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Clasic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2014

Strange encounter, Puerto Rico, 1990

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Barrio Borinquen, Atravesada Puerto Rico
Date: March 1990 Time: 2200

The witness was alone at home meditating when she suddenly found herself transported to her backyard. A silvery disc-shaped craft then approached from the mountains and began hovering nearby. From under the object a tall human-like figure emerged. The being floated towards the witness. The figure was described as having fair white skin and blond shoulder length hair. He wore a white uniform with a bright red belt and red gloves and boots. He approached the witness and extended his hand. The witness attempted to run but the being grabbed her by the arm and held her. Four needles then emerged from the man’s glove and were inserted into her arm. She then felt powerless and “controlled.” She was taken to where the object hovered and was told telepathically that “they” would return to contact her again. She was then taken back to the house and released.
HC addition # 1194
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 37 Type: B
Comments: Translation by Albert S. Rosales


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