs and head?

Or is our life-force somehow defined by our mind and spirit? Does life itself dwell in our mind and spirit instead of within our physical shell?

As quantum research delves deeper, we are realizing that life dwells in consciousness, not in the components of solid visible bodies. Intelligence is a force throughout the universe, and from it springs the “I am” of consciousness. Therefore, we must assume that the dark life-force lies within their consciousness as well, however shapeless they might be.

Jay Alfred’s research tells us that it is likely Dark Earth beings are as diverse as Visible Earth’s diverse life-forms; they vary as much as our microbes do from our whales, as much as mosquitoes from tigers, and as much as humans vary from ants. Some of them might be equal or beyond our present stage of evolution. If they are the UFO pilots, they are certainly beyond our present stage of evolution.

Of course quantum physics also states that there are countless Earths because there are endless alternate dimensions; there must be countless Dark Earths, therefore. And, do the dark halos of other planets contain conscious beings? How all this fits together is beyond me, but it was also beyond Einstein. Strangely enough, the super-symmetric theory of the universe can’t be proved until physicists manage to unify the field, which stumped Einstein. However, the revelation that Earth has a giant significant Dark Other, is astounding! And she is also Mother Earth!

For centuries, spiritual teachings have proclaimed that angels manifesting atop a church steeple are from another realm of Earth; metaphysics has taught that ghosts are vaporous and plasma-like as they pass through walls. Plasma phantom-lights glow on the road ahead, and then dematerialize. Some UFOs seem not to be nuts and bolts craft but colorful, brightly illuminated plasma. For centuries, the Holy Quran has spoken of “jinns” - said by Islamic scholars to be dark forms with transparent, shape-shifting bodies. Jinns, angels, demons, ghosts, deities and more, may originate in the dark biosphere.

Can ultra-terrestrials shape-shift into human form? The Greek and Roman gods would appear as human, then shape-shift to a huge size before the eyes of bewildered humans, riding away in a glowing chariot through the atmosphere. Deities of other cultures such as Hindu avatars seem not affected by the physical laws we know. Our human myths and folklore are full of entities which seem to defy gravity, capable of shifting shape, and who glow and dematerialize. Angels, both Christian and generic, first appear as glowing balls of plasma, and then take form so as the human observer can recognize them as an angel or Mother Mary.

Spirituality has taught that individual humans have unseen life-long companions, guardians from a place which is invisible to us except through our intuitive abilities. We all have dark matter in us, according to quantum theorists, might this be our conduit to our spirit guides? It seems that my childhood invisible teachers whom I called The Remembers, could have been of Dark Earth. It is now possible that guardian angels and spirit guides might actually be proven to exist through quantum research - just as they have existed in metaphysical teachings for millennia. I do not think dark plasma explains all UFO occupants; I feel there are human time-travelers and travelers of space from far-distant planets who are not of a plasma domain, but are simply advanced visible beings.

Because dark photons (dark light) are emitted from dark plasma, it gives rise to dark electromagnetism. While the plasma in our world is hot and short-lived, scientists speculate that dark plasma can remain in the plasma state even at room temperature for long periods of time.

Our minds function on electromagnetics. Might our subconscious dream mind be able to receive messages from dark electromagnetics? Perhaps advanced beings can convert dark EM energy to EM energy or perhaps our minds simply have this “dark receptor.” We do have dark plasma within us.

The dream-state has long been a mystical realm where we sometimes receive spiritual or practical information which is wise and helpful. The dream-state offers strange but enlightening experiences which help people advance spiritually in their lives. In the dream-state, we can fly, we can shape-shift, we have adventures entirely beyond our abilities. We experience different realities in our dreams which seem like bubbles in time – so real – and then gone! In dreams, we seem to be consciousness itself, not chained by gravity or molecular density. I feel that some of our more mystical dreams might connect to dark interaction; our dream-state might be a door into the dark halo realm.

Also, it is possible that Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field theory works in with dark plasma speculation. If our consciousness exists not only inside our mind but also stretches beyond each of us individually into the universal field of quantum consciousness, then it seems likely that Dark Earth beings are also hooked into this infinite field of consciousness: One mind to another, Intelligence to Intelligence.

