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An Interview with Nabil Shaban

British Actor who played Sil on BBC’s Doctor Who shares his innermost thoughts and experiences pertaining to UFOs and the Paranormal.
He also explores his thoughts on government secrecy, the alien agenda, the advanced psychic skills of the ufonauts, possible clues from ancient texts, folklore and traditions, the Djinn, shape-shifters, werewolves, (he even recounts an encounter that his brother had with a half wolf, half woman in the Jordanian desert), along with lots of other high-strangeness details.
(Part 3)

by: Brent Raynes

NABIL SHABAN is a Jordanian born British actor and writer. He founded The Graeae, which is a theater group which promotes performers with disabilities. He has a son named Zenyel.
Nabil was, in the late seventies, a student at the University of Surrey and contributed to the Students' Union newspaper “Bare Facts." One of his most memorable television roles was that of the vile reptilian alien Sil in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. He played Sil in two serials: Vengeance on Varos (1985) and Mindwarp (1986). He has also appeared in several films, including Born of Fire (1983), City of Joy (1992), Derek Jarman's Wittgenstein (1993), Gaias børn (1998), and Children of Men (2006), and has also worked as part of the Crass Collective. In 2011, he played the Roman emperor Constantius II at the National Theater in Ibsen's Emperor and Galilean.
Nabil has books, films and music for sale at: www.sirius-pictures.co.uk.
See his videos on: YouTube
Also on Vimeo which contains his videos that YouTube has banned.
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Brent Raynes: Many experiencers seem to be undergoing profound and unusual altered states of consciousness during their encounter events. Sometimes there are periods of "missing time" wherein they can't consciously account for what exactly transpired during certain periods of time during their experiences. A higher than average number of abductees, for example, seem to be prone to deep hypnotic trance states than the average cross section of the population. Why? Nabil Shaban: Probably because they had already been subjected to deep hypnosis by the beings during the encounters. Once the mind has undergone trance states (induced by Masters of this procedure), then it remains sensitive or prone to hypnotic persuasion or suggestion.

Brent Raynes: I feel that this is an area that is of interest to you as well, and that you're intrigued too by some of the deep psychodynamic aspects of this enigma, and how shamans did and do what they have done, and that you too are probably interested in their methods and experiences, and even their journey's using hallucinogens - which I have watched a video you did a few years back wherein you had ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms.

So I am guessing that these mental/psychic realms of high-strangeness are of immense interest to you as well and I'd love to know your own thoughts and personal take on all of this.

Nabil Shaban: When I was a psychology undergraduate at a university in the late 1970s, I began to question the orthodox view that hallucinations were sensory perceptions of things that were not real, that they were the products of a diseased or dysfunctional brain, that the stimuli or source of the apparent effect was internal and not external. When I was arriving at these conclusions, I had not read anything by Timothy Leary, though I knew a little about him; neither had I, at the time, ingested hallucinogens…but I was studying Asian Indian philosophy and religions, and studied yogic practices and meditation, had read Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception”, and “Heaven and Hell”, knew about the teachings of Don Juan, as described by Castenada, and was very interested in dreams, hypnosis and other altered states of consciousness.

My ideas about hallucinations began with thinking about the nature of mirages. What are mirages but reflections, due to atmospheric bending of light, of something real beyond the horizon or out of line of sight. What the mechanism of mirage presents to the perceiver still exists, it has an external reality. It just isn’t where the perceiver or experiencer thinks it is. The real oasis or city is merely “visually” dislocated, which makes the illusion no different to hearing a transmitted voice live on a telephone or radio, or seeing live images via a telescope, microscope or on a TV / computer screen, etc., via live transmission / broadcast from cameras or webcams. What we see on live TV has an external reality but we normally don’t mistake the content to be physically present in the sitting room with us but to be located somewhere else. What if hallucinations were similar to mirages or broadcasts but fine-tuned to be picked up by a solo receiver (or in some special circumstances, selected multiple receivers)? What if psychologists and psychiatrists are mistaken in claiming that hallucinations do not have a physical reality exterior to the experiencer? Also I was inspired into thinking unconventionally about hallucinations by Plato’s allegory of the Cave, where shadows projected on the cave wall, by an exterior source were misconstrued by the cave dwellers, who never ventured outside, to be the real thing. In truth, the shadows were imperfect representations of the perfect forms which were obscured from view by the confinement of the cave walls. At the same time, I had been reading an article in a certain edition of a Nursing magazine about old age pensioners who were allegedly experiencing and being entertained by hallucinations of gambolling playful kittens or circus clowns, and I got to thinking how do we know that these kittens or clowns or other so-called figments of the imagination are not real on a different dimension, only perceivable by minds altered by the aging process. Just because we are not seeing these entities, it doesn’t mean they do not have a self-contained independent existence separate from the perceivers. It is just that we do not happen to be adequately tuned into the same wavelengths necessary for the perception of these normally undetected - unsensed entities to take place. I decided that so-called demented or damaged or impaired neural connections were not creating perceptions of non-existent entities or environments but that the altered condition of the brain lowered the barriers, removed the normal filtering system designed to limit superfluous external stimuli bombardment of the senses, or opened doors and windows of perception that are otherwise closed. If I was working in an old folks home, and some residents were describing interactions and communications with entities unseen by me or other persons, I would not treat these individuals as if they were ill or deranged. If they were happy with what we claim to be hallucinations, and were not distressed or moved to disruptive or anti-social behaviour, then I would encourage their belief that the voices or visions were real, and use their experiences as part of therapy for coming to terms with the aging process or approach to death. I think it is quite likely that as we near death (though I also think this applies to sleep and dreaming), the boundary between the physical environment and the spiritual dimension begins to thin, and becomes transparent.

Just as there are more to “hallucinations” than psychologists and psychiatrists realize, there is more to dreams and dreaming than most people in the modern western world realize. Aboriginal and native peoples understand the true nature and value of dreams but as the Aborigine character (played by Gulpil) in Peter Weir’s movie “The Last Wave” (1978) points out to the so-called sophisticated white middle class lawyer (played by Richard Chamberlain) “You white people are in big trouble. You have forgotten your dreams”, to which the lawyer asks “But what are dreams?” (he had been receiving disturbing dreams that seemed premonitionary). “Dreams are shadows of something real,” answers the young Aborigine. His reply reminded me immediately of Plato’s allegory of the Cave. I have found that there are different types of dreams. There is, of course, the dream which is a kind of regurgitated seemingly haphazard illogical playback of recorded events, sensations, images, experiences and anxieties of the day or week…the stuff for Freudian analysis.

Then there are the dreams which are the product of a creative subconscious which likes to entertain and tease the sleeper. Such dreaming can be seen as mental exercises, aimed to keep the sleeper’s brain alive and active.

