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Classic Mysteries

UFO injury cases and death on the Island of Colares, Brazil, 1977 and the close encounter of Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho de Oliveira

by: Brent Raynes



Both writer-researchers Bob Pratt and Dr. Jacques Vallee interviewed Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho de Oliveira who had been practicing medicine on the Brazilian island of Colares, near the mouth of the Amazon, during the dramatic UFO wave of 1977. Initially the doctor was skeptical as patients came to her with stories of being attacked by mysterious lights, figuring that their complaints were likely related to their superstitions over what they called the “chupas,” a mysterious presence that allegedly steals ones energy and blood, a belief she at first figured was connected with their ideas related to local sorcery. However, each day brought in a new patient with similar complaints and wounds, and so she began to take a more serious look at what was being reported. In Vallee’s account he refers to how Dr. Carvalho had seen no fewer than 35 patients, between the ages of 18 and 50. All of them told the same story. A beam of white light, about 3 inches in diameter, hit them unexpectedly while they were resting in a hammock. Though the beam reportedly felt “almost as hot as a cigarette burn,” the patients described being immobilized. They would open their mouths to cry out, but no sound would come out. After a few minutes the beam would gradually retract and disappear from view. The beam always struck the neck and torso regions of the body. From Bob Pratt we learn that Dr. Carvalho indeed treated some 40 people, mostly adults, who reported UFO-related injuries. Pratt included a partial transcript of his interview with Dr. Carvalho in his book UFO DANGER ZONE where we read that the burns resembled sunburns, usually near the face, throat, and chest, and often covered an area almost as large as a soccer ball, some 10 to 20 centimeters. In the center of these burns appeared two small puncture wounds. The reddened skin would peel and then heal quickly also. In fact, more so, the doctor noted, than normal burns typically heal.

Vallee described the symptoms of Dr. Carvalho’s patients as physical weakness, some barely about to walk, as well as dizziness, headaches, numbness, trembling, pallid complexion, low arterial pressure, and anemia, with low hemoglobin levels. He also described “two puncture marks” that would appear inside an area of red circles, resembling mosquito bites. They would be hard to the touch. However, he described how the reddened skin would gradually blacken, and how the hair in the blackened area of skin would fall out and did not regrow, suggesting that the hair follicles had been destroyed. Though Dr. Carvalho admitted she didn’t have access at the time to a sophisticated lab, she was able to determine that a drop had occurred in the red blood cell levels of her patients, who she kept under observation for 4 to 5 days on average. Usually, after 7 days they had returned to normal, except in the case of a frightened woman back in September 1977, who had died some eight hours after being treated by Dr. Carvalho for a large burn on her chest. This patient died of a heart attack, which the doctor felt could have been brought on by her disturbing experience. Also about a month later there had been a fisherman, in his early thirties, who died the same day he was burned. Dr. Carvalho had spoken with him only a couple hours before he passed away. The doctor added that the Brazilian Air Force did not allow an autopsy on his body.

Dr. Carvalho described to both Pratt and Vallee her own UFO close encounter that happened in November 1977. It took place about 6 p.m. She was mesmerized by it, and described how beautiful it had been. People yelled at her to run away and her secretary fainted. But Dr. Carvalho just walked down the street watching the object for over ten minutes as it seemed to dance in the sky going in circles, at one point an estimated 40 meters from her. She described it as metallic and cylindrical in shape. She added that the Air Force had told the people on the island not to talk about their sightings.


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