Might Dark Earth beings have been entertaining us, frightening us, educating us, possibly even ruling us, for eons with their ability to appear in our mind and perception? The phenomenon of channeling might be another form of these mystical communications: perhaps advanced beings of dark halo Earth are able to use the phenomenon of quantum entanglement to connect one plasma mind to one dark plasma mind. Might the burning bush which Moses encountered, be a plasma phenomenon, emanating from Dark Earth? Many Biblical paranormal phenomena might have a dark plasma connection.

However, you might be asking, why is this dark plasma? The above describes plasma phenomena from our bio-sphere. How can dark plasma become our plasma? There is a proposed “Dark Ionization Process” which Jay Alfred details. This “DIP” process happens when dark plasma collides/interacts with standard particles through nuclear and electron recoils. Mr. Alfred states, “Dark plasma life-forms radiate dark electromagnetic waves. Particles of dark plasma usually pass through particles of ordinary plasma but if these two collide (or are forced to collide), through nuclear and electron recoils, they generate light, heat, and electrical phenomena that can be detected intermittently.”

This is the proposed explanation of why UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), composed of glowing plasma, occur. If they are “made to collide,” then it could be a technical process harnessed by intelligent dark beings unless a lightning storm or similar natural phenomena cause this collision.

How many times have glowing UFOs been spotted during an electrical storm? How many times have UFOs hovered over electric wires, power plants and transformers? It could be that ultra-terrestrials somehow manifest in the visible realm through transforming dark EM to EM.

Is this science fiction? Look at numerous UFO reports which tell of UFOs performing incredible maneuvers as if (our) gravity does not exist. It is fact that such maneuvers would kill dense molecular beings like ourselves, squashing us against the cockpit. If Dark Earth beings are nearly pure consciousness, perhaps globs in the dark plasma “ocean” in their native form, they cannot be hurt or killed as easily we can be. Plasma might be super-hot but perhaps they cannot be burned since they do not have our physical bodies.

Life forms within Dark Earth would move in all three dimensions like fish do. Human beings walking on the surface of Earth cannot move upward and downward through the air like fish in water.

In 1976, Carl Sagan and Edwin Salpeter proposed that creatures resembling hot air balloons might exist in Jupiter’s gaseous, ocean-like atmosphere. They concluded that there might be “sinkers,” “floaters,” and “hunters.” Dark Earth’s evolutionary chain of life-forms might be similar to what Sagan and Salpeter proposed for Jupiter. For example, they postulated that floaters would be giant gas bags generating heat though their own metabolism, feeding off sunlight and free molecules. These critters would move through Jupiter’s gaseous ocean by pumping out helium.

Certainly the plasma “space critters” which Trevor Constable felt were part of the answer to UFOs, might well connect to this concept which Sagan and Salpeter proposed for Jupiter. Earth’s visible plasma forms an ocean-like biosphere in the atmosphere which is subject to tides and gravitational effects from the Sun, Earth, and Moon.

So how does the dark plasma ocean fit into this ordinary plasma ocean? Dark plasma simply passes through dense, visible plasma like a ghost passes through a solid wall. In fact, the dark plasma bio-sphere has stayed hidden from humankind since both bio-spheres began, simply because it can pass right through us and our world. It is a bit more complicated than the fact their molecules are invisible to us, but essentially, that is the crux of it.

Of course the implications are enormous and we shouldn’t ignore them: If Earth’s dark halo allowed a bio-sphere of nearly pure consciousness, unhindered by physical bodies to evolve, we have to wonder if the dark matter which gathered “in the beginning” around other celestial bodies, also developed advanced super-intelligence. Is the universe full of dark matter beings, using the dark matter filaments which stretch throughout the universe as dark super-highways? Is the universe alive with advanced beings whose dark matter composes 23% of the cosmos? The visible reality we know composes about 4.6% of the universe.

Jay Alfred goes into detail on how and why dark plasma fits the characteristics of UFOs given in thousands, even millions, of sightings. If this subject fascinates you, I urge you to read Jay Alfred’s works. Since this is an article and not a book, I will give several intriguing bits of evidence that dark plasma colliding with ordinary plasma, thus becoming ordinary plasma for a period of time, might be the source of some of our UFOs:

UFOs display an emission of light and colorful auras: Light seems to radiate from UFOs. Common descriptions include, “surrounded with a red glow,” or “wrapped in a blue haze.” This indicates that the luminosity is not coming from the object but from the air around it. During the Dark Ionization Process, dark particles collide with atoms in the air; the air becomes “excited” first by xenon, the gas of lowest ionization, to gases with higher ionization energies. Colors are generated by these different gases, ionizing.