However, there are also dreams which are doorways or portals into another separate layer of consciousness, a different reality or dimension. These realms, which are accessible through dreaming, are also I suspect the same as those one can reach through meditation, hypnotic trance, Shamanic rituals, and “hallucinogenic” or mind-expanding substances. These kinds of dreams are a form of travelling or “seeing”, and enable visitations to the past or to the future; or visits in the present, but experiencing different locations, and/or different bodies. This can be loosely described as “Shamanic Dreaming”. It is psychic. Clairvoyant. Predictive. Astral travelling. Shape-shifting, where the sleeper literally enters the physical bodies of other people or animals, and passively looks through their eyes, and hears through their ears. And I have a suspicion that some of this type of dreaming exposes the sleeper to other non-human entities, who are probably responsible for the UFOs that are encountered during the waking state. These entities have always exploited our dream states to gain access to us. They are probably Jung’s Archetypes, the ancient gods and goddesses, the angels and demons, the faeries and the extra-terrestrials. It is thought by many shamans, occultists, mystics, mediums, that the dream intruders and manipulators are Teachers, and that dreams provide entry to a cosmic night-school. There is nothing illogical or irrational or unreasonable or insane about the content of dreams. They only appear so to the waking four-dimensional consciousness because most of us have lost touch with the code-book, the teaching manual. What the old geriatric, supposedly senile or demented, in the old folks’ nursing home, experiences as alleged hallucinations, is similar to what we experience when having dreams while sleeping. The content of hallucinations of the “mentally-ill”, and dreams have their origin in external forces that are also controlling the UFO phenomena. These same forces may well be responsible for projecting and manipulating other ghostly and ephemeral apparitions. I also think it is not all just one way. At the heart of the universe, we are all made of the same stuff as those intelligences which appear to monopolize the “magical” reality. We all have the same powers, every living organism, but for whatever reason, most of us don’t realise it, or are afraid of it, or have been prevented from remembering what we are capable of. If the many are ignorant and unaware, it is because they as souls are still children, and are doing detention or having to re-sit their exams. But there are still many who perhaps stumble upon these extra-ordinary powers, and have sporadic telepathic / ESP skills or occasionally are able to bi-locate or remote view, or commune directly with higher beings.

What I have noticed is that many dreams are similar to the descriptions of the experiences of victims of “alien” / UFO abductions, even if there are no memories of actual waking physical encounters with flying saucers and the like. This suggests to me that millions of people every night are being abducted by entities while sleeping, and having things done to them and things told to them. This begs the question that if extra-terrestrials or whatever these entities be, can easily abduct people’s consciousness while sleeping, then why go through the bother of physically taking people when fully awake, and removing them to a tangible flying craft? I suspect that the two methods of “abduction” are seeking very different results. One is possibly aiming at a private personal effect, while the other is for public consumption. I sometimes wonder if these extra-terrestrials or daemons (to use the ancient Greek idea) who visit us in our nocturnal dreams or hypnagogic state, are like garage mechanics who carry out maintenance work on our astral bodies while we sleep.

Brent Raynes: What is your own personal pet theory regarding UFOs?

Nabil Shaban: Pet theory regarding UFOs? I prefer not to have one, because it endangers one to close one’s mind to other options. With such insufficient and scientifically verified data regarding the phenomena, it is wise to keep an open mind. What I do have are a number of suspicions or thoughts or suggestions as to what UFOs are but I cannot claim any of them to be true because that would be identifying the strange flying objects and so contradict the term Unidentified Flying Objects. First, we have to consider what we definitely know about UFOs (at least, those of us who have been privileged to witness them in our skies).

We know they are objects that appear to be solid, and fly in a controlled, intelligent, purposeful manner. We also know we cannot identify them, because we are pretty convinced that we know what they ARE NOT.

We know they are not birds, insects, atmospheric / meteorological effects / phenomena, known aircraft or spacecraft constructed and piloted by human agency (robotic, manned or remote), meteors, fireballs, planets, hallucinations or illusory products of a malfunctioning brain or wishful thinking (irrespective of what debunkers try to argue).

We know from observing the behaviour of UFOs that they have abilities, capabilities, far in advance of what we humans have achieved with our technologies….and are always several or more steps ahead of us.

We also know from some observations that UFOs are not simply “nuts and bolts” machines made of solid inflexible matter. I would suggest that UFOs have a shape-shifting technology, which allows the flying object’s molecular / atomic structures to disintegrate and re-organise into new configurations. This ability will have one effect of passing through apparent solid walls. Also UFOs will be able to disguise themselves as objects conventional to humans whether known aircraft or clouds. I also suspect this ability allows for such dissipation of form or structure that the UFO can appear invisible or undetectable. It is also possible that UFOs have the ability to alter their rate of vibration so that they exist at wavelengths that are both beyond the range of human sense organs and human mechanical / electronic instruments.

We know that the authorities are powerless against most of the UFOs incursions into sovereign airspace, though, in the beginning, the US military may have been successful in “downing” a UFO or two, such as around Roswell in 1947, but if so, this may have been a fluke because the Ufonauts were not prepared for an aggressive response from “primitive” humans. Generally, though, military and police witnesses have reported that we have no material defences against the UFOs, that they can and do interfere with electrical power generating plants, and nuclear missile installations. As a consequence, our governments and scientists are fearful of admitting to the public that the authorities are incapable of protecting the population against UFOs in the event of them becoming hostile, and so prefer to “stick their collective heads in the sand”, and refuse to tell the truth about the existence of alien visitors. Shakespeare has an expression in his play, HAMLET, “the lady doth protest too much” – meaning the excessive noise of complaint is evidence of hiding a guilty secret. This easily describes the seemingly irrational behaviour of governments and scientists who vociferously deny the global evidence for “off-world craft” (Hal McKenzie’s ‘say it as it is’ term for UFOs).

We know from witnesses that humanoid-type entities are associated with UFOs, and are frequently referred to as “extra-terrestrials” or “aliens” though we have no scientific evidence that these beings are from another planet either from within our Solar System or beyond. However, some witnesses who claim to have conversed with the entities associated with the UFOs, report that the “Ufonauts” themselves explain that they are not from Earth but originate from a different planet. We know that these unknown non-terrestrial flying craft have physical effects on the environment, and on objects that are within certain proximities, that UFOs can interfere with mechanical and electrical systems, and can cause biological and psychic changes either positive or negative (such negative effects include apparent radiation burns on humans, and mutilation and death of animals. I am not aware of mutilation and deaths of humans associated with close encounters with UFOs, but it is possible that the many “missing persons” around the world, who are never seen again, could be victims of ET abduction, mutilation / experimentation and disposal agenda).

We also have reports from witnesses of Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind, that the “Ufonauts” endeavour to present themselves as benign, and have an urgent message to impart to the chosen human representatives that the human race is not only endangering their own species but the entire planet, and that a radical shift in consciousness resulting in benevolent and responsible change in behaviour / actions on a global scale is necessary to avert planetary catastrophe. We get the impression from reports by contactees / abductees that the “Ufonauts” are alien scientists who are pursuing ongoing research into humans, with biological examinations, medical experimentations and sexuality investigations. The “Ufonauts” may also be studying us from anthropological, zoological, sociological, and psychological perspectives. It is possible that the entire planet is one big laboratory created by highly evolved entities of a non-earthly origin, and that we are part of a longitudinal study that is of, perhaps, millions of years’ duration.

We also get the impression from reports by contactees / abductees that the “Ufonauts” want us to believe that “they” are Saviours of the human race, which brings us to the question of UFOs and religion. If UFOs and their occupants have been visiting our world since the dawn of human civilisations, then have they been the engineers of the various religious systems of Man? Now we have moved on from what we think we know about UFOs to what we can speculate.

