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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2016

Uninvited Guests of Belarus

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Grivkovichi village near Pinsk, Brest region, Belarus

Date: January 13, 1990
Time: midnight

The main witness, Alexander N., had come home from hunting, got dressed, and fed the dogs. He didn't eat, since he was still not hungry. He then spent the rest of the evening with his family watching television (KVN). Close to midnight, Alexander felt hungry and decided to cook something for himself in the kitchen. Outside it was 8-10 degrees below zero. When he looked out the window he noticed a strange lack of noise. In the yard reigned an absolute unnatural silence and a thick darkness. Moments later, when he was removing the pan from the stove, the front door suddenly creaked open and ‘someone’ came in. Looking into the hallway he was stunned to see two “aliens”. Alexander knew about aliens due to the recent massive publicity about UFOs (because of the 1989 wave). The uninvited strangers then moved closer to him. Their manner of movement was strange for they moved in a peculiar sideways motion, pulling one leg after the other.

They were silent. The entities were shorter than Alexander, perhaps 1.5-1.6m in height. They were dressed in bright green luminescent overalls, which covered their bodies except for their faces. The head was deep-set, with no visible neck, and shoulders started at about ear level. He could only remember how the ‘visitors’ looked down to the waist and then below that he could not remember anything. Their faces were almost human in appearance except for a few details. They had conspicuous long tapered chins, down almost to the middle of the chest, with what appeared to be a ‘second fatty chin’. The facial skin was heavily dotted with wrinkles. It seemed like they were ‘extremely aged’. They had gray-colored eyes “that stared into eternity”. The eyes were not as widespread as humans but were a little closer to the nose. As Alexander’s eyes met the stranger’s eyes, their eyes began to emit golden beams of light, like a bright lamp. After that all his concerns evaporated and Alexander immediately burst out: “Oh, hello! I know who you are! Come, you will be my guests!

After the invitation the two visitors sat down on the chairs around the dinner table. They were silent, and during the whole time just stared at their host (Alexander). On the table was a hoisted hot pan. At this point, Alexander, (according to the laws of hospitality) decided to treat the guests with a bottle of Vodka. He immediately filled three glasses and placed one in front of each of the strangers. He sat down and attempted to talk to them:

“Well let’s eat…the food is getting cold. Let’s drink a glass, tell me what you want from me, and I will ask you questions. Let’s talk!”

But as Alexander attempted to take the first drink he apparently blacked out (he had not touched the Vodka yet). Returning to consciousness took place under rather strange circumstances. He was sitting on a chair but the upper part of his body was in a horizontal position – though his back was still on the same stool. He effortlessly floated in the air. With the same ease, without straining his abdominal muscles, the witness got up to a sitting position. The glasses he had served his “guests” were full and the food on the pan was cold. His head felt empty, however with an unusual and pleasant lightness. He wanted to know where the visitors had gone to. At this point, in the right side of his head he heard a signal similar to Morse code and then there was a sudden “pop” and his head was again filled with the sense of normal terrestrial pressure.

The event was apparently confirmed by his wife, Ludmila N., who at the time was in the next room (in the nursery) watching television with her son. She had heard a strange sound and worried since her husband had not come back from the kitchen. She wanted to go look but could not move. She was overcome with a strange stupor and complete immobility and later became totally unconscious. When this strange condition had passed, she went into the next room and saw her husband sitting on the chair. Her husband had a strange detached and confused look on his face. She found the plates and the glasses of Vodka. He told her what had happened and they decided not to tell anyone and be labeled “crazy”. The next day, Alexander felt confused and depressed. Alexander and his wife were to see strange flying lights over the area during April. Ludmila became very scared as she witnessed a strange object flying above the nearby forest.

Later during the winter hunt a strange event befell Alexander:

As he was returning home in the familiar forest near his home accompanied by his dog. He had hunted in the area on many occasions and knew the forest thoroughly. At one point, he decided to take a detour along the trail and then a strange thing happened. Alexander abruptly found himself in a very strange place for him. He was now among ancient giant trees, which he had never seen before. These were real giants – their height almost 150 meters. He turned to the other side and the road was blocked by a fallen tree. It was massive and long and neither he nor his dog could climb it or go around it. His dog refused to obey further commands and ran away. Alexander then carefully retraced his steps and again found himself in familiar places. He found his dog and returned home. He feels as if he had temporarily entered a completely different world. Subsequent attempts to locate the area with the giant trees were unsuccessful.

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Source: Victor Gayduchik Paranormal-newsru/news/Blizkig_kontakt_s_prishelcem_v_pinskom-rajune/2014-04-15-8867

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