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Electronic Letters to the Editor

Hi Brent,

Reader’s Comments


We felt so touched by this honest expression of appreciation for Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings that we were moved to share it with you, for you, too, were a part of this "life changing event."

Dear Brad and Sherry,

I just finished your latest book, and I want to say Thank You for writing this. It has allowed me to come to terms with an event that happened 7 years ago and forever changed my life.

What had happened was so intense that I struggled integrating it for a long time. There have been many moments where I contemplated ending my own life. I could not bear the pain and confusion of "not feeling like me" any more. My love for my family and my belief in the Omnipresent Creator God helped me in those moments. But during several years, a doubt and fear in my mind made me very miserable, this despite the fact that I had experienced the interaction with the "17 glowing light spheres" as beautiful and positive.

You wrote the following: "These individuals were somehow invited to participate in a very personal, very subjective, extremely illuminating experience that is as intimate, as life-altering, as revelatory, as unifying as the human psyche can perceive." When I read this, the fear went away for the first time and transformed itself into a feeling of bliss and gratitude. It was like a secret password that changed my view on the most important event in my life.

In a way, it feels like you literally saved my life.

What I want to add is the need to say "I" has disappeared. There is no "I". There is only a We. And it has always been so. Whatever we know and think and create, is not of ourselves and independently, it is part of the We that is always there and "on" although we can't see it. But it is there and we can do anything we want - together with the Other.

Thank you.


- sent from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sunday, May 19, 2024