We know that humans have been reporting strange flying objects and strange entities long before the Flying Saucer Age was officially inaugurated by Kenneth Arnold’s report in 1947. We know from pre-1940s reports that the flying saucer image was not invented by comic strip artists, journalists, science fiction writers and Hollywood. Descriptions of “flying discs”, “flying shields”, “flying wheels”, orbs etc. pre-date Christianity.

We know that reported descriptions of creatures associated with the strange flying vehicles have been fairly consistent with two types dominating, the pygmy-sized (between 3 to 4 foot in height) entity with large egg-shaped head, and the taller Nordic humanoid, often seen together with the smaller ones. In pre-Space Age times, these descriptions would be associated with fairies, elves, goblins, demons and angels. Some reports describe either reptilian or insectoid (e.g. preying mantis imagery) types. What we do not know is whether any of these reported appearances represent what the Ufonauts really look like. Are they masking disguises projected by the entities to protect their own identities, or to protect the perceiver from the possible horror and disgust at their true form. It could equally be that the controllers of the craft are by nature formless, some kind of gaseous element but has the ability to stimulate the visual recognition centres of the brain so that they can be “experienced” in the least threatening form, which explain the predominantly child size appearances. If this is true, then, in a sense, we could describe the UFO occupants as “shape-shifters”, either as projections or through physical metamorphosis. If I suspect that the actual flying craft have the means to be shape-shifting, then it is not difficult for me to suspect the extra-terrestrials to have similar abilities. Given that there are traditions among some Native American tribes that wolves originally came to Earth as Teachers from Sirius, and that wolves, in general, have been associated with UFOs, particularly by such writers as Whitley Strieber who has noted that wolf image often serves a cover for alien encounter, I suggest that the extra-terrestrial shape-shifter is responsible for the many werewolf legends, and other were-creatures found in different cultures around the world, such as were-leopards in Africa, or were-jaguars in South America. I have often wondered why humans have such irrational pathological hatred and fear of wolves to the extent that Man is always seeking excuses to exterminate these beautiful shy animals. Is it because we have a race memory that among the terrestrial wolves lurk shape-shifting extra-terrestrials in the form of werewolves. I recently learned that werewolves are not terrors of the bygone days, but continue to exist today. One of my brothers together with a couple of his soldier friends claims to have seen a creature that was half wolf and half woman in the Jordanian desert. In Arabic culture these fearsome hybrids are called “Gula”, and are human flesh-eaters (I wonder if the word “ghoul” has its origin in the Gula). My brother also claims he and his pals attempted to shoot the werewolf, when she was raiding the kitchen of the isolated hunting shack they were staying in. The Arab culture is still full of these tales of shape-shifting spirits, often they considered to be Djinn who will change into hyenas in order to lure humans and devour them. Again I wonder if Djinns, which in Islamic belief represents semi-demonic creations of Iblis/Shaitan, the angel who fell to Earth, cast out of Paradise by Allah, are the same extra-terrestrials who pose as fairies, elves, demons etc. described in Western folklore. I also suspect that vampires, incubi, succubi are old names for the same “bedroom invaders” of the modern era who uninvited haunt, torment or abduct human targets.

The strange UFO phenomena is global. Throughout history and in every culture strange flying objects and entities have been reported. I suspect most if not all religious beliefs have their foundation in contact between humans and "Sky-People" or extra-terrestrials. For example, Moses got his tablets and Mohammed his Koran, and Joseph Smith his book of Mormon from some ET, calling himself Gabriel or Moroni or whatever.

While encounters are probably as old as human civilisation, I suspect they have massively increased in frequency since the Second World War, and have been focused on those countries perceived as the most dangerous as far as intergalactic relations are concerned, specifically countries like the USA, Russia, the UK, France, China - who all have nuclear weapons and space technology, hence the US and the UK etc. will inevitably have the highest number of reported sightings because we are the countries the extra-terrestrials need to monitor. It appears that flying saucers were making their presence known in bigger numbers since the detonation of atomic devices, and the nuclear bombing of Japan, and the explosions of hydrogen bombs. A hydrogen bomb can create temperatures in a range that is 6,300 times hotter than the surface of the sun. If our SETI people were to detect such an explosion from an earth-like planet, it would be the best tell-tale sign of a technologically advanced civilization had come of nuclear age, and we would put all our resources into discovering more about the planet, and attempt a mission to that world. Equally, this must have caused any number of ETs, maybe from many different star systems to zone in on Earth, thinking "What the fuck are these intelligent but nasty apes up to now? Where did they get such dangerous toys from? And do we need to quarantine the planet from the rest of the interstellar races?"

This may be the response of some extra-terrestrial races that had not paid too much attention to life on Earth. Others may have been expecting this development from us, if they had been following human progress from the beginning of our creation. I say creation, because I think it entirely plausible that Homo Sapiens are the product of extra-terrestrial genetic bio-engineering. That we humans are a hybrid species, part ape - part alien, may account for our constant yearning from time immemorial to leave Earth, and head for the skies, why Paradise (and therefore Home) is above us, that our Creators come from the Heavens, and that our destiny is to join them. I have a lot of sympathy for the Ancient Astronaut theory, which I first came across in the late 1960s when I read Erich von Daniken’s book “Chariots of the Gods”. I don’t necessarily think all the structures and artefacts put forward as evidence for the theory, are 100% reliable or correct but I think the myths, legends, folklore and religious “fairy tales” of Sumeria, the Bible, the Dogon tribes, China, Oceania, the Celts, the Hindus, etc. may have their roots in “hybridization” encounters of “Sons of Heaven” and “Daughters of Earth”, and that regular visitations from our “Sky-Parents”, with implanting of thoughts, ideas, skills (Arthur C. Clarke illustrates this notion wonderfully in his science fiction “2001: Space Odyssey”) nurtures our development until as a species we are ready to join the Intergalactic Community of Super-Intelligences. Most religions touch on similar themes, anyway. Because of contrary and seemingly conflicting theories regarding extra-terrestrials in our midst, it is not surprising that some Ufologists suspect that there may be different species / races of aliens, and that they may be fighting each other for possession of us, humans…like angels and devils, the forces of darkness and light, those with our best interests at heart, and those who seek to exploit us for their own ends, in much the same way Capitalist American Empire, and Communist Russian Empire fought against each other, by proxy, during the Cold War for the souls of Europeans and the Third World people. Although, in the example of the Cold War, it is not entirely clear who were the Good Guys and who were the Bad Guys – the CIA or KGB? And maybe, if there is an ongoing intergalactic conflict between competing alien races for mastery or colonisation of planet Earth, the situation will not be black and white, only shades of Greys. I have even speculated that just as rival empire builders in human history, will operate along the lines of divide and rule (for example, the colonization of the North America, the French, British, Spanish and white Americans will encourage Native tribal enmities, adopting and supporting the enemies of different factions, with the ultimate goal of taking possession of all the territories belonging to the indigenous populations, so the rival intergalactic imperialists have been and continue to be dividing and ruling us Homo Sapiens, taking sides with different governments. I can easily imagine that one faction of alien had during the so-called Cold War the US empire in their pocket, while the Soviet empire were collaborating with another faction of “Flying Saucerers”. Today, with the collapse of the Russian Communist bloc, the rival aliens may have shifted their alliances to China and/or Islamic ambitions. Perhaps, we, humans, are just pawns in a Great Game being perpetually played by Intergalactic Super Powers. However, most of us ordinary citizens are in the realm of conjecture and speculation, though the covert permanent government of America, (and its subsidiaries in Europe and elsewhere) may know more of the truth, but what else do we know from observations of the UFOs?

Well, we know that UFOs can easily switch from aerial mobile craft to submersible vessels, and vice versa. It has been witnessed that the UFOs as USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects) are as versatile, dexterous and elusive aquatically as they are in the heavens. In fact, UFOs are commonly sighted around stretches of water such as lakes and reservoirs. If I am examining an account of a UFO, I will always look up the object’s reported location on Google Earth, to see whether there are reservoirs, rivers, lakes etc. within its close proximity, and there always is. Interestingly, ancient Hebrew folklore asserts that demons are attracted to water. One wonders what the ancients were seeing, the glowing balls of light, and other mysterious flying craft, apparitions that they were interpreting as demons. The fact that flying saucers are seen diving in and out of watery depths, has led many Ufologists to suggest that the extra-terrestrials have underwater bases either at the bottom of lakes, lochs, lagoons, reservoirs, or of the oceans. This makes sense to me, when we consider that our world is at least twice more water than earth, most of which is out of our reach, unknown territories, and inhospitable for land creatures such as us, and therefore a good hiding place for them, where they can remain undetected. Also many “Star People” or Sky God traditions such as the Sumerians describe them as part amphibious or aquatic. Perhaps this is the origin of the Mermaids and Meremen, and Silkies and Sea Monster stories. I also imagine the dolphins and other highly intelligent aquatic mammals know about the alien sea bases, and perhaps understand the alien language and are in regular communication with them. It might even be, along with my idea that werewolves, etc. are nothing more than shape-shifting E.Ts, that some dolphins are weredolphins, i.e. alien shape-shifters who have certain underwater projects that require Delphic disguises. It is also possible that the underwater alien bases are little more than space-time portals, so even if humans were to locate the source of UFO activity in say the Bermuda Triangle or Japan’s Devil’s (or Dragon’s) Sea, or Lake Titicaca or Loch Ness or Australia’s Bass Straits or Ireland’s Lough Key or Russia’s Lake Baikal or Puerto Rico’s Laguna Cartagena, it is unlikely informative structures will be found. For example, it is rumoured that back in 1987, May 31st, the US Navy attempted to blow up what they believed to be a UFO base at the bottom of Laguna Cartagena, which caused earth tremors for miles around, but this attempt failed to stop the UFO activity frequently observed by hundreds of local inhabitants. As a consequence of this failure, the US military agencies decided to acquire a lease to the area, rendering it Federal jurisdiction, keeping unwanted and unauthorized witnesses out, so that the American covert UFO investigation agency can observe the comings and goings of the extra-terrestrials without hindrance.

Another fact regarding the UFOs is that they are often observed simultaneously with electrical power failures affecting whole communities. The craft or strange lights will be seen flying in the area of the electric power plants. Usually no malfunction is discovered by the electrical engineers which would account for the widespread blackouts, although it is noticed that electrical current is still be generated, but is not reaching the consumers. In other words, the meters at the electricity plant continued to show, throughout the blackout, that energy was being consumed, even when the power was “off”. This suggests that the UFOs are somehow draining the electrical resource, which in turn suggests that the flying objects have a particular need for, maybe, the “flow” or oscillating movements of electrons. This may be confirmed by the fact that UFOs are frequently observed following electric power lines, as well as the more natural tracks of power known in the West as “Ley lines”, and sometimes known in the East as “Dragon lines”. Presumably, the Chinese describing the observed UFO recurring flight-paths as Dragon lines is a consequence of the ancients interpreting the mysterious illuminated, “fiery” flying objects as dragons, which may also explain why the dragon myth is so universal. The ancient peoples around the world had been encountering flying flaming orbs. Of course, meteors and comets may also have contributed to the widespread dragon legends, especially in combination with accidental discoveries of dinosaur fossils, which could have helped shape these unearthly flying creatures, in the imaginative minds of witnesses of “dragons”.

One question that has arisen from my studies of the UFO mystery, and something I had observed from my own encounters is, are UFOs only flying around under good weather conditions, i.e. when there is no rain and excessive wind? It seems to me that the vast majority of sightings of these “off-world” flying vehicles occur when the weather is generally fine. Is this because reports of UFOs have generally arisen from witnesses who happen to be outdoors when it isn’t raining? Or is that UFOs are in some way “fair weather creatures”? In other words, that these craft cannot operate so effectively under conditions of heavy wind and/or rain? Then, I read a report which seemed to answer my question – an academic who had witnessed a UFO, stated that before the strange flying craft appeared it was raining but immediately stopped on the craft’s arrival, but as soon as the object finally departed, the rain recommenced just as suddenly, and much more heavily. This observation leads me to speculate that UFOs can somehow control the weather, and are able to turn off and on rain falling for the convenience of their flight.

What other incidents have been observed in association with the presence of these unknown flying machines / apparitions, apart from electrical and motor interference? Crop circles / pictograms, and cases of bizarre mutilations of animals. When I first heard about the mysterious crop circle phenomenon, and saw aerial photographs of the extraordinary complex enigmatic designs, I thought they were, possibly, the product of either one of two causes;

1. Laser or pulse beam technology on board US military satellites, and that NASA / Pentagon operators were having fun, practicing and testing their remote precision skills. I thought it entirely plausible that cereal-glyphs were being drawn by human hoaxers employing man-made spacecraft orbiting the earth. However, I didn’t consider it plausible that the sophisticated and intricate crop circles were created by ground-based human hoaxers. Crude unimaginative ones, yes, very possible. 2. Extra-terrestrials had embarked on a worldwide campaign of providing physical evidence of their existence. In other words, ET was leaving messages to intrigue and possibly entertain us, to provoke us to move onto a higher state of consciousness.

When I subsequently read reports that UFOs had been witnessed in the vicinity and time of many crop circles, and had even been observed bending the crops to create the designs (I had even seen a video which appeared to show flying and hovering orbs of light seemingly influencing upstanding grasses to droop), I concluded that the second of my conjectures was probably correct, namely, that ET was attempting to publicly communicate to us.

One thing I have learnt from studying the UFO and ET encounters, is that the intelligence behind the phenomena is not interested in spoon-feeding us, they are refusing to hand everything over to us humans on a plate (or saucer!!!). Whatever we are given, our brain cells, our intelligence, our understanding, must be exercised and developed if we are to evolve into higher cosmic beings. So, it appears to me that throughout our history, in every culture, we are deliberately set puzzles, and signs of the existence of superior entities, to give us a drive to better ourselves. Hence the phased timely encounters with “angels”, “fairies”, “demons”, “gods” and “goddesses” who impart wisdom and knowledge and spiritual ambitions.

Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out that the return, in the 1970s, of “supernatural” cereal-glyphs is part of a series of “Wake up” calls. I say “return” because I suspect that cereal glyphs and other contrived markings on the ground have been mysteriously appearing for possibly thousands of years. Though, perhaps for the ancient peoples, these were not so inexplicable, since it is likely that at times they may have witnessed the flying or landing of UFOs where the markings subsequently appear, and be given religious and sacred interpretations (though typically, in fundamentalist Christian times both today and in the Middle Ages, with its “blinkered”, scaremongering bleak outlook, a demonic explanation is preferred). If this is the case, then, I speculate that most if not all ancient monuments such as ring forts, stone circles (such as Stonehenge), dome shaped megalithic structures (such as Carrowkeel passage “tombs” in Ireland), and possibly pyramids, were constructed by the natives to commemorate landings of the “gods” or discoveries of crop circles. The ancient structures may have been built to remind future generations that it was at this spot that Chariots of the Gods came down and we learnt many things. They may also have been built as a reminder to the Sky Gods to return as promised. Of course, I do expect a number of the crop circles to be manufactured by ground-level human hoaxers, people like “Doug and Dave”, but these works typically are poor quality crop circles, very amateurish, and it has been shown that many of the claims these self-styled “cerealist” hoaxers are untrue, pretending to have been responsible for a particularly impressive cereal glyph. Let’s face it, by definition a hoaxer is a liar, so anyone who finally admits to having hoaxed or faked a photograph or film/video footage of UFOs or crop circles in order to con, cannot be trusted, and whatever they say should always be taken with a pinch of salt. I suspect people like Doug and Dave, who perpetrate hoaxes of crop circles or images of UFOs are in the pay of security agencies like the CIA, NSA, etc, with the intention of bringing the subject matter into disrepute. The whole policy of the permanent secret regime of America is to ridicule the issue of UFOs because they believe the people must not know the truth about extra-terrestrial visitations. My conjecture is that the appearance of crop circles that have correlated with simultaneous UFO reports will have given the official censors quite a scare, after all their efforts to cover up what they know to be real flying saucers from another world, and therefore I believe the authorities’ debunking imperative would demand that hoaxers like Doug and Dave be commissioned to create crop circles in order to discredit or rubbish any evidence that many of the cereal glyphs are not of human construction. Equally, the CIA etc. have, in my opinion, been responsible for creating fake UFO photographs, film and videos, deliberately outlandish and inconsistent UFO stories, and disseminating these items to sow seeds of doubt and mistrust, so that it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between what is genuine and what is chicanery. A perfect example of the USA security agencies’ strategy of obstructing and ridiculing the truth is their attempt to undermine belief in accounts of the Roswell UFO crash, which finally broke free of government cover up in the late 1970s (though the first book on the incident was not published until 1980). I believe the confidence trick perpetrated by Ray Santilli to fool the mass media and the public into believing he had obtained US army film footage of a secret autopsy of a dead alien from a crashed flying saucer in 1947, was originally devised by a clandestine US government anti-UFO department. I suspect Santilli was set up, either unknowingly or with his knowledge, and possibly paid, to hoax an alien autopsy film to deliberately muddy the waters around the Roswell story. The vital element of this government operation to destroy the Roswell flying saucer story is that it is eventually admitted that the film is fake, so that should the genuine footage (if it ever existed) become publicly available, very few people will believe in it, for fear of being fooled again. Equally, I believe similar government strategies lie behind crop circle hoaxers like Doug and Dave, who may not even realise they are working for the enemies of the UFO truth.

With glowing orbs and discs being seen flying around some crop circles around the time of their creation, reinforcing the idea that the cereal glyphs are products of extra-terrestrials, then what might these crop circles mean? Are they signs with a message? Are the extra-terrestrial intelligences attempting to communicate something to us? If so, how do we interpret their messages? Has anyone come up with or discovered the Rosetta Stone for the alien cereal glyphs? Alternatively, the messages may not be for human reception/consumption after all. What if these are cereal graffiti for the benefit of ETs alone? After all, it is only homo-centricism that makes us imagine the crop circles represent ET messages to us. What if they are markings to inform other ET visitors “Zog was here”, in the same way dogs piss on a lamp-post or bush to inform other dogs of their presence. Again as part of interET communications system, the crop circles could be signposts indicating favourable vortices or portals or ley-lines of energy for UFO flight-paths. Or perhaps they are communicating to fellow ETs; “Warning, the natives here are especially aggressive” or conversely “Homo sapiens here particularly docile”, or “Keep out. Property of Zeta Reticuli Federation”…or perhaps more sinisterly, “Especially nutritious human game here.”

Generally, crop circles seem to suggest to the more optimistic Ufologists a positive benign and hopeful meaning regarding extra-terrestrial visitations. That cannot be said for mutilations and killing of animals, whether they be cattle, horses and sheep. Animals with surgical removal of their eyes, ears, tongue, hides, flesh, genitals, rectum, womb, teats etc. with technology suggestive of laser cutting equipment. Here we are faced with something altogether more sinister and cruel…at least from our human perspective either as farmers who suffer loss of valuable livestock, or as witnesses. Since it has never been proven that human psychopaths are responsible, and no suspects have ever been arrested, charged or convicted of these crimes against animals, and UFOs and strange humanoid creatures have been observed at the scenes of crime, then we are forced to consider the UFO phenomena as a destructive threat, and not necessarily on the side of angels. Of course, if extra-terrestrials are responsible for the apparent surgical operations on livestock, (and most investigators (police, vets, farmers) of the mutilated animals agree predators could not have been responsible for such clinical damage) then it is no more sinister or cruel to the alien scientist/vivisectionist, than it is to human equivalent and their lab rats, cats, apes. Another feature we know about the experience of UFOs, which suggests the paranormal aspect, is that in the case of multiple witnesses to the same phenomena, some witnesses will see the UFO one way, and other witnesses will describe it differently. For example in the case of Rendlesham Forest incident (1980), one US serviceman will describe only lights, while another says he saw a structured craft. Or a case in Sligo, Ireland 1995, a mother and her son motoring in a car down a road encounter a UFO in front of them. The mother sees a saucer shaped fuzzy cloud, while the son describes a structured craft with lights.
I suspect that often in the case of apparent UFO phenomena, witnesses in the same place and the same time, may not see identical phenomena because either their perceptual systems differ slightly (some more sensitive than others)...that their brains are not "wired-up" for receiving or interpreting the same stimuli (analogous to some people being colour-blind)...and / or individual witnesses are only allowed to perceive what the Controllers want them to experience.

Most governments and military organisations do know UFOs exist, and that they are not built or flown by humans, and that they suspect these flying structured vehicles probably originate from off this world...and the governments have been shit scared since these craft started to appear in greater numbers since 1947 (probably as a consequence of the Americans detonating the atomic bomb, and nuking Japan in 1945).

Behind our backs, the authorities acknowledge the real threat of UFOs, and they haven't a clue as to how to deal with the constant penetration of our skies by unauthorised flying craft. They have tried shooting them down, chasing them but the UFOs simply play cat and mouse with them. What makes these incredible vehicles even more fascinating is the fact that they have a control of matter and physical laws which we are nowhere near, and have psychic powers the masses can only dream of.

