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A Russian case of telepathy with a Sasquatch-type creature

by: Albert Rosales



Location. Zelyenyi ( Green Island ), Rostov-on-Don , Russia
Date: January 17 2000
Time: unknown

Reportedly, the Fitiev family while spending time on this island near the city of Rostov-on-Don encountered a tall hairy humanoid. The being was about 2-2.5meters tall, with its whole body covered by dense thick dark fur. (This island, located on the big Russian River Don, just opposite to this large city, is known as an anomalous area with numerous strange occurrences there, possibly a “gateway” or so-called “window” or portal to another dimension).

One of the brave witnesses named Sasha (Alexander) Fitiev had been interested in parapsychology and UFOs and apparently entered into telepathic communication with the being. Amazingly, the being told him that he and his kind were from a parallel world. According to the humanoid, in ancient times they (the hairy Sasquatch type humanoids) used to live together with humans, until the humans began killing and hunting them. So they moved into a parallel world. The hairy humanoid also told Fitiev that they had a type of “government” in their world. Their government reportedly prohibits them into entering into closer communications with humans, so when they meet a human being they usually run away or avoid them. “That is the law,” said the hairy creature, and added that they must obey it or would be punished. (Was he?). The creature then stopped the communication and quickly walked away, dissolving into thin air in front of the stunned witness.

HC addendum
Source: Igor Kolomiets, ENIO research center, Rostov-on-Don and
Dr. Anton A. Anfalov


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