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Memories or Dreams?

by: Shirley A. Martin



I do not remember the exact date of the incident I want to relate as I was not keeping a dream journal at the time, but I know I was in the sixth grade so it had to have been 1974. That would have made me twelve years old.

One night I had a very vivid “dream” that I was in a place that resembled some type of examination room. There were large screens on the walls showing many images in rapid succession. I cannot remember what the images were. I was sitting up on a metal table wearing what felt like a jumpsuit made of some type of fabric or material that was light in color and very lightweight and comfortable. The lighting was very dim in places so I could not fully make out my surroundings, although I had the feeling that there were machines and equipment of some sort nearby.

I became aware of several forms, about four or five, surrounding me but only three of them interacted directly with me. There were still others at the machines, working. They were small in stature, about the size of children. They had very large heads and large black eyes, but their bodies were thin and lithe. Their skin was very pale, almost transparent, and they were wearing garments of white, which also reminded me of a doctor or nurse. I was not afraid of them, in fact I felt very calm. They spoke to me without using their tiny mouths, but I could hear them plainly just the same. I was answering them in the same fashion. I came to learn later that this was called “telepathy” but at the time I knew nothing about it.

One of them held up my right hand. The skin and muscle appeared to be “peeled” back, exposing a framework of “bones” made of a dense material that resembled plastic, but stronger and more flexible. The fingers were very thin and did not look like bones at all, even though they were jointed where the knuckles would be. Where the fingertips were located were square diodes with intricate wiring. I remember them telling me to flex the fingers and I did which felt very strange and gave me a weird kind of tingling sensation in my arm and head. One of them nodded and they “zipped” the skin back over the framework. Now my hand appeared just like any other human hand but I could feel the square boxes at the fingertips. They told me this sensation would subside in time.

The next thing I remember is asking, “What is inside of me?” Instantly an image was floating in front of me that appeared to be projected by a nearby machine (when I later saw the hologram images portrayed in the TV series Star Trek, I had an instant feeling of familiarity). It resembled a yellowish white teardrop laid on a grid, and the image did a slow, 360 degree turn. They explained to me that it was a “seed” and was much smaller than the image portrayed. One of them did something with the machine and the seed’s interior was exposed on one side, much like a cross-section. It had a network of very thin threads that reminded me of the capillaries in a leaf. I do not remember them explaining what it was for, nor do I remember asking.

I woke up the next morning with a vivid recall of the dream. I laid there for a few moments trying to make sense of it. I raised my right hand and looked at it closely. It seemed fine. I flexed the fingers and got that strange sensation again, only this time I could feel it in my teeth and nasal passages as well as in my arm and head. I squeezed the tip of each finger but could feel nothing. I felt a little scared then, but told myself that perhaps I had slept on my arm wrong and all I was feeling was the pins-and-needles sensation of the blood re-circulating. But it was not like that at all and I knew it. Still, I pushed the thoughts away and went on with my morning routine and went to school. Several times over the course of the next few years I would get that odd sensation again and remember my dream instantly.

Shortly after that small red bumps began to appear on my face. I thought that it was only puberty-induced pimples yet I had this overwhelming compulsion to pick them open to the point of bleeding. I had one thought that played over and over in my mind and that was “I have to get it out of me” and the image of the “seed” kept coming to my mind’s eye.

I began to have flying dreams. I woke up once at the age of 15 to see my brother, sisters and cousin all standing over me, staring. When I asked them what they were looking at they replied with shocked expressions that my entire body was trembling rapidly right before I opened my eyes. They said this had gone on for about three minutes and it scared them. I felt fine and had no memory of the sensation at all. As an adult my sister told me she had seen this happen several times during that year. I have often wondered if it was the physical reaction of my spirit returning to my body.

My next "encounter" (if it can be called such) began around 1995. It was around 5:00 PM EST in Ft. Myers, Florida. It was very overcast, so that dusk seemed to have come a full hour early. I had gone out to fetch the mail when I noticed that the clouds over the nearby river (less than 1 mile away) seemed odd. They had a yellowish cast that seemed lit from within. It did not look like sunlight filtering through; this was a sickly yellow-green, with dark clouds surrounding the nearby area. Thunder rumbled making it sound like a downpour was eminent. But even the thunder sounded odd. It rolled and rolled endlessly, with barely a break between peals. Something compelled me to go get my 35mm camera and take some shots. I snapped off about 5 frames but this being an analog camera and not digital it would be some weeks before I saw what I had captured.

Later that night, as I was preparing for bed, I could still hear the thunder rolling in such a way as that it almost sounded like a deep, booming voice speaking. I could not make out words per se, but there seemed to be a definite lilt and fall to the tones. Not one drop of rain had fallen nor would fall.

My head had just touched the pillow and I had just closed my eyes when behind my closed lids an image so crisp and clear appeared that I instantly gasped and my eyes flew open. What I had "seen" was a Gray ET, appearing as so many had described, bending over me. "What the *&%$ was THAT?" I asked myself. I glanced over to my husband, who was already asleep and lightly snoring. I had not been thinking about ETs, only the strange way the sky had looked and the thunder. I had made no conscious connection between the two at all. Needless to say, I was quite shaken, but suddenly I was so sleepy that I fell back to my pillow and was fast asleep in moments.

The next day, as I was getting ready for work, my nose seemed very stuffy. As I blew my nose trying to clear it what came out was a rubbery white substance that did not resemble anything I'd ever seen before. It was like trying to remove rubber bands from my sinus cavity. Even though it took a full five minutes before I could breathe freely again I shrugged it off as one of those mysterious things the human body can produce from time to time and went about my day. That evening my husband came into the bedroom where I was reading after having just finished his shower. "Man, what is this s*** in my nose? It's like rubber bands! I've been pulling it out for like five minutes!" For some reason, I became very irritated. "Well, me too, but I don't talk about it!" I said in a harsh tone. To this day, I'm not sure why I responded that way.

Every night for about a month after that, and intermittently over the next few years, I would awaken in the middle of the night, take off my T-shirt or whatever I was sleeping in at the time, and fall back asleep. I knew I was doing it at the time, but chalked it up to getting overly warm even though the room maintained a constant temperature. Sometimes I would wake in the morning feeling very tired; with small scratches I had not remembered getting.

When I got my film processed I was amazed to see that in one of them there appeared a giant face in the clouds. It did not seem at all friendly as it leered down at me, an almost demonic face. I took this photo to work and showed it to some people, not telling them what I saw, just asking them to take a look. In every instance, people recoiled from it and some refused to touch it. I have since lost track of that photo (kicking my own butt now because I wish I could find it to examine it again now that I know so much more than I did then).

Again I shrugged these incidents off as not important. Perhaps it was my psyche’s way of protecting me from the truth. Or maybe they were all just a string of events not connected in any way. But deep down I know now this is not true. It is only in looking back that certain dots begin to connect and I am forced to admit that it all equals up to some pretty freaky results.

Monday, December 11, 2023