Someone said he didn’t believe UFOs exist because extra-terrestrial craft could never have technology allowing faster than light transportation, and intergalactic travel could only be possible with speeds faster than light, and he reckoned that technology cannot become much more advanced than what we humans already have. Of course, I disagree. Experience, history and reason dictates that there is no limit to the intelligences’ inventiveness, and theoretically no limit as to how far technology can go. Compare today's level of technology to 400 years ago. If we went back in time to Shakespeare with just the toys we give to our children, we would be burned at the stake for being magicians. Just as Elizabethans could never have predicted our technological world, we are unlikely to be able to accurately predict what the technological world in 500 to a 1000 years time will be.

I think if the scientists stopped hindering themselves with the worn-out mantra that nothing can exceed the speed of light, and stopped sabotaging and debunking serious parapsychological research, we might get to enter the Psychic Age within a few hundred years, but we are unlikely to do so as long as capitalism rules human civilisation. Capitalism, consumerism, profiteering can only thrive wherein there is a dependency on material objects and natural resources, e.g. oil, gas, etc. From my personal experiences with UFOs and their paranormal effects, it looks like they entered their Psychic Age a long time ago, and can probably be free to travel anywhere in the universe, in any length of time, fuelled by Thought energy alone. Perhaps UFOs are in our skies to remind us that everything is possible.

Overall, my conclusion regarding UFOs is that they are mobile semi-physical capsules of higher intelligences greater than human intelligences, powered by paranormal luminous forces, with the capability to alter their physical structures along a continuum ranging from pure solid object to ethereal zero density matter, otherwise known as psi or spirit. The humanoid entities (angelic Nordics, goblin Greys and other strange mixtures) seen in conjunction with UFOs are probably individuated physicalized manifestations or projections of a group intelligence contained within the UFO. One analogy I can think of would be an octopus with tentacles that can be detached and given semi-independent action. These living intelligent craft may not be originally terrestrial but for thousands, perhaps millions of year have set up bases or nests in hidden inaccessible places on Earth (underground, underwater), and maybe on the Moon, possibly Mars and other Solar planets. They may exist and travel all over the known and unknown universe, and if so, they will probably employ unheard of techniques for manipulating time and space, so they can arrive where they Will. They are not God or Miraculous or Perfect in the sense of the human religious concept, but they do know a hell of lot more about the laws of nature / physics than we do. However, they may be responsible for our concepts of the Divine, the Miraculous and Magic, and have appeared throughout human history as “God”, “Devil”, gods, goddesses, Archangels, angels, demons, fairies etc. to tease, teach, tempt, tantalize, and maybe they were the original bringers of life on earth, and manufacturer of the human experiment, the hybridization of Neanderthal and Extra-terrestrial. They are not Perfect or Omnipotent because from what I have learned in my studies, they have weaknesses and needs. They seem to need water, and other natural resources such as radon gas and possibly gold. They have an apparent need for power lines whether they are natural (leylines, electromagnetic, Earth energies) or artificial (electrical power plants and electric power lines). They seem to need us (humans and certain animals like cattle, sheep and horses) either for their own breeding purposes and / or sexual gratification. They may also be parasiting off our life force. Perhaps they are Space Vampires, but they seem to have the good sense not to bleed us dry, or make it too apparent that they are farming us for their own survival. Even so, myths, legends and horror movies may be our subconscious trying to tell us something. They are possibly near immortal, and that the old tales of patriarchs with longevities of between 200 and up to many thousands of years, are actually descriptions of extra-terrestrial governors, before we were allowed semi-independence. I also imagine that we humans, if that is we are, descendants of ET, could also become near immortal, once we have discovered how to switch off the “Death Gene,” which our alien progenitors may have programmed us with. They also seem to have weaknesses in that they occasionally “crash” either because of electromagnetic, meteorological reasons or mechanical/guidance failure, or rare successful human intervention (missile attack). They are not entirely invulnerable. Another weakness is they seem to be unable or unwilling to dominate us completely. They prefer to avoid physical and possibly mental aggression. They can be told to go away or leave in peace. The emotion fear may be a stimulant to them, but self-confidence, conviction, strength of will, faith may negate or reduce their ability to harm us.

Finally, to sum up what we know about UFOs it appears that their principle function is to be provocative. Their behaviour is very much attention-seeking. So many witnesses describe how the anomalous flying object will suddenly change their direction to fly over the witness’s house or car, or dance and hover in front of them, flash beams of light around them or at them, playing hide and seek, stimulating us like we were their children, their students. The UFO will often telepathically signal the craft’s presence, again to show us we have unused talents. They behave like the Trickster God, as if they are trying to say “Look at us. Wake up. There is more, much more between Heaven and Earth than was ever dreamt of in your philosophy (and sciences and laws of physics.)

Brent Raynes: Do you have any thoughts or comments on what is right and what is wrong with the current direction of ufology? Nabil Shaban: What direction? The public face of Ufology hasn’t a direction, and has never had one since UFOs became a subject for study in the early 1950s. Ufology has not advanced one iota since its beginnings because it still isn’t a science, in the sense of a systematic scientific, investigation discipline. And there are at least three reasons why it has remained a non-science. First because there are two Ufologies – the Public and the Private, and never the twain shall meet, at least in an open honest fashion. Second, the Public face of Ufology is fragmented, disunited and still amateur. Third, Public Ufology is continually deliberately prevented from becoming a science by Private Secretive Ufology. The military corporate dictatorship which governs the USA (Congress, Senate and transitory Presidents are merely fronts to provide the population with an illusion of democracy), and probably began to consolidate and strengthen its domination of executive institutions of state, after the UFO existence became unequivocal in the 1940s, decided it had to control and limit all information and public knowledge regarding the UFO presence. To this end, a covert state policy of ridiculing and debunking UFO credible witness reports was established, and a strategy of infiltrating UFO groups, and / or creating bogus UFO investigation / research organisations, for purposes of:

1. Gathering UFO sighting reports (which otherwise might not reach the state covert UFO agency because many witnesses may not report to air force bases, civil aviation, police or journalists).

