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April 2015

Issue 205

The Most Mind-Numbing, Stinking Pile of Archaeocrap Ever Spewed: Ancient Europeans and the People in the Middle East Did Not Build Mounds or Earthworks!
by: Dr. Greg Little

Alternate Perceptions Audio Interviews
with Susan Shumsky
hosted by: Brent & Chandra

Reality Checking
Psi-trailing in animals and human psychic abilities: magnetites and cryptochrome molecules, and whatever X-Factor is!
by: Brent Raynes

Encounters with the Unknown
Disturbing Childhood Memories from Romania
by: translated by Albert Rosales

Ancient Giants in the Edgar Cayce Readings
by: Dr. Greg Little

Classic Mysteries
Black eyed humanoids, 1974
by: Albert Rosales

An Interview
An Interview with Lyn Halper, Ph.D:
Psychic phenomena and Kundalini energy
by: Brent Raynes

An Interview
An Interview with Marcela Krystkova, author of Resonance Field Theory
by: Brent Raynes

New Book Reviews
by: Brent Raynes

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Path of Souls Video: Native American Mound Builder’s Journey to the Stars

Is Morocco Atlantis?

Indian Mounds – Pre-Historic Religion

Cahokia Mounds Funding Cut 20%

The Black Alchemist revised and re-released by Andrew Collins

Zahi Hawass explores Collins’ Caves under Giza, says “the bats will kill us,” and repeatedly screams.” Hawass: “I have never had any adventure at Giza like this before! … I was killed inside!” Note: Before this show Hawass formally denied that this cave system even existed! The cave was followed for 300-350 feet, the precise length Andrew Collins had related to Hawass before Hawass wrote that it didn’t even exist.

Get Night Vision Injected in Your Eyeballs

Boy Remembers Amazing Details of Past Life as Hollywood Actor

Utah Cops Swear Mysterious Voice Crying For Help Led Them To Unconscious Toddler In Submerged Car

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