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Classic Mysteries

White Song Eagle, An Extraordinary Abductee Report by Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

by: Donald Worley



This is the true story of White Song Eagle who was an extraordinary abductee. She stands rejected and ignored by today's orthodox, materialistic society. Are we missing something of vital importance here in what we can learn from her experience?

White Song lived on a wooded hill west of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Under the trees was a large tepee. Actually my words are quite inadequate in bringing you a true picture of this woman who had done 30 parachute jumps due to her compulsion to fly.

I can never capture the drama, pathos, or the joy of it all so let me resort to White Song's own direct words from my taped interrogations and extensive written responses.

White Song began by explaining one of the alien groups which visited her. She said, "The blue troop can telescope their heads up and down. This happened one night when they were taking my sister Nell and I out of the house and the blue troop captain heard something."

"Everything stopped and his head rose up and down. I do not know, maybe 4 to 6 inches. Nell and I looked at each other and grinned. Later at home, we played on the floor and we pretended and tried to do it like they had. Our parents were amused at our make believe."

This was just one of many startling utterances coming from the lips of this attractive 40 year old white American female who claims Indian ancestry. In fact it all gets even more mind boggling when we get into contact with the aliens she calls the Star People, the Sasquatch people, or things such as deceased people, a Brownie, a wood sprite, blue orbs and red monitor devices.

White Song knew she was very different from everyone else and it is only recently that some of the profound mysteries about her life began to unravel. I did not try to count all her abductions because there are so many. One of the first abductions White Song recalled occurred as a child when a large craft stopped above the garage as she played in her sandbox near Huntington, Indiana. This abduction resulted in a straight deep cut into the muscle of her upper leg.

In later years, this scar would help stabilize the reality of this spring abduction in April. White Song could not recall what happened on board the craft, but does remember the haze shrouded bun-shaped UFO hovering out by the road. The reality of the experience was grounded in the physical evidence that remained behind. White Song had just settled back into her featherbed happy that Zanna her Star Lady alien whom she had met many years ago as a baby, was back again. White Song's love for Zanna and the Star People was boundless. It was an abiding, trust and faith that apparently surmounts the great difficulties that are the natural inheritance of one who encounters forces of such life changing orientation.

In the April abduction, the UFO left behind physical evidence of its presence. A short metal telephone circuit that used to stand up was smashed down. The grass turned brown and snow would immediately melt in a circular area in the spot where it hovered.

One unusual feature about this abduction was the surprise witness. It turned out a neighbor by the name of Mr. Lowery, who was recently retired and lived across the cemetery from the road site, happened to be up to go to the bathroom and was attracted by the dark low hovering oval object in the sky with lights shining down. Mr. Lowery watched the strange object for about 5 minutes and than went back to bed wondering what he had seen.

White Song described the alien visits. She said, "They would come to our farmhouse and float us down the stairs at night. Momma would not believe us and said we were just dreaming. It was real bright inside the ship you know, like operating room lights. Your eyes water and they hurt."

White Song continued. "When I was able to see clearly, I saw the big dark eyes of the aliens. They go from the inside, and it is not a reflection. It is they just sparkle from the inside out like Christmas tree lights. Then I could slowly see their heads which were white, and I was frightened and said, 'Take your masks off' but they said they were not wearing masks."

White Song said, "Then they whisked me out of my pajamas and floated my sister Nell and me up on these tables." White Song explained her younger sister Nell was usually taken to another room. She said Nell only had a vague recollection of UFO dreams but had mental difficulties at age 5, developed tremors, and was obsessed with fear the aliens were coming again, and received medical attention in the form of brainwave tests, etc.

I asked White Song if aliens spoke. She described alien speech this way. She said, "Their voices are slow and they speak telepathically. At first I tried to talk to them vocally but they did not like it and asked me to 'think to them' and I did. They told me I was a seer and they found me by my light and asked me to help them with my gift." The alien eyes were huge and beautiful according to White Song. She said they blinked funny in an unexpected way. She said, "The lower lid comes up halfway and meets the upper lid coming down. It gives them an insect or mechanical expression."

White Song described her alien friends. She said, "They are a slender people with thin wispy necks. I thought she had on white gloves until she wiggled them and I got a whiff of them - whew! It smelled like dirty feet to me." White Song said, "When they petted my long hair it stuck to their hands and pulled out. I am not sure if they wore clothes. It seems I saw a heavy felt-like material on her shoulders sometime. I think I asked Zanna to undress like they always requested of me. I do not recall her doing so."

The aliens breathed like people according to White Song. She explained, "Yes, I saw Zanna's chest go up and down in breath. But I also saw the aliens zip forward then vanish, then reappear farther on, and then do it again. I couldn't handle this and clamored to get off the table."

I asked White Song if the aliens were transparent. She responded, "No, I don't recall seeing through any of them. The blue troop I just know wears blue uniforms. Their skin is grey. Zanna and the others looked white. They have long slender three fingered hands that they held our hands with at times." "Once Zanna became excited when she found my fingernails that momma had painted red," White Song said. "I had to explain this nail polish to her."

White Song continued, "The aliens were about the same body proportion as the doctors on the ship only thinner. Most were about 4 feet tall. There were also some aliens about 6 feet tall and a frightening uncommunicative frog faced bunch that I think got me by mistake once."

White Song explained more about the table on board the UFO. She said, "I was usually on the table. I was laid down for some operations. I hesitate to say all as there is so much to remember yet. I feel they held me by their will power. As long as I cooperated I was not bothered this way, but if I could not control my fear they held me by this force." White Song said, "When I was laying down for the first operation I was out of control and their freezing my mobility traumatized me even more so I promised not to fight them. Then they released me, but when they came at me with that nose needle, or whatever it was, I just couldn't lay there and let them do it."

Later on White Song also found some alien abduction books which proved helpful in her quest for information. She said, "When I saw that face on the cover of Communion by Whitley Strieber, I swept it up in my arms like a badly needed friend and took it home to devour it. I read it and gradually, page by page, the book pricked my memory. I was excited to the bone to have some answers finally."

"Credit: Albert Rosales"

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