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Static Surface—Energy Releases

by: Stan Morrison

In a recent article in Perceptions, I explored the various causes for “distortions” in the appearances of certain apparitions or specters. It was theorized that there are a number of reasons - both internal and external – why a distortion factor is present.

Examined here will be an inherently internal (and ultimately external) reason for a number of ghostic phenomena.

The first case referred to is the now ultra-famous case of West Virginia’s “Mothman.” Let’s take for granted Keel’s conclusion in The Mothman Prophecies (1975) that the winged entity from the middle sixties was paranormal in nature.

Has anyone ever been in a crowded room so thick with nervous tension and strain that it felt as if one could’ve sliced the air with a knife? I wonder if there was this kind of nervous energy in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in the months leading up to the collapse of the Silvery Bridge in 1967?

In any event, Keel points out that the strange creature was described as humanoid and very tall, and possessing bird or bat-like wings. Keel notes, however, that this is not the only strange thing about the entity. From his investigations and many interviews, he notes that the size of the wings in proportion to the “being” were not suitable for flight. Yet Mothman was observed flying or gliding for long distances a number of times.

Because of a number of aspects to Mothman not adding up to being a natural phenomenon, Keel concluded the entity was probably like many other similar creatures—paranormal in nature. What can Mothman and other strange specters reveal to us in regards to their composition or manifestation type? We do know that Mothman seemed material and solid most of the time.

Still, and as with many such strange creatures, a physical specimen proving their fixed, physical reality was never recovered or obtained. Mothman’s behavior was typical and seemed most of the time to be a repetitious routine. Keel mentioned how it liked to chase cars and scare couples parked at lover’s lanes. This behavior or mindless habit is not uncommon with many strange creatures, especially the humanoid types. Also, it is extremely common in the literature for many ghosts to display the same or similar mindless behavior. Such as appearing at certain times, doing certain things. If one is suspecting that I’m going to speculate that living persons are responsible for such entities (projecting while alive), then one is incorrect. I would suggest, however, that a major release of “State Surface-Energy” (1) upon the expiration of persons in the area, is a much better theory. The expirations could have happened many, many years before Mothman arrived on the scene, or was noticed at the locality. Keel did note that that area was known to be haunted, even by the American Indians who had long inhabited it. Perhaps a collective expiration or massive deaths (though not necessarily a mass expiration) discharged a huge “Static Surface-Energy” complex that is responsible for our haunted region, and Mothman. If Keel is right, it could be responsible for area UFOs to bizarre Men-In-Black experiences. This would be a type of energy release in the form of a “tulpa,” and maybe explain some apparitions of living persons.

What could have annihilated that many people at once? Keel intuitively points that whoever made all of the earthen mounds in the area seemed to have just up and left. Perhaps the above is a mere rhetorical question though. Mass expirations in history are a fact, even if we don’t know all of the answers.

On a microcosmic scale a single expiration in a single house could produce a chronic ghost or maybe, in some instances, RSPK. This would all be due to Static Surface-Energy; a completely unconscious force once expelled by a living being. What determines the characteristics of the discharge would be the person who expelled it.

In Distorted Apparitions, I recounted my experience with the “hag.” I suppose that entity could have once been surface tension belonging to an individual that, upon death, released the thought form as Static Surface-Energy, now centralized in that condo or area.

How could this be different from the standard psychic projection, or release upon death of the spirit of an individual? “Psychic projection” is somewhat precise and accurate. But in the case of Static Surface-Energy the source is due to nervous tension and physical strain. It is that which is discharged, not overly complex psychological baggage. It is not the release upon death of the soul either. This, too, is for the reasons stated above.

Static Surface-Energy Releases are not dead people, nor are they a substantial part of a living person. Such energy is simply a type of waste product, analogous to perspiration during a severe fever. Perhaps if paranormal encounters of this type are understood, we will better understand other types which are due to external, originally independent intelligences and entities.

(1) “Static Surface-Energy Discharge” is a term I use for possible manifestations that are literally due to an “energy body” that theoretically exists on the biological surface (skin) of human beings and other life forms. It is a mindless energy construct formed mostly by the mind and the skin’s surface tension. The surface tension forms the shape of the static energy body while the mind creates the nuances of the shape’s character. It perhaps can be projected while alive or discharged at death. Before or after an expiration, the self-concept could have a lot to do with the shape of the character of the Static Surface-Energy Release.

Wednesday, December 06, 2023