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Interview-Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2016

An Interview with:
Jorge Martin:
An Exclusive Interview with Puerto Rican Ufologist Jorge Martin:
Puerto Rico's Widespread reports of UFO/Alien Encounters and military involvement

by: Brent Raynes

Journalist Jorge Martín, with studies in Political Sciences (University of Puerto Rico), began his specialized journalistic investigation and research on the UFO / alien enigma in the year 1975. He has investigated hundreds of incidents related to this matter, both in Puerto Rico and abroad. His articles have been published in Puerto Rico’s press, as well as that of other countries such as the U.S.A., the United Kindom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Romania, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, México, Guatemala, Costa Rica and others. He has represented Puerto Rico in international UFO conferences and symposiums, celebrated in the U.S.A., Europe and Latin America, and has been assisted in the production of several documentaries on the UFO matter for The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and TV programs such as Explorer (National Geographic), Unsolved Mysteries (NBC), Strange Universe, Sightings and Encounters (FOX Network), and for TV specials for Mexican, Ecuatorian, Venezuelan, Japanese, German, English and Puerto Rican TV channels. He has also produced several radio programs in Puerto Rico, in Notiuno (WUNO) and Supercadena (WSKN) radio stations. Actually, he is the editor of “ENIGMAS del Milenio” magazine. Martín is author of several books: “The Lazar Report”, “E.B.A. Project”, “Vieques: Caribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind”, “Taken InThe Light” and “El Yuqnue: Portal to Other Worlds”

Brent Raynes: Jorge, please tell us a little about yourself and share with us how and why you became so deeply involved in researching and investigating the UFO activity in Puerto Rico?

Jorge Martin: Ever since I was a kid I was interested in the US Space Program and the possibility of the existence of intelligent life in other parts of the universe, as well as other similar items. Due to that, I was deeply interested in the worldwide UFO phenomenon, and read reports and books on the matter.

In 1969, during mission Apollo 11 to the moon, I was listening to the astronauts live transmissions on television, and suddenly heard that one of the astronauts, I do nor recall which one, said to NASA that they were being chased by a strange, unknown oval-shaped metallic object, and NASA immediately cut off the sound in the transmission.

At that moment, I became aware that what was being said about the UFOs was true and the US government was covering it up, and so I became really interested in the situation. After that, I began investigating UFO events that were occurring here, in Puerto Rico, and found that our island was a real hot spot for this type of activity.

I began researching Puerto Rico's UFO events full time back in 1975. At first as a member of the CEOVNI organization (UFO Studies Center of Puerto Rico), together with other colleagues such as Ing. Sebastián Robiou Lamarche, architect William Santana Font, Agronomist Noel Rigau, Mr. Freddie Badillo, Mr. Osvaldo Laurido Santos, hypnologist Manuel Méndez Del Toro and others.

I have researched the matter for 42 years, and have studied hundreds of UFO sighting reports, ufo/alien encounters, and actually I'm investigating the manifestation of what seem to be wormholes that are appearing in our sky here in Puerto Rico, in different regions, from which UFOs emerge out to our atmosphere and fly away. We already have pictures of this phenomenon, which we have analyzed.

Brent Raynes: Can you please describe for us the concentration of reported UFO and alien activity at the El Yunque rain forest in eastern Puerto Rico. For quite sometime, it seems to have been an extremely active region. What's happening there and is there any possible reason for it that you can discern?

Jorge Martin: The concentration of reported UFO and alien activity at the El Yunque rain forest, located in the eastern region of Puerto Rico, is really both overwhelming and astounding. There are reports of such activity at least since the 1930s. I have personally investigated a large number of such cases, which range from sightings of flying saucers type and cigar-shaped crafts (some of them of huge proportions) and encounters with alien beings of different types (both humanoid 'Greys' and tall blond human-looking aliens). Also, there have been encounters with strange, hairy creatures (not the bigfoot type creatures), as well as weird looking 'animals'.

There have been at least two UFO crashes in the forest (possibly three), that I've investigated.

One occurred in February, 1984, and another one in March-April 1987.

Another aspect of the situation in the El Yunque rain forest is a significant involvement of US military personnel that seem to be related to the UFO/alien events there.

Brent Raynes: As this is also the highest point on Puerto Rico, are there any ancient sites there, and possible associated folklore and legends of interest?

Jorge Martin: The highest point in Puerto Rico is not El Yunque mountain. The highest point is Cerro Punta, located in Jayuya, in the Cordillera Central mountains (Central Ridge). There are no ancient sites or ruins in El Yunque rain forest; only ancient indian petroglyphs which portray strange images of entities that in many cases resemble alien beings. Of course, this is a matter of speculation.

But according to our extinct Taíno-Arawak indian ancestors, the high lands in the rain forest were the sites in which their good god Yuquiyú lived. They called this areas 'the white lands', as they are located in the mountain peaks of El Yunque mountain and other mountains in the area, and are covered by white clouds.

As I said already, their good gods allegedly lived there and protected them. Now with all the alien activity in that area, we wonder if both things are one and the same: the Taíno indians alleged good gods and entities in the rain forest, and the alien creatures that are observed there now.

There are suspicions that there is an underground alien base under the rain forest, and also a possible joint US-Alien base or installation in the perimeter of the forest.

Brent Raynes: From what you've mentioned to me earlier, some suspect a possible secret US/alien contact program around Puerto Rico's island municipality of Vieques, and this suspicion seems supported by a lot of eyewitness testimony?

Jorge Martin: Based on my personal research in the island-municipality of Vieques, I can assure you that the US Navy had (and may still have) a secret alien contact program there, in the areas controlled by that military agency, and especially the off-limits bombing and military exercises range. I have interviewed many witnesses there, common citizens, fishermen, policemen, security guards and military personnel who worked at US Navy bases in Vieques, and who witnessed landings of

huge sized flying saucer type craft at the bombing site.

