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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2015

Robot-like Figure steps out of UFO and frightens Cuban security guard

by: Albert Rosales

Location: El Trigal, La Habana , Cuba
Date: November 27 1995
Time: 02:15 a.m.

The witness, Samuel R. Barrera, is a security guard at a local agricultural equipment repair shop. That night he was, like usual, observing incoming aircraft that would land at the nearby airport. At around 2:15 a.m. he saw a phosphorescent bluish light which caught his attention, since normal aircraft usually did not have that type of lighting. He kept watching the light and noticed that it was approaching his location. Thinking it was an aircraft about to crash into the building, he attempted to leave the guard shack, but then thought about it again and realized that airplanes usually do not fly over the area. He sat down again and looked out the window to see what appeared to be a disc-shaped object hovering above the roof of the building. At this point, he was no longer able to move as his whole body felt numb, except for his head. Through the window he watched as the object made a curve and positioned itself above the parking lot and then began slowly descending to the center of the parking lot. It emitted a blue phosphorescent glow similar to butane gas. When the object finally descended onto the parking lot it shut off its lights, and remained floating at about ½ meter from the ground. At this point he was able to see a cabin, or what he assumed to be a cabin, with a very intense white light inside which prevented him from seeing anything inside.

After about a minute, on the smooth surface of the craft, a sort of door opened up emitting the same bright white light as in the cabin; sort of a combination of fog and light, and then some steps descended to the ground. And then from inside the object a tall being close to 7 foot tall emerged and began walking in the direction of the witness. The figure’s head was shaped like an inverted pear and instead of eyes it had what appeared to the witness to be ‘camera lenses’. It wore a dark gray coverall, shiny, and very tight-fitting to the body, and it moved in a sort of mechanical gait, like a robot. When it approached the witness’s guard house, Samuel thought the being was coming towards him and attempted to move, but could not; he remained paralyzed. He even attempted to grab the rifle he had on the desk but could not even do that. At about 7-8 meters from the guard shack, the being changed directions and headed towards the rear of the fenced in yard where the Caterpillar equipment was located. Once, when the being was about a meter from the fence, it stopped and moved its head from left to right several times. The being stood there for about 15 minutes and then returned the same way he had come. When the being entered the hovering disc, the steps retracted back into the object and the door closed down. The bright blue phosphorescent lights then turned on again and Samuel heard a sound resembling the buzzing of a thousand bees, but a little bit stronger. The craft then ascended slowly and when it was level to the roof the lights became brighter and it shot away at incredible speed. Once the object was gone the witness was able to move again.

HC addendum
Source: Hugo Francos Parrado
Type: B


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