Brightness and transparency of many UFOs are explainable by looking at specifics of the Dark Ionization Process. Ghosts are also transparent and of a different luminosity than their surroundings. Ultra-terrestrials would likely never be as solid (visible) as we are; whatever process they use, makes them visible to us, almost like a hologram. The fact that UFOs and ghosts stick out visually like sore thumbs indicates their world is built on entirely different aspects of light and gravity.

We should consider plasma magnetospheres: They are luminous orbs, globes, or ovoids of orange or blue or other colors (“ovoid” is the natural shape of a plasma mass). These are identical to many UFOs and UAPs spotted at night. Holograms within ordinary plasma have been created in our laboratories. There is no reason dark plasma could not function similarly, with dark plasma UFO occupants or their holograms inside the oval-shaped plasma ship.

Booms and rumbling sounds are thermal shock waves and are often heard around Marian apparitions such as the Fatima visions. In UFO and ghost encounters, humans feel they have entered a strange zone where normal noises do not occur; all goes oddly quiet. Sometimes humans get nauseated around UFOs and/or paranormal activity as if this strange zone is really alien to human molecules. Also, residues are sometimes left behind by plasma activity. These residues include “angel hair,” ectoplasm, and similar weird materials sometimes found after UFO encounters. Usually these dissipate before reaching the ground but if the UFO lands or flies very low, angel hair is sometimes left behind and a smell like bitter almond oil is present.

All of this is consistent with plasma activity. For instance, plasma EM heat and radiation coupled with water and dust create a substance like angel hair.

Digital cameras sometimes photograph UFOs or ghosts which our naked eye cannot see. This is a large clue that dark plasma beings, normally invisible to the human eye, can be “caught” by speedy digital technology.

Being in the presence of UFO beings has been known to heal a human being. On the other hand, humans have been harmed, seemingly radiated, by UFOs. Experiments in electromagnetic biology show that magnetic fields can heal but too much of the same force can be damaging to a human. The Dark Ionization Process would have these energies as byproducts. What is truly amazing is that all of these areas combine Science and Spirituality! Here we have advanced healing techniques coupled with dark electromagnetic fields; we have the old spiritualist ectoplasm linked with a process of Dark Ionization by highly intelligent life-forms! We have citizens of Dark Earth traveling in plasma ships linked with our deep, ancient spiritual beliefs!

What we must remember is that Earth is the home planet of these ultra-terrestrial beings. They have obviously developed their own technologies which are ahead of ours, but that is because we are stuck in a world with gravitons which keeps us down (no pun intended). Ultra-terrestrials evolved faster, under entirely different circumstances with a different perception of and interaction with, Reality. They probably communicate telepathically because they do not have physical bodies. They probably are as diverse as our Earth life-forms; there must be millions of species of dark plasma beings, from tiny “nothings” to advanced intelligence who might have manifested themselves as the gods and goddesses of Old Greece or Biblical personalities.

Might this be the realm of soulful consciousness about which those who have near-death experience tell us? If we “lose” our physical body, what is left? We are told about intense colors, entire universal choirs singing magnificent music, a feeling of all-knowledge, and a feeling of freedom as never before. We are told by those who came back from “death,” that they had no specific shape or form. They felt super-consciousness. They were One with The All.

Does the dark plasma halo turn out to be our heaven? Earth’s halo might offer a realm where disembodied consciousness can flourish. It might be a realm wherein the universal morphic field is accessed after the barriers of physical survival have been eliminated.

If this dark bio-sphere exists, we as spirits might have come from there, and we might return there. Have our spirits, our essences, done this throughout the ages? In that case, we would have experience as physical beings on rocky visible Earth, and then the return to our dark plasma ocean. This is just a possibility.

If Earth’s magnetic field shifts, what would this do to our dark halo ocean? If we annihilate ourselves and all life forms on Visible Earth, would dark plasma beings grieve or perhaps somehow be threatened with non-existence themselves? Will the day come when visible beings become consciously aware and accepting of Dark Earth and its beings? They are, after all, of Earth.

In writing this article, I am relying on the research and writings of Jay Alfred. His website is http://www.dapla.org/ Diane's website: www.earthchangepredictions.com

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