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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2015

Two separate cases of Alien Being Encounters

by: Albert Rosales

Location: North Port, Florida
Date: August 2012
Time: afternoon

The witness, Kathy Rotundo, back in the early 1970’s, while driving back to Cleveland from Chicago during daylight hours, saw five intensely bright orbs the size of moons flashing and bouncing all over the sky.

She reported that while on the beach in southwest Florida she encountered two quite unusual beings that she “knew” were from “off world”. Standing only about six or eight feet from her was a man and woman looking about 70 years in age who were in full body suits. This was not something you would normally see on the beaches due to hot temperatures and warm waters. Their heads were covered also and they were quite thin. All that was exposed were their faces and hands. What was so notable were their highly unusual looking faces. They looked like cats without the fur. When she saw them “she knew immediately” they were from another planet. There was eye contact between them, with telepathic communication acknowledging that she noticed them as non-human and them confirming so. They then proceeded to go out into the Gulf waters without tanks and swam much farther out than you would normally see anyone dare to go. Kathy watched them for what seemed like maybe a half hour and then they just disappeared in the waters.

HC addendum
Source: Direct communication from the witness
Type: E


Location: Naugatuck , Connecticut
Date: 1970
Time: late night

6-year old Kathy woke up in the middle of the night, hearing her name being called from far away. She heard her name, got out of bed and somehow knew that she needed to “go”. She had a little box that she called a suitcase under her bed; she got it out and put two or three pairs of socks and some panties in it. She went downstairs and walked “through” the front door, not thinking as strange the fact that she walked right “through” the front door. She went down the driveway and turned right and went up the street. She walked with a purpose, her head down; somehow she knew it was “time”. She suddenly came across a pair of feet. Attached to two legs, she looked up slowly following the figure of a man up and found herself looking at a giant “silver man”---a man that seemed to be made entirely of silver light. She somehow knew that there was no danger. The being had no clear features and stood in her way. She asked, “Are you God?” The entity laughed in a very warm, amused way. “No child, I am not God, and you can’t stay here.” He turned her around and “swatted” her gently on her behind. “You must go home, Kathy,” he said. “It’s not time”. She obediently turned around and marched right back home in the same manner in which she had been summoned. Again she walked right “through” the door, up the stairs and back into her bed. (Since very young, the witness has experienced astral or out of body episodes).

HC addendum
Source: Direct From Witness


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