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Electronic Letters to the Editor

Brother Brent:

We were just looking up your website to post on Jeff's website when we spotted your review of Real Encounters.
It is a fantastic, brilliant, perceptive, and excellent review! Most importantly to us, thanks for "getting it." Brother, you got us, you really got us!
Big hugs from both of us,

Brad and Sherry Steiger, Iowa


Hi, Brent,
Thanks for the August AP issue. I love the new look of your website - the beautiful, multi-dimensional wave and new organization! Thanks, too, for adding my comments in the Letters-to-the-Editor section. I really enjoyed the article by Lyn Halper, especially the incident where Safwat (and suitcase) came crashing into Alex's apartment. Reminds me of what Uri Geller related in his book "My Story" where he was teleported in minutes from his location, as I recall, in downtown Manhattan to Andrija Puharich's house in a New York suburb (I think). Uri reported that one minute he was trying to catch transportation to see Puharich and the next minute he was crashing into the bushes in front of Puharich's house.

Mary Kerfoot, Illinois


Talking of ghost experiences

A week ago our sector police vehicle came to visit to see if everything was fine.
I always greet the officers. I saw 3 officers in the vehicle. Female officers are usually shy or new, so I did not worry that the female officer in the back of the vehicle did not greet me, although she was leaning forward and using the drivers seat as a head rest.

I spoke to them, including her in the conversation, and before they left, I decided to give them a gift for their sensitivity and concern. I have a bi-enzyme cleaner so went inside and got 3 bottles. When I got to the vehicle and handed each a bottle the woman was not there. So I asked them where is the lady, has she stepped out of the vehicle. They said they were alone in the car. I said don't joke, there was a lady, and here is her bottle of cleaner.
They put the vehicle light on to show me there was no one in the van.
They left looking a little puzzled, probably thinking I was senile or something. Hahhaha. But I saw a person in the back seat dressed in a female police uniform. I cannot take it further with them as many are very superstitious but I did ask the Brigadier, but we have not heard any stories - yet!!
This happened at my home around 11pm at night so was under my trees and the vehicles are always dark inside. They are the big 4x4 cabs with a holding unit at the back.
If it was not for the fact I took 3 bottles outside I would have dismissed it as fantasy.

Gavin Tonks
Johannesburg, South Africa
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2023