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An Interview with Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz

by: Michael E. Tymn

A Message from Editor Brent Raynes:

Some years back I attempted unsuccessfully to interest our long time friend, colleague, and former contributor to Alternate Perceptions, Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz, in doing an interview for this magazine. A psychiatrist, parapsychologist, and noted author, Dr. Schwarz wrote the two volume book UFO Dynamics, which John Keel said was a very significant and unique book that the UFO field had pretty much neglected. The good doctor was always very busy and we were always grateful for his many well-researched articles and for the good number of people he helped line up for our interview features. But as far as an interview with him, he joked and told me over the phone something like, "Wait till I pass on and really have something important to tell you!"

As I don't have my own exclusive interview available at this time for presenting in this issue, I am providing instead a link to an interview with Dr. Schwarz that another author named Michael E. Tymn managed to acquire shortly before his passing in September 2010. Let us not forget the professional and thought-provoking contributions that this kindly gentleman made for the fields of both the paranormal and ufology.

Here's the link to that interview

Thursday, June 20, 2024