2. Intelligence gathering on key influential amateur UFO investigators and researchers.

3. Sabotage of efforts to discover the truth regarding the UFO phenomena, via sowing seeds of dissent, encouraging personality and ego clashes within the UFO groups (the good old tried and tested “Divide and Rule strategy”), diversionary tactics, manufacture hoaxes, fake photographs, disinformation and outright lies, and arranging data and evidence disappearances. 4. Feeding the mass media with sensational stories to discourage interest from mainstream scientists. In recent years, academic scientists and psychologists, and pseudo-parapsychologists (i.e., sceptical academics masquerading as serious parapsychologists) have received project funding from research funding agencies and foundations, ostensibly to research into the paranormal, parapsychology and aspects of the UFO enigma, including alien abduction, but with the ultimate intention of contributing misleading evidence to the debunker’s arsenal. I suspect academics like Susan Blackmore, Richard Wiseman, David Clarke and Caroline Watt as pseudo-parapsychologists who design research projects designed to fail in establishing a paranormal or UFO reality. In other words, suggest a “not proven” or delusional conclusion. I have personal experience of the difficulties of pursuing worthwhile academic research in parapsychology. I was a postgraduate attempting to embark on a Masters degree and then hopefully a doctoral research degree in parapsychology with the Koestler Parapsychology Unit (KPU), which is administered by Edinburgh University’s Psychology department. First of all, the KPU is handicapped by the embarrassment of the Psychology department feeling obliged to host what it considers a subject to be a non-science. Many of the professors of psychology in the department openly display hostility to parapsychology, and actively discourage any of its students to consider parapsychological research as a serious option. Secondly, I found the parapsychologists themselves within the KPU are embarrassed by their chosen career, seem to apologize for pursuing pseudo-scientific discipline, and as if to make amends, will sabotage any positive results with spurious and inappropriate statistical analysis, if there is any danger of proving a psi effect. This is my conclusion after six months of studying the Koestler Parapsychology Unit. However, I don’t believe this was entirely the case when Professor Bob Morris was head of the unit pre-2005. His research was providing evidence for the existence of psi abilities and communication…but then he suddenly died in 2004 (I wonder why? Naturally, I have suspicions about this. Remote assassination by psychics working for state security, possibly American?). Just when the KPU was making progress in parapsychological research, its helmsman, who was actually a believer, is tragically removed.

Which leads me to one of the fundamental barriers to positive progress, in the direction of Ufology. Ufologists (and parapsychologists) must stop apologizing for investigating and researching into UFOs and/or the paranormal. It doesn’t matter what orthodox science or sceptics and debunkers think. They are irrelevant to the task of investigating the nature and agenda of UFOs. Us Ufologists and parapsychologists do not need to be accepted by them. We have data, we have thousands, possibly millions of witness reports. We have personal experiences which reveal the existence of unknown structured flying objects under intelligent purposeful control. In fact, we have far more anecdotal evidence (and lets face it, all evidence is ultimately anecdotal, because the brain which receives the sense-data can only ever be individually subjective) that UFOs exist than physicists have for the existence of sub-atomic particles such as neutrinos and quarks, or astrophysicists or cosmologists have for the existence of blackholes or dark matter or dark energy etc. The only reason the general populations believe in what the orthodox scientists believe and theorize about is because the Establishment and its mass media insists that we believe, because the Establishment has invested billions of dollars in their expensive pet projects.

It is time for Ufologists to cease being defensive and become more assertive than the sceptics and debunkers. It is time for serious Ufologists to go on the attack, and start debunking the debunkers. After 70 years of collective observations of UFOs, we no longer need to prove that they exist (unless it is necessary to obtain funding for research and education). There is now available a vast data-base, which needs to be organized, systematized, analysed, correlated until conclusions are arrived at that will enable us to understand and cope with the phenomena, and use it for the future betterment of humanity and the planet.

One of the biggest problems that has beset Ufology is how often “believers” become sceptics, i.e. “poachers turn gamekeepers” (or “prostitutes turned puritans” who often become the worse kind of reformed character), people I suspect have been “bought” by a US debunking agency. Many hardline skeptics were once UFO “enthusiasts”, who desperately “wanted to believe” but now feel aggrieved and bitter that they have been denied the privilege of seeing a UFO, when they devoted so much of their lives investigating other people’s close encounters. These jealous sceptics feel a terrible sense of injustice, because they don’t understand why the extra-terrestrials seem to be ignoring them, when surely, they are much more deserving than some silly housewife, or some dumb Redneck farmer. So they radically switch their allegiance and turn their unfounded belief in UFOs a hundred and eighty degrees to the equally unsubstantiated and irrational unbelief. The only way to deal with professional sceptics and debunkers such as these, is to ignore them, refuse to appear on any TV or radio show that includes them, don’t join in their debate, because they have never witnessed a UFO, so they do not know what they are talking about. They are simply uttering an irrational negative opinion based on the need to disbelieve. The Ufologist needs to operate like a science based detective, with the approach of a Sherlock Holmes. He cannot depend on carrying out experiments in a laboratory in search of answers. We must look at the UFO incident as if it were a crime that needs to be solved, which in a way it is because an uninvited, unauthorized intrusion into sovereign airspace or personal space (as exampled by cases of “bedroom invaders”, or “alien abduction”) has taken place. The UFO incident is like a crime because both events have been and gone by the time the investigator appears on the scene. The Ufologist should be using forensic training and skills to discover clues as to what UFOs are, how they operate, where they come from, and why they are here. If Ufology is to be successful in widening its knowledge and understanding of the phenomena, it must be a multi-disciplinary activity, coordinating science specialists in chemistry, physics, (Newtonian, Einsteinian, quantum mechanics), electronics, astronomy, cosmology, meteorology, geology, biology, medicine, psychology, parapsychology, anthropology, astrobiology, aviation, space flight and propulsion systems. Ufology should also include experts and scholars in religious and mystical experience, mediumism, the occult, and shamanism.

I suspect the other Ufology (and psychical research) that goes on behind closed doors, which I refer to as Private Ufology, has been operating along these lines since the late 1940s. This is the clandestine Ufology that is state / foundation funded, which will be employing scientists and engineers, sworn to secrecy, on pain of dishonour or death.

One of my ambitions is to establish an international school of UFO studies to train professional investigators and scientific researchers. I plan to begin with residential summer schools. I would like the school to be partly funded by donations from wealthy UFO enthusiasts, believers or experiencers. The principle qualification to be accepted as a student in my school of Ufology, is they must have had a UFO encounter. I do not believe any area of science can progress if it is made up of people who do not believe in it. They must be converts to the reality of the subject matter. Astrophysics and cosmology would never have progressed if researchers continued to insist that the world was flat and square, and that all celestial bodies revolved around the Earth. Equally, science of evolutionary theory and paleontology would be seriously hamstrung if it was dominated by Creationist researchers who believed in the literal truth of the Genesis fairy tale. Likewise, no theology college or department would admit as students hardline Marxist atheists especially to train as priests or nuns. So, I would make no apologies for restricting admission to my Ufology courses to UFO experiencers only.

Brent Raynes: Do you think that we're getting close to a breakthrough or any sort of disclosure from the powers that be regarding UFO proof and what it's all about?

