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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2015

UFOs Gone Wild

by: Robert A. Goerman

Watching an Active Paranormal Event does not guarantee understanding it. When we encounter UFOs, monsters, and ghosts, do we really comprehend what we are seeing?

One of my weirdest personal UFO sightings mirrored "An Encounter with the Unknown" by Olav Phillips (FATE magazine # 727).

"Looking like stars more than anything else," Phillips reported watching mysterious lights over Dixon, California, that began "doing loops and flying in circles." One light in particular traced out a square and then made "a series of 90-degree high speed turns." He described this aerial display as "hypnotic" and that he and his girlfriend "couldn't take our eyes off it."

Phillips recalled, "Eight or more lights engaged in what could be called a game of 'tag' while still others seemed to be joy riding, just flying in crazy patterns and corkscrews." After about an hour, two of the lights descended and began racing back and forth between two radio towers. Upon closer inspection, both of these objects appeared to be triangular.

This article triggered a flood of memories.

In the mid-1970s, my wife and I, along with another researcher and his wife, waited in the immediate vicinity of a VORTAC aircraft navigational station not far from Grand Valley, Pennsylvania. There, in the middle of rural nowhere, at o-dark-thirty, we watched as an armada of bright "stars" engaged in hazardous "dogfights," performed 90-degree turns, amazing figure eights, and heart-stopping 180-degree reversals of flight. Our first strategy was to line up these objects with stationary terrestrial reference points (utility poles and fence posts) to eliminate any autokinetic effect. Everyone confirmed what everyone was seeing. I witnessed the legendary "falling leaf" zigzag maneuver for my first and only time that night. Those erratic flight patterns made absolutely no sense at all, unless...

Young creatures of several species, including man, often explode into frenzied games of "tag." Darting and dodging, they race around for the sheer joy of it.

Were these UFOs at play?

Does this playful UFO activity explain those hazardous games of cat-and-mouse with moving automobiles and aircraft?

Not knowing what else to do, UFOlogists have classified these rare acrobatic displays as "dogfights" and "sky dances."

During a "dogfight," two or more UFOs weave and loop around each other. Of course, this flight characteristic is probably no more a dogfight than the aerial ballet of white butterflies above a garden.

Let us examine one early "dogfight" case from official Air Force files.

On the afternoon of Sunday, August 3, 1952, experienced Air Force pilots Captain Hadley and Lt. Swimley, as well as AF Captain Perske, all stationed at Hamilton AFB in Marin County, California, watched two silvery discs darting and dogfighting. Three more pairs joined these objects, until eight identical discs were in the group. Air Force documentation stated that these objects "would dive at each other and make all kinds of movements. At one time objects appeared to be in a diamond formation." This Active Paranormal Event lasted seventy-five minutes.

The dramatic "sky dance" may involve a single UFO or many. It might include any or all of the following miraculous maneuvers:

Straight-up flight at astonishing speed
Enormous acceleration from a standstill
Zigzag or undulating forward flight
High-speed 90-degree turns
Circling in tight turns, figure eights, and spirals
Dead stops in mid-air and hovering
Impossible 180-degree reversals of flight
Two or more UFOs "dogfighting" or playing "tag"
Flying in absolutely "crazy" patterns
Descent like a "falling leaf"
UFO splitting into two or more objects
UFOs joining into a single object

Consider now this more recent sighting submitted to the Mutual UFO Network. On Sunday, March 24, 2013, near Coral Springs, Florida, a gentleman and his fiancée were sitting on their balcony and facing west, toward the Everglades, when she first saw three "stars" dancing around one another. The trio of lights would change direction instantly, speed up, and streak across the sky. More lights appeared on the western horizon. These rose up into the sky, danced around, and then shot straight up into space. To quote the witness, "A group of these UFOs would also come together and then the light would disappear, but you could still see an invisible cloak-like look, which was in a triangle type shape, which would distort the sky, and it would then take off." The couple telephoned several of their friends and at least five other persons, from scattered locations, witnessed the same thing. This Active Paranormal Event lasted three hours.

Where do we go from here? On one hand, we have demonstrations of impossible maneuverability. On the other hand, we cannot make sense out of what we observe. UFO "sky dance" behaviors more closely resemble a playground at recess. Are we even asking the right questions?


Robert A. Goerman
Nonhuman Research Agency
615 Earl Avenue
New Kensington, PA 15068-4801

Tuesday, September 26, 2023