Whenever this happened, the US Navy officers at the site remained there, in some sort of contact with whoever was in the large UFOs, and all lesser rank military personnel and Puerto Rican personnel were ordered to leave the site at once and never to talk about what they had seen there.

Cylinder and flying saucer-shaped crafts were constantly observed on the island, coming out from the sea or entering the US Navy controlled lands.

There have been many encounters with 'Grey' type humanoid beings that come out from the sea and enter the island's lagoons, and vice versa. These type of beings seem to be amphibians. These beings behavior is described by the islanders as peaceful. In many occasions, they have come close to them, but if the islanders approach them too close, reaching a distance of 3 or 4 feet, the beings move very fast and plunge themselves in the lagoon waters and mangroves, and disappear from sight.

I collected hundreds of testimonies of this type of activity in Vieques. To me, the situation in Vieques is related to the situation in El Yunque rain forest, and the US Navy is connected to both situations.

Brent Raynes: In addition, how about the southwestern area of your country, around Laguna Cartagena and Sierra Bermeja, where you pointed out to me earlier that there are hundreds of witnesses to UFO/alien activity in that region too?

Jorge Martin: Yes, the same type of things are going on in that region too, with hundreds of witnesses.

Brent Raynes: Also what is this I hear of possible "wormholes" appearing in Puerto Rican skies where UFOs pop in and out of our reality?

Jorge Martin: I became aware of the manifestation of apparent wormholes over Puerto Rico back in the 1980s, but since 1991-92 the phenomenon has become more intense. Holes appear in our sky, from which flying saucer, cylinder or sphere-shaped UFOs emerge, and then fly away in different directions or go down and enter the sea.

Now we have several pictures of such wormholes, taken by unwitting witnesses in different regions of Puerto Rico both at daylight and by night, mostly in the north-western and south-western regions.

I have analyzed the images, and I'm convinced that we are dealing with bonafide alien produced wormholes in our sky.

Brent Raynes: I also understand that you've had large winged beings appearing in Puerto Rico, like at El Yunque? Any bigfoot type creatures too?

Jorge Martin: There have been sightings of such winged beings, but they belong to the more 'fringe' aspect of strange phenomena on the island, and are not related to any UFO activity. Bigfoot type creatures have also been observed by many witnesses, in different regions, and are mostly related to UFOs and alien activity.

Brent Raynes: Do you come across a lot of alien abductee reports in Puerto Rico?

Jorge Martin: Yes, there have been many abductee reports on the island. In several of the cases I investigated, the abductees were healed by the aliens, and told some prophecies about future events in our world.

Brent Raynes: Have you found paranormal elements emerging in the testimony of your UFO/alien experiencers? Telepathy, poltergeist activity, shadow people, ghosts, etc.?

Jorge Martin: Yes, many such phenomena emerge during the witness-abductee testimonies about their experiences. Some have emerged on a conscious level and some when the witnesses were submitted to hypnotic regressions. Telepathy and poltergeist-like activity also emerge, as well as out of body experiences and abductions in that state. Also, the manifestation of small balls of light and levitation. They also mention very fast moving entities that seem to be watching them at home.

Brent Raynes: Interesting. These curious anomalies are widespread and showing up everywhere.

I've not heard of any such cases from Puerto Rico through the years, but how about the MIB (Men In Black)?

Jorge Martin: I only know about three possible MIB cases in Puerto Rico. The most MIB-like event occurred in the 1940s, in the town of Lajas, in the southwest. One morning a father and his son were walking in a cane field and a large flying saucer-shaped craft suspended itself over them, engulfing them in a beam of light that issued from the craft's underside. Immediately, both father and son felt a great heat and a burning sensation on their skin. The father throwed his son to the ground, next to some bushes, trying to get some cover, and covered his son with his own body, to protect him from the searing heat.

Moments later the light from the saucer vanished, the craft flew away very fast vertically and disappeared from sight. They went home at once and the father ordered his son to take a bath, to calm the burning sensation, but he did not do it until later. Once the boy bathed, the burning ceased.

However, the father became ill, and died weeks later.

Even though the doctors could not say what was it that was affecting him, the symptoms were very similar to what would be described today as strong radiation poisoning. Some time later the son was walking on a road and was contacted by several strange men dressed with black suits and ties, with black hats, who were traveling in a big black Cadillac-like car. They asked him if he was Francisco Vargas (his name) and asked him to enter the car and accompany them, which he did. According to Vargas, they asked him if he was the young boy who had observed the saucer, and whose father had died. He replied he was, and they asked him many questions about what they had seen that day.

After that, they opened the car's door and asked him to get out, which he did. He began to walk, feeling somewhat dazed. Moments later, he looked back and the car was not there. It disappeared.

Mr. Vargas told me that the car looked normal, but once inside he saw that in the front panel there were many buttons and lights, something he had not seen before in any car. He described the men as human-looking, but of a oriental type, with slanted eyes, and a somewhat pale appearance.

Brent Raynes: The early witness's MIB account is very interesting and the lights on the front panel is familiar too. Remember in John Keel's account in The Mothman Prophecies of Miss Paro's ride in the black Cadillac on Long Island that had the “flashing lights on the dashboard” that she felt had a hypnotic effect on her. In an interview with ufologist Steve Ward, in the January issue of this magazine, he recounted the story of a woman who told him of being picked up by two classic MIB looking characters near Las Vegas and how she took a ride in their large black car. Steve noted: “One thing that was different about the vehicle they were riding in was that the dashboard was very unconventional and had all kinds of lights on it. Some of the lights were continuously flashing.”

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