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Electronic Letters to the Editor

Hi Brent,

Just writing to let you know how awesome your December Reality Checking article is. You've obviously had much experience with the psychic and paranormal in your life. Your experience with the third inner eye is really fascinating! It remindes me of the Vedic, Hindu, and Buddhist concept of Bindi, the decorative dot in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. As in so many cultures, it represents the third eye, which we are all believed to possess, located in the area of the sixth (spiritual) chakra. It is an important focus of meditation whose goal is the transcendence of ego (the individual self) and, ultimately, realization of oneness with all that is. You are fortunate to have first-hand awareness of the inner eye. Everything you wrote about in this article is super interesting and important. I can certainly identify with most of it. Please keep it coming! Have you considered writing another book consisting of all of the things you write about in your Reality Checking articles?

Hope so. Take care.

Mary Kerfoot, Illinois

Sunday, July 14, 2024