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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2015

by: Albert Rosales

July 4 1978, 2230hrs.

Report by Albert S. Rosales

Two sergeants in the Air Force, Attlio de Salvatore (30) and Franco Padellaro (27), Naval Sergeant Maurizio di Pietro (21) and his friend Mrs Antonina Esposito, all felt an urge to go up Mount Sona on the Etna Massif. There they saw a triangle of red lights in the sky. The lights began to pulsate. One of these detached itself from the other two and streaked down towards the ground, landing behind the slope of Sona. The party drove nearer, then walked to within 300m of the object, which was sitting by a rocky precipice in the dip below them.

It was a red disc, 12m across, surmounted by a yellow dome. On top of the main body were red and blue lights. By the side of the object, on the precipice, were 5-6 beings of human appearance, and described as “very beautiful”. They were tall, with blond hair and wore black tight-fitting overalls. The witnesses found themselves rooted to the spot by a strange force, as two of the beings began to climb the precipice, gesturing at the witnesses and smiling. They approached within 5m, before one of the strangers nodded towards the machine, and they began to climb down again. The machine then began to glow with myriad tiny multicolored lights, with red, yellow and blue predominating. These lights went out as a car passed, only to come on again when it had gone. At 2305 the hold on the party was suddenly released and they scrambled back to the car, driving as fast as they could towards Catania.

For some time afterwards, all four felt drained of energy. At about the same time as their experience had begun, a Mrs Giuffrida and her two sons saw, from Catania, a large green object heading from Mt. Etna out to sea.

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