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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2016

Strange and disturbing events in Siberia

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Near Sretensk, Chita region, Zabaikal’ye, East Siberia, Russia.
Date: 2001.
Time: Various.

In a specific valley located in dense Siberian taiga and rocks outside the small town of Sretensk, there is evidence of an anomalous area or presence. Possibly related to the space time continuum or perhaps an alien base or dimensional portal, on August 27, 2002, two men who visited the location (Pyotr Valerievich Grigorenko, a tourist guide and his friend Alexander Vladimirovich Banschikov, a building engineer) experienced a bizarre “compression of time” it seemed that for them the whole day only lasted for about 20 minutes (!). From the top of one specific rock Banschikov also observed hemispherical forms resembling domes of red and pink tints located at different locations within the valley. In the valley, the men also saw dozens of deformed or uprooted centuries-old pine trees and larches. The pine trees appeared to have been uprooted by hurricane force winds and had strangely fallen in a position which formed a straight line. Local hunters have repeatedly encountered UFOs, strange lights and other anomalous phenomena, but are rather reluctant to speak about the incidents. According to some of their testimonies, the appearance of strange lights are usually accompanied by a hissing or crackling sound, similar to that of a burning torch. This is also accompanied by the sensation of physical fatigue and nervousness. There are also recorded instances in which isolated hunters have suddenly felt a tremendous dread or fear and dropped everything (including their rifles) and run from the area, some running as much as 20km.

In 2001, a friend of Grigorenko who was living in an isolated hut in the region reportedly would leave the hut late at night and walk several kilometers in order to meet with a “stranger.” The stranger was usually dressed in a dark hood like tunic girded with a lace. In appearance the stranger was definitely not a local and apparently not human. He was very tall and looked like a man of 70-90 years of age but very strong in appearance. The stranger would teach his visitor to “see things with his heart” and answered some of his questions by using telepathy. The witness did not go into detail as to what were the themes of their many conversations. Apparently he swore an oath not to talk of his experiences. On several occasions, Grigorenko himself saw a bizarre 2-meter tall black humanoid with an elongated rectangular-shaped head. The humanoid moved in complete silence even on top of dry foliage. Usually this figure will come out from behind a ridge away from a local dirt road and would accompany Grigorenko and his friend at a distance of 25 to 30 meters. The humanoid’s appearance was always preceded by a feeling of discomfort and uneasiness. Many times they felt so much that they would hastily return to their cabin. Their second meeting with the humanoid was not less intense. Grigorenko’s friend did not see the humanoid but could “hear” its presence, which he describes as an unpleasant and oppressive sound, but which Grigorenko never hears. According to Alexander (Grigorenko’s friend) the sound is similar to a rattling shout or squeal at a very high pitch. The humanoid figures look relatively “flat” (not three dimensional) and the witnesses could not see details of its physical make up. Its arms and legs appeared to be long and “bent”; it also seems to be able to bend at waist level. The witnesses noted that the phenomena seems to be of a seasonal nature usually from July to October. Both men have reportedly taken dozens of photographic film at different locations in the valley but upon developing the film, the film appears either overexposed or black with a red hue (radiation?). The area used to be good for hunting but game animals have reportedly left the area. HC addendum.

Source: Dmitriy V. Grigorenko & Alexander V. Banschikov This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Chita, Russia and Kosmopoisk guest book www.kosmopoisk.org July 23, 2004. Type: E

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