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Encounters with the Unknown

Bizarre encounter, Spain, 1953. Extraterrestrials, Interdimensionals, or what?

by: Albert Rosales

Location. Vegas De Coria, Spain
Date: 1953 Time: late night
Gregorio Martin Dominguez had been transporting a load of wine through some fields and had stopped for a brief rest. Suddenly he heard some strange music and concerned hid behind some nearby trees. It sounded like different types of instruments and whatever it was appeared to be approaching his location. Seconds later several strange figures appeared next to the river. There were six to eight figures that appeared to be engaged in a frantic dance. They had very pale facial features and were wearing brilliant white clothing. Moments later the figures formed a circle and another individual dressed in the same manner and with long thin pale facial features began manipulating what appeared to have been a square panel-like device, from which music and sounds seemed to emanate. At this point bright flashing lights also reflected from the device. Nervous, Dominquez made a sudden move making a slight noise; this caused the figures to stop dead in their tracks. Scared and amazed he watched as the strange group disappeared in plain sight, to this great relief.

HC addendum
Source: Iker Jimenez “El Paraiso Maldito” (Cursed Paradise)
Type: E
Comments: Did the witness stumble upon a bizarre ritual by interdimensional beings? Could these have been travelers from the future? This would explain the bizarre device carried by one of the humanoids. (Translated by Albert S. Rosales)

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