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Interview-Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2015

An Interview with: Bret Oldham, the author of Children Of The Greys

by: Brent Raynes

Bret Oldham has been researching and investigating the paranormal since his teen years. Bret and his wife Gina are based out of Nashville, TN. Their research encompasses a wide spectrum of the paranormal including Ghosts, UFO's and Cryptozoology. They have been featured on numerous radio shows, in magazine and newspaper articles, Internet, local and National TV in the USA, New Zealand and Europe; including shows on Bio, Discovery, CBC Canada, TV7 in Bulgaria and most recently Bret was featured on History Channel's "Ancient Aliens". Bret is the author of "Children Of The Greys", a personal account of his life long alien abduction experiences, and "Ghost Stories Of Las Vegas". Bret and Gina contributed two articles to the book, "Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places" by renowned author Brad Steiger. Bret wrote a chapter on "Spirit Communication" for the book, "Mystery US Universe, Origins and Destiny". He has also written articles for Alternate Perceptions and Mysterious Universe magazines.

Brent Raynes: Hi Bret, it's time to catch up with you once again. We're glad that after spending a year in Las Vegas that you guys decided to return to Tennessee. I understand that you've had a few more episodes happen in your life with regard to the alien abduction phenomenon, and you're also writing a new book. Your first book, Children of the Greys, generated quite a bit of response; much of it from fellow experiencers. What can you tell us to bring us kind of up-to-speed on these latest developments?

Bret Oldham: The abductions have slowed as I've gotten older but unfortunately, they haven't stopped. It's something that I've learned to accept and an important facet for others who are having these same type of experiences to also do. Since "Children Of The Greys" was published I have been contacted by countless individuals from all over the world who related to my story. Most of them felt compelled to reach to me for help. They felt alone in dealing with the psychological trauma they had been left with as a result of their own experiences with these alien beings. I had some of my own abduction experiences validated by some of these people who shared a similar type experience. This was especially true with a couple of the incidents of a more sexual nature that I was subjected to. These are the kind of alien abduction events that for some reason are still too taboo to talk about in public and yet a prominent part of many alien abductions. So, it has been therapeutic for me as well.

I wrote "Children Of The Greys" in the hopes that it would help to bring about more public awareness of the alien abduction phenomenon and to help other abductees. Since then, many people have asked me to write another book. I've made contributions to several books by others that will be coming out this year and I'm in the process of writing another one of my own which will include new details on some of the incidents in the first book, new experiences and also experiences by others that mirror some of my own. There have been some really profound things that have happened over the past two years including meeting a new kind of hybrid, unexplainable scratches on both Gina and myself on the same night followed by finding a four finger bloody handprint on our bed sheet between our pillows, two matching deep punctures appearing suddenly out of no where on a vein on my hand that bled profusely, a piece of my tongue being removed, underwater bases and more. It's taken a toll.

Brent Raynes: And, of course, there are always paranormal incidents occurring in your life, and too there's your ongoing EVP/spirit box work. What sort of noteworthy events have developed there since we last did an interview?

Bret Oldham: One of the things we noticed while living in Las Vegas was that the rate of paranormal events we normally experience drastically slowed compared to what was happening while we lived in Tennessee. Now that we have returned to Tennessee things are increasing again. Recently, our spoons are beginning to disappear. This has happened to us in the past with objects disappearing and oddly enough spoons have disappeared before. It goes way beyond simply us misplacing them or losing them. I'm talking about almost every spoon we have vanishing and never showing up again.

We did find a very active location in Las Vegas area where we caught several evps and had some great spirit box sessions. It was a motel room in the nearby town of Boulder City, NV. Not a place where one usually expects a haunting but as we always say, "ghosts are everywhere". We helped a man solve a 30 year mystery about the death of his grandfather by making contact with him during a spirit box session. He was skeptical at first but left as a staunch believer. When you get answers about something you have no way of knowing about it changes peoples minds rather quickly. I know this is something that you have witnessed too. The spirit box may not work for everyone but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Our research shows that the operator and their own psychic ability plays a large part in the success of a spirit box session and to a somewhat lesser extent so does the openness and psychic awareness of those attending the session.

