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July 2014 Mound Tour: Giant Skeletons & the Soul’s Journey to the Sky

By Dr. Greg Little & Dr. Lora Little

For some years we have conducted tours of America’s mounds for the A.R.E. While the mounds and earthworks of ancient America are truly worthy of visits on their own merit, the major reason the A.R.E. has put together tours of them is because they are mentioned in Cayce’s readings.

Edgar Cayce gave 68 readings that somehow related to ancient America’s history. Of those 68 readings, a total of 14 directly discussed the mound-building culture that was active in America from roughly 3,000 B.C. to historic times. Among Cayce’s statements about the mound builders was that the culture actually moved from the south to the north. He also related that the first true mounds were built in the south around 3,000 B.C.

At the time of the readings these ideas were considered preposterous to mainstream archaeology. Now that same chronology is accepted. A 2001 book (Mound Builders: Edgar Cayce’s Forgotten Record of Ancient America) we coauthored with John Van Auken detailed all of Cayce’s readings on ancient America and how well his readings matched what was currently accepted by archaeology and the emerging genetic research. Cayce’s readings about the ancient migrations to the America’s are startling and actually are now supported by modern archaeological research.

According to Cayce the mounds were erected as replicas of the Yucatan, Atlantis, and Gobi experiences. The mounds and earthworks were built by people migrating into the Americas in several waves beginning as long ago as 50,000-years. These waves of people entering the Americas merged with the tribes already present. Cayce related that mound building began in the southern states around 3,000 B.C.

The A.R.E. Ohio/West Virginia tour of July 8-13, 2014 will for the first time be allowed to visit mound sites that mimic the layout of the Center City of Atlantis as described by Plato some 2,400-years ago. It will also visit the largest and most extensive set of geometric earthworks in the world in Newark, Ohio. At Newark there remains a well-maintained set of earthworks that nearly defies description. A near perfect circular earthwork formed by an outer wall of earth 8- to 14 feet high encloses 20 acres. Attached to the circle is a massive octagon formed by walls of earth. The octagon encloses 50 acres. At each corner of the octagon stands a truncated earthen pyramid. It is accepted by mainstream archaeology that its function was to chart the 18.61-year cycle of the moon enabling the builders to predict eclipses. Also in Newark is a massive circular formation formed by a 14-foot high earthen wall with a 7-foot deep moat on the inside. There is one opening into the circle. On the tour we will see nearly 50 mounds.

One of the key pieces of information that we’ll be presenting on the tour is precisely what these ancient people believed about death. Incredibly, the ideas we’ll carefully explain were revealed by mainstream archaeologists only recently. Native Americans believed that we have two souls, one of which animated the physical body. The other soul is a celestial soul. At death the soul takes a journey to a watery edge of earth where it leaps into the sky. It makes the leap toward a specific constellation where it goes through a portal into the Milky Way. Then the soul travels around the Milky Way until it reaches a point in the sky where decisions are made and the soul is judged. Included in this mythology is reincarnation, soul groups, and ways for the living to make contact with the sky world. It is interesting that a lot of what is entailed in this complex belief system is similar to various aspects of the soul explained in the Cayce readings. During the tour, we’ll explain the journey of the soul in detail and visit Great Circle where we’ll conduct a Native American ceremony. Great Circle was a magic machine of earth, which was used as a way of pointing souls in the right direction and propelling them into the sky. Ceremonies will be performed at several sites along the way.

On the trip some of the new mound sites we will be visiting places where giant skeletons were reportedly excavated from mounds. There are over 1,000 old newspaper accounts of giant skeletal remains being found at mound sites, most of which come from excavations done by the Smithsonian in the 1800’s. Many writers have accused the Smithsonian of being involved in a cover-up and conspiracy. It is a fascinating story and one that has both truth and exaggeration in it. But there actually were numerous skeletons excavated from mounds indicating that the individuals who were buried ranged from 7-feet up. Where did they come from and why were these tall people so revered as to be buried in the most prominent tombs?

What we hope to do on this tour is to truly explain what these mysterious people believed, why they constructed these incredible earthen formations, and what the implications of it might be. Some of the ceremonies we’ll perform will mirror what the mound builders actually did at the sites. We’ll also explain the truth about the giant skeleton controversy. The facts of this story are actually much more interesting and intriguing than any fictional story generated to explain it. Andrew Collins and Greg are currently in the process of completing a well-illustrated book on the topic of America’s mound builders, the giant skeletons, and their beliefs about death. We plan on having it completed by the time of the tour.

The tour leaders are Dr. Greg Little, Dr. Lora Little, Brent Raynes, and Joan Raynes. Brent is the long-time Editor of Alternate Perceptions Magazine and Joan is Cherokee. For information and details of the tour go to the A.R.E. Tours website.

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