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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2015

Strange underwater encounter in the Black Sea

by: Albert Rosales

Location: Near Odessa, Black Sea, Ukraine
Date: Summer 2002
Time: Daytime

Three young Ukrainian divers had gone on a morning dive equipped with aqualungs in order to explore the bottom of the Black Sea in an area several dozen kilometers southeast of Odessa. This area had interested them since on an earlier dive they had found a strange crater-like hollow on the sea floor. On the edge of the crater jutted a strange cube-shaped “rock” that was covered in cockleshells and other water plants. Apparently the area was totally different from the rest of the ocean floor in other locations. They dove at the strange cubic rock and attempted to pick some cockleshells out of it, but suddenly they all heard a strange voice that sounded straight inside their heads, “Don’t do that! Don’t do that!” These words were repeated several times. Amazingly, the crater had now vanished and the men suddenly saw remarkable ancient ruins, positioned far from them, resembling ancient Greek ruins. Incredibly, some of the buildings were in somewhat good state, with visible columns with no apparent damage. But the most amazing thing they saw were two strange humanoid entities, without any visible diving suits or aqualungs. Both humanoids were about 2-2.5m in height, with proportional hands, heads and legs. Apparently those humanoids were able to breathe underwater, probably possessing gills or equipped with some type of compact diving equipment not visible to the witnesses. The humanoids were dressed in tight fitting suits but different from terrestrial diver’s suits, and were standing near some of the “ruins”. One of them was moving some type of circular object (a scanner) which it was holding in its hand and moving it over the ocean bottom. More details were not visible to the witnesses. The frightened divers then hurried back to the surface. A fourth member of the team, who had remained on the seashore, saw an amazing change occur in the sea. The Black Sea had been completely calm before but had now suddenly swelled and strange greenish lights began blinking in the depths.

HC addendum
Source: Mikhail Burleshin “Second coming of Ihtiandr” in
“Taynaya Vlast” (The Secret Power) Newspaper Moscow # 10, 2004 and
Valeriy Kin in: “Shadows of the Gods” “Humankind---the higher intelligence.
Moscow 2004

Comments: The vast populated territory in the northwestern side of the Black Sea was apparently flooded or submerged under water in ancient times, with many ancient towns buried under soil and under water. In addition, there are many other reports of humanoids and UFOs in the Odessa region and rumors of subsurface and underwater ancient alien tunnels and bases in the area northwest of the Black Sea.

Editor’s Note: For the latest anomalous “alien”, entity reports, author Albert S. Rosales maintains a site on Facebook called “Humanoid and other strange encounters” that is well worth checking out.

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