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Electronic Letters to the Editor

Dear Brent;
So far, there have been two theories about that photo of the "rat on Mars." I would like to offer another.

In my book, "HOAX" there is a third possibility discussed by my son and me. I quote from page 151: (Ray speaking): "…I want you to listen to my set of cassette tapes by Richard Belzer. They're called 'UFOs, JFK and Elvis.' They're pretty good. I brought 'em over."

Having a full day of kicking in carpet ahead of him, Ray left early. I let my work go the next morning so I could listen to Mr. Belzer.

Well ---crash, bam, clang, ding and smash! Belzer seemed to use every pot and kettle in the kitchen as exclamation points ---lots of them. He postulated that the moon landing was a fake, filmed with the magic of Hollywood in the Arizona desert where there were craters similