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Letter's to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2014

Really enjoyed all you and Joan shared with us - purifications, drumming, whistles, meditations, alternative perceptions, love, etc., etc., etc. Already look forward to our next experience together!
Jo Riddle
Dallas, Texas

I greatly enjoyed our journey with you, Joan, Lora, Greg, and the other travelers – we talked about it all the way home! The ceremonies and meditations you and Joan led for us were instrumental in our enjoyment of the trip, and increased our understanding of the ancestors and awareness of the sacredness of the mounds. Thanks to you both for all you contributed. Hoping our paths cross again,

Finished reading this last night [Greg Little’s new book Path of Souls]. Loved it!! Going to start re-reading it just in case I missed something. Thanks for the book Greg and thank you also Lora, Joan and Brent for sharing some of the Mound Tour experience with Jim and me. WE had a great time!!!!
Allison Kalb
Portsmouth, Ohio


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