Nabil Shaban: Do I think we’re getting close to a disclosure from those in governments who know the extra-terrestrial (or supernatural) flying objects are real? Well, I thought we were going to be getting close to an official admission in 1977 when Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” movie was released. I remember well when I went to see the movie in the cinema when it opened in Britain. By then I was already a student of UFOs, and had seen them on two occasions, so I was very excited by it, because I could see the motion picture’s content was based on actual accounts, and I recognised J. A. Hynek, the leading and most respected UFO expert at the time, in a cameo role at the climax, when the huge Mothership and its smaller spacecraft arrived for the official contact with the American authorities. For the first time, the film industry was presenting the UFO story in a reasonable manner, not as a science fantasy or horror but as something authentic, with normal everyday characters like you and me, almost a documentary, with Hynek, employed as the film’s consultant. As I watched the film on the big screen, I kept asking why has this film been made? What does Steven Spielberg know that we haven’t been officially told? Is the American government behind the making of the film? I concluded that first, Spielberg has had personal experiences of UFOs and extra-terrestrials, and felt a pressing responsibility to inform us of his sightings and beliefs, and secondly, his film had been produced to commence the preparation of the world’s population for the revelation that we are not alone in the Universe, and that extra-terrestrials have been visiting our skies for some time. Interestingly, CE3K was released 30 years after the Dawn of the UFO age, heralded by Kenneth Arnold’s famous sightings of flying saucers, and the Roswell Crash in 1947. Of course, those of us of the general public, watching Spielberg’s film in 1977, were completely unaware of the Roswell story, which would nonetheless burst onto our consciousness within three years. Was this planned? Many Ufologists have a suspicion that there is a US agenda, probably agreed upon by the major powers, of slow careful release of information regarding alien existence on and in the neighbourhood of our planet. I believe the process of Disclosure made its first giant leap with the cinema release of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. And from then onwards, we have witnessed a slow change in the standard “knee-jerk” ridiculing response by the mass media, to an increasingly sympathetic and reasonable treatment of UFO stories. By degrees, Hollywood, television networks and popular newspapers were actively encouraging the public to take the subject of UFOs seriously.

For me, the next major step in the Disclosure project was when in the early 1990s, I learned that the Ministry of Defence UFO desk representative, Nick Pope, was actively co-operating with BUFORA, and sharing information. I was suspicious at the time, and wondering if the “sharing” was one way…i.e. the MOD was taking everything, but giving very little of worth in return. Then, I was told that our Man from the Ministry, often referred to as Britain’s Fox Mulder (coincidentally, X-Files had just begun its first series), was actually a believer of UFOs. In 1997, while Nick was still an employee of the MOD, but no longer responsible for investigating UFO reports, I took the opportunity to interview him on camera, and found that he really wanted to convince us that he had good reasons for believing in the extra-terrestrial interpretation for many of the UFO sightings. So, I was left wondering why. Also the government seemed to be allowing an employee to publicly contradict their official position. How is this possible? Nick was still subject to the Official Secrets Act, and will always be, so if he claims that some UFOs are structured flying craft, under purposeful control but not of terrestrial origin, then the MOD must want him to do so. It suggested to me that Nick Pope was part of the suspected “drip-drip” strategy of the public’s gradual acclimatization to the E.T. reality.

Another clue indicating the on-going Disclosure enterprise by the Established Order, is when asked about UFOs, ex-Prime Minister Thatcher had two things to say to journalist, Georgina Bruni; “You must get your facts right,” and “You can’t tell the people.” Now I positively loath Thatcher and the right-wing politics she stood for, but she was not one for making unguarded comments. She knew Bruni was a journalist, and that whatever she said would reach the public, therefore, in my opinion, Thatcher wanted people to deduce that there was a cover-up, when she said you can’t tell the people, because she wanted the people to prepare themselves for the awesome truth when it is finally disclosed.

Again in Britain the process of gradual Disclosure was accelerated when the M.O.D. began releasing some of its UFO files in 2008. Of course, what they have released to date will be just a tip of the iceberg of what they are with-holding. I don’t believe the government when they claim the June 2013 release is the final release of UFO files. Neither do I believe the M.O.D. when they say they will no longer be investigating UFOs, just because they have closed the UFO desk. It is just they are no longer interested in receiving public reports. They don’t need them anymore. British airspace is now saturation covered with surveillance cameras, spy drones, radar and monitoring satellites, so UFO investigation and research can continue in secret. Also police chiefs have been instructed that UFOs pose one of the three top threats facing Britain (the other two being terrorism, and radical activists, whether Left-wing or New Age), so they have been warned to be even more vigilant and report sightings of UFOs. The M.O.D. has decided to focus more on reports from expert observers such as pilots, police and military, and not waste valuable public funds investigating civilian reports.

Another indication that we are being prepared to accept the idea of extra-terrestrial life is the increasing number of announcements by astrobiologists, space scientists, NASA, planet hunters that evidence is building for the existence of life elsewhere in the Universe. For example, we are getting more and more used to the idea that there was once and could still be life on Mars. Every month it seems the search for Earth-like planets in other solar systems is discovering thousands of possible habitable worlds. Meanwhile, new life is being breathed in the SETI program (the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence), utilising thousands of amateur ETI hunters working from their home computers. Couple all this with plans to build human settlements on the Moon and Mars, it appears the authorities are trying to revitalise the Space Age, and engender an extraterrestrial-friendly global consciousness.

Mind you, I have suspicions regarding the true nature of SETI. I believe that when the US government and military realized that extra-terrestrial intelligences were visiting us in terrifying and untouchable flying machines, SETI was originally set up in an attempt to locate where in the Universe they were coming from. Forget the official reasons. Pure red herring. Searching for anomalous, and by implication artificial, electromagnetic signals, suggestive of human type civilisations at our primitive level of technological development is useless. Whatever intelligible signals we may pick up, because of the light distances, they will have gone past their sell-by-date hundreds, probably thousands of years ago. So, return calls from us is futile. And as for deriving meaning from any anomalous signal, without some kind of intergalactic Rosetta Stone, we have about as much hope of understanding it as a laboratory rat understanding a sonnet by Shakespeare. The advocates for SETI as publicly presented, claim that mathematics is the key, since they believe it is a universal language, but that is just homo-centrism talking. Mathematics is a human invention, and the basis upon which it operates is ultimately derived from how our biology and neurology is constructed. Also I think it highly unlikely that a more advanced intelligence than ours would still be using electromagnetic radiation for communication. They will have reached the Psychic Age, and will be using telepathy, and SETI, as we know it, is clearly not set up for receiving telepathic signals. However, the purpose of SETI, which has not yet been admitted to by the authorities, is searching for the world where the UFOs may have originated from, many light years ago.

Having said all this, though, I’m not entirely convinced that the American “Powers That Be” are ready or too keen to disclose just yet (the truth that human destiny is not under human control, and perhaps never has been, but under alien control, is simply too shocking and unpalatable – that human governments and human religions are a facade). Certainly, there is a mounting public pressure for Disclosure, but it will not be our demands that will force the US authorities’ hand. I suspect it will be the Extra-terrestrials that will force the American regime to come clean.

And when it becomes clear to the United States permanent secret government (call it “Majestic 12” if you wish) that constant UFO denial is no longer tenable, I don’t want a US President announcing to the international community that we are not alone in the universe and that ET is here among us. I am not a US citizen, and have no desire to be, and therefore refuse to recognize the American President as world spokesperson. He or she is only president of one country, despite American World Order ambitions, and has no authority to represent the world in dealing with extra-terrestrials. It has to be the Secretary General of the United Nations who breaks the news to the world. The UN must take responsibility, and order the USA to publicly disclose everything it knows about the UFO phenomena, and apply international sanctions in the event of American non-compliance.

However, as I have said, at the end of the day the aliens are the ones who control the agenda and will decide when they shall unequivocally and unambiguously reveal to the entire world that not only do they exist but they are Masters of Planet Earth. And the question is – if and when they do, will they lord it over us as benevolent saviours – the Messiahs we all hope for, or as exploitative greedy self-serving tyrants?


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