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Reality Checking

Alien Abductees, Contactees, and Psychic Phenomena - again

by: Brent Raynes

Brent Raynes

Once again another study reveals the statistically significant elevation of “paranormal” activity in the lives of UFO experiencers; most notably and dramatically among those who are what are defined within the field of ufology as contactees or abductees—or, at the least, “repeaters”. Check out The Alien Abduction Files by Kathleen Marden (niece of Betty Hill) and Denise Stoner, a researcher and “abduction” experiencer herself. They both have delved deeply into the UFO abduction phenomenon and conducted their own statistical research. Among experiencers they surveyed, Denise and 88 percent (43 of 49) had had paranormal activity in their homes, ranging from mysterious orbs of light, objects inexplicably moving through the air, lights turning off and on themselves, doors opening and shutting, etc. Of the 43 who described such incidents, 22 revealed that it began after their first abduction. Denise and 88 percent (44 of 50) felt that they had received telepathic messages from alien beings. Denise and 50 percent (25 of 50) claimed they were given the gift of healing following their abduction experiences. Denise and 79 percent (26 of 33) stated that they had developed new psychic abilities after an abduction incident.

Back in 1990, I had reported my own findings after surveying 46 UFO experiencers (70 % who had had more than one UFO experience and slightly over a quarter who fit the “abductee” profile), which Memphis (TN) psychologist Dr. Greg Little described in his book Grand Illusions (1994). I had myself found the following patterns:

• 87 percent reporting repeated psychic experiences.
• 72 percent reporting telepathic ability.
• 70 percent describing precognitive impressions.
• 63 percent claiming out-of-body experiences
• 59 percent reporting poltergeist-type episodes.

Back in the Fall of 1993, in issue number 25 of UFO Perceptions (which alas, dear readers, is today Alternate Perceptions) the late psychiatrist and parapsychologist Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz had written an article entitled “Experimental Ufology.” The good doctor was well aware of the paranormal components of the UFO syndrome. He wrote, “With careful documentation and long-term follow-ups of UFO experients, experimental sessions may yield information on the mechanisms of how various events took place, roles of dissociation and how these relate to prerequisite trance-like states and paranormal effects, and thereby open a more embracive and enlightened interpretation of the original encounter.” Dr. Schwarz rightfully asked, “Could the core of many UFO experiences be paranormal…?”

Obtaining further and more direct evidence through experimental investigative work is a suggestion that too few in ufology have adequately pursued, and it certainly represents more than spending part of an evening watching the sky in an area where a UFO or UFO activity has been reported. In his book Psychic-Nexus (1980) Dr. Schwarz stated: “Parapsychiatric study of the contactees and abductees—those who claim contact with the UFO entities—might be especially valuable since in great measure these persons have many similarities to gifted mediums or paragnosts. They are readily entranced, and experiments can be devised that seem to incite new UFO contacts and psychic phenomena, and, what is more important, conditions that lead to objective data—possible paranormal films of UFOs, paranormal audiotapes.”

As I reported awhile back (in fact, a number of times in this column over the last three years), I have found myself having numerous EVP/ “ghost box” sessions/experiences wherein what I can only describe as intelligent interactive responses have repeatedly occurred. Honestly, before that, I had occasionally attempted EVP captures at various locations (often what we call “haunted” sites) from Maine to Alabama, going back several decades in fact, and I had no real significant success or results much worth mentioning. However, a little over three years ago, at the home of “alien abductee” and “ghost hunter” Sandy Nichols of Thompson Station (TN) my wife Joan, daughter Chandra, and I met another “ghost hunter” and “abductee” named Bret Oldham, along with his “ghost hunter” and psychic wife Gina. Bret and Gina showed all of us the reality of this phenomenon and how relatively easy, with the right approach and intentions, results could be achieved. I can now report, several years later, that my mind has been blown time and again (figuratively speaking, of course) hearing first and last names of friends and loved ones who have passed on and receiving “impossible”/accurate messages. Believe me, I was a skeptic who carefully conducted a series of tests to rule out ordinary voice contamination, whether radio or someone within the audio range of the recording process. I began by writing on an index card and then on printer paper a word or words I wanted to hear spoken, and time and again, it worked. I even did some long-distance telepathy experiments, that also worked successfully it seemed, including one with a lady “abductee” in way off Australia!

It’s strange I admit and oddly we’ve accepted it into our lives without much difficulty at all. In fact, my wife reports that it has, for her, been reassuring. It hasn’t seemed all that spooky or in any way really threatening, inspite of the occasional bad language we have noted, from time to time. It is, after all, electronics, not some really spooky supernatural manifestation like we’ve especially been conditioned to fear thanks to Hollywood. Though, of course, it may prove to be the archetypal and genuine “ghost in the machine.”

Just to be on the safe side, we do begin each session we do with a prayerful type of meditation, asking for protection and asking that only that which is for our highest good will manifest. There have been rare instances wherein the spooky supernatural did cross over to this side and for that reason we do ask at the end of each session that they (spirits) remain on their side and that nobody has any surprise guests afterwards following them home.

What is the X-Factor behind Psychic Phenomena?

Where do paranormal EVPs come from? What is the X-factor or energy source behind all of the reported manifestations of psychic phenomena? This is something researchers find very hard, if not downright impossible, to definitively pin down in any concrete way. People with “psychic” ability see it, sense it, and interact with it in various ways, but scientists struggle to define and extract it from any known energy sources.

In his thought-provoking book Alien Energy, British author Andrew Collins tackled this thorny issue and pointed to a scientific study conducted in Japan. In that study eminent physiologists and medical scientists at Tokyo’s Department of Physiology of the School of Medicine at Showa University demonstrated that certain people who could channel so-called ch’i could, upon request, generate through the palms of their hands bio-magnetic field strengths some 1,000 times stronger than what is normally detected within the human body. “To produce such responses in the bio-magnetic field, a bio-electric current equivalent to this reaction would have been required,” noted the author. “Yet when the scientists tested the subjects to see whether such an electrical current was indeed present, they were astonished to find there was no increase at all in bio-electrical activity. This implied that the individuals were defying the laws of physics and producing incredibly strong bio-magnetic fields by substituting the necessary bio-electric current with some kind of X-factor – an energy source seemingly beyond the detection of scientific instrumentation.”

So many anomalies within the paranormal process are, at present, impossible for us to pin point precisely how it all works – but many will attest without reservation that it indeed, from their personal experience, does in fact work! Imagine, for instance, the impossibility of what some of us are doing within the framework of EVP studies. For example, sitting in our homes, talking to a radio for instance, and hearing and recording what seem to be interactive and intelligent responses to our questions – and yet, we don’t have an electronic transmitter. How are we getting out there to receive the apparent responses we’re getting back from out there? Is this the proof quantum physicists are seeking – that all points in time and space are connected?

But how?

As William Shatner would likely say, “Weird or what?”

Wednesday, March 29, 2023