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New Book Reviews

Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods
The Temple of the Watchers and the Discovery of Eden
By Andrew Collins
Introduction by Graham Hancock

Bear & Company
One Park Street
Rochester,Vermont 05767
Release date: 05/01/14, 464 pages, US $24.00
ISBN-13: 978-1-59143-142-8
ISBN: 1-59143-142-5

Reviewed by: Brent Raynes

Acclaimed British author and historian Andrew Collins unearths for the readers of his Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, startling new historical evidence gained from archeological investigations of an incredible 12,000-year-old megalitchic complex located near the ancient city of Sanlurfa, in southeastern Turkey. Recognized as the oldest stone architecture known in our world, it consists of stone buildings and rings of T-shaped pillars up to 18 feet tall, built with stones weighing 10 to 15 tons, and with breathtaking carvings of people from that ice age era, as well as foxes, wolves, boars, snakes, lions, hyena, various species of birds, etc. Andrew reveals how it tells the story of a global cataclysm, the Biblical Flood itself, and how it was a map to the ancient sky-world, a sacred place of first creation revealed as a point in the star constellation of Cygnus.

In addition, Andrew takes us behind the veil of history to reveal other hidden and lost secrets from our ancient past. For example, while searching for what is known as Adam’s legendary Cave of Treasures, he figured out that the location of the Biblical Garden of Eden and the remains of the Tree of Life were in the same region where Gobekli Tepe is now being unearthed. Andrew writes that the Watchers described in the Book of Enoch and the Anunnaki gods of Sumerian tradition were those who were behind the construction of this ancient megalithic site.

This fascinating book is also loaded with amazing photographs that detail the many exciting facets and sights of this mind-boggling historic location. A must read for all people who thirst for a better understanding of our human past and origins.

The Mothman Photographer II:
Meetings with Remarkable Witnesses Touched by Paranormal Phenomena, UFOs, and the Prophecies of West Virginia’s Infamous Mothman
By: Andrew B. Colvin

Metadisc Books
The Seattle Conceptual Art Museum
Seattle, Washington
2007, 446 pages,
ISBN: 1-4196-5266-4

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

After New York’s Twin Towers came down in 2001, Seattle photographer Andy Colvin had a startling realization. As a young boy, back in 1967, a neighbor boy who talked to Andy about seeing aliens and a flying birdman told him about standing in his yard at a certain spot and seeing visions of a coming destruction, buildings blowing up, in New York City. Young Andy stood in the spot his friend suggested he stand and sure enough, he saw horrible scenes – scenes he connected, 34 years later, to 9/11! Andy’s friend would later be “treated” for his “contactee” symptoms by the same psychiatrist who treated area celebrity contactee Woody Derenberger! In addition, this psychiatrist later claimed alien contact himself! Later the young man developed the delusion that he was a vampire and actually bit someone on the neck, soon after which he and his family moved. A new family moved in and Andy became good friends with another young man there who in 1973 claimed that Mothman had grabbed him on the shoulder. Andy claims to have had two personal sightings of what he believes was Mothman while he was growing up in West Virginia.

The acclaimed Mothman chaser John Keel, best known for his book The Mothman Prophecies (made into a movie by the same name) called Andy “obsessed.” That obsession packs this spellbinding 446 page book with a vast thought-provoking range of fascinating and original new material. A transcript of an interview Andy did with John Keel is included, along with interviews with other researchers and witnesses to Mothman and other high-strangeness events and manifestations. New data and insights that you’ve probably never heard of before, that are described in this book, are some of the following: high incidence of lightning deaths in UFO prone areas; experiencers and gifted children; Mothman witnesses who seemed to have been entranced during their experiences; a ufonaut named Indrid Cold who may have been a real man (who may have piloted a real saucer?); a possible connection with MIBs and Swedes; Wandering Bishops, who may have been CIA operatives who worked under the guise of religion; possible UFO related deaths; occult groups, around the time of Mothman, who were seen conducting apparent ceremonies in the TNT area near Point Pleasant, suspected by some to be responsible for the bodies of mutilated dogs; why the author sees Mothman as a Garuda archetype instead of a dark monster, etc., etc.

This book review can only scratch the proverbial surface of this author’s very intriguing personal journey into the very deep, complex, and highly controversial mystery of Mothman. I strongly urge anyone genuinely interested in furthering their knowledge and attempting to better understand this great enigma to obtain this book and see what it reveals for them.

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