After the shocking events of Gina and I waking up with unexplainable scratches and the bloody handprint we decided to set up a motion sensor IR video camera in the hopes that we would catch on film what was happening to us. We have never been scratched before that night or since and the handprint really had us on edge. We also placed a small digital recorder on the night stand to capture any audio should another event take place. After a couple of nights with no success we gave up on the video camera since it was so sensitive that the slightest thing was triggering it. However, while analyzing audio from one of those nights we caught some very interesting evps. It really caught our attention because it quickly became evident that we were being watched by several spirits while we slept; not a very comforting feeling. Before we even went to sleep we caught a female spirit saying, "I like that" right after I kissed Gina goodnight. A bit later we heard them commenting on the collection of crystals Gina has in our bedroom. Then sometime between 2 am and 3 am the camera seemed to stop working but the recorder didn't. On the audio recording we hear a very strange metallic type sound in which we could not ascertain a source. Soon after that we hear a male spirit proclaim, "Oh my God, oh my God!"

So the question arises, what would cause a ghost to say such a thing? Anyone familiar with my story knows that I believe the aliens are using dimensional portals during abduction events. Obviously, those in the spirit world are in another dimension apart from our own. Did the spirit of the man who commented the unusual remark witness us being taken by aliens and thus the reason for the remark? Did the aliens return again that night using a dimensional portal? Does this portal somehow pass through the dimension of the spirit world too or did the spirit of the man who can also see into our dimension just happen to witness something in our dimension? It's all very thought provoking. We hope to find answers through our continuing evp and spirit box work. There is a dimensional aspect to all of this.

Brent Raynes: Increasingly the UFO community seems to be acknowledging the UFO/paranormal connection. What are your own thoughts on the overall direction that the UFO community seems to be heading in?

Bret Oldham: That's a great question. I've been talking about the UFO/paranormal connection for some time now and I know you have too. I do see more researchers beginning to acknowledge it which I think is very healthy for the field. Too many researchers box themselves into one particular genre of the paranormal. They’re either a ghost investigator or a UFO researcher or a Crypto researcher and so on. They want no part of any other paranormal subject. To me, this greatly hinders the advance of the field, especially within the UFO community. There is a definite connection that can't be overlooked.

I think the general direction of the UFO community these days is no direction. It's going in a circle; like a dog chasing its tail. Looking at UFO research one would think that there has only ever been a handful of cases because these same cases are rehashed over and over. Of course, this is far from the reality of the phenomenon. Too much is made of chasing stories of lights in the sky. With all the secret military planes, satellites, and drones in the sky these days it's easier than ever for people to make mistakes about what they are seeing. Then you have all the fake websites with the absolutely preposterous UFO stories that people are falling for because they are too lazy to make the effort to find out if the website is real. Last but certainly not least we have the easy access to photoshop and CGI software so the internet is now flooded with fake photos and videos.

I feel that too many UFO researchers ignore the alien abductees. If you really want to know what these crafts look like, what the aliens look and act like and learn any possible agendas then why not seek out the people who have been taken and have been in contact with these beings? You're going to learn a lot more from them than you ever will from some mysterious light in the sky account. History has proven that. There are some great UFO researchers out there who get past all of this and who have learned to look outside the box. I hope that trend continues.

Brent Raynes: How about all of these so-called UFO and paranormal (and cryptozoological) reality TV shows that continue to flood the television channels? I don't know about you, but I tire of all the Roswell and Area 51 questions people will ask me after watching the many UFO documentaries out there, when there's so much more to address. But anyway, what are your own thoughts, gripes, or observations on this media phenomenon?

Bret Oldham: The whole reality show premise has gotten completely out of control. Too much of it is based on sensationalism and not reality. It's more unreality than reality. Gina and I have quit watching them. We just can't take it anymore. Now a days you have people in the field, whether it's ghost, UFO or cryptozoological, who are only in it for attention. Not to bring attention to a particular subject but to themselves. That is sad and pathetic but true. I've been on several television shows and I've been asked to be on others which I refused because I won't risk compromising my integrity. If it's not going to help educate and bring awareness then I won't do it. I can assure you that most of the producers of these programs, especially reality shows, know nothing about the subject. They don't really care about it so they promote the outrageous because that's what brings in ratings and ratings means money. Integrity goes right out the door and there are so many people who are willing to compromise their integrity for a shot at supposed stardom.

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