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Humanoid encounter in Angola, Africa, 1974 From an area not known for close encounters, a rare case

by: Albert S. Rosales

Angola encounter 1974
Location. Toto, Angola
Date: December 1974 Time: night

The witness, Jose Antonio Correia de Oliveira, a member of the colonial Portuguese Army was walking outside of the barracks one night when he noticed a white glowing figure about 1.80m in height that came out some woods behind him. The features were sort of indistinct since it seemed to move or fluctuate, but it actually remained static in place. It seemed to stare at the witness and smile. The witness smiled back, feeling very nervous, and he raised his arm and waved. Soon after that the strange glowing white figure vanished. The witness felt the figure was some kind of ‘projected’ image, and felt a strange sensation of cold during the event, which was very uncommon for the region. He regretted having not approached the figure.

Two days later the scene repeated itself, and this time the witness approached the figure which seemed to smile and produce ‘a slight breeze’. The figure was human-like but with blurred features At this point, the witness noticed movement behind the entity and then noticed additional figures appearing from the brush that also stared at him. At this point, the witness felt communication inside his head; at first in a ‘foreign’ language, but somehow he was able to understand it. When he spoke, his voice sounded very low and weak and seemed to have no control of what he thought or spoke. He did not hear any sound from them; only an empathic feeling emanating from them. Soon they invited the witness to accompany them, but he refused and began asking questions like, who were they, where did they come from, and what were they called. They then asked him who he was, and he answered the question and also asked them if they needed help from him. They stood smiling and soon disappeared.

The witness felt totally confused, not knowing what had transpired or how the strangers had vanished so quickly. He sat on the ground thinking and after about an hour he felt someone sitting next to him. He looked and this time there was a figure of light but with ‘clear’ features that was slightly shorter than the witness. He could see its facial details clearly. Neither spoke, however communication occurred telepathically. The witness again asked who he was and was told that he would understand if he followed them. The witness insisted on staying and continued asking questions which he later did not remember clearly or exactly what was said. He does recall that he was told that he was contacted for something that ‘was necessary to do in the future.’

The witness then explained how the earth was divided into continents, races and political systems and offered to introduce the ‘alien’ to his bosses. After a few minutes the shiny stranger bade goodbye and disappeared towards the nearby runway. The witness did not see how he left and insists he did not see a UFO or any flying craft in the area. However, during the next couple of months there were numerous UFO sightings over the region; especially over the Portuguese Air Force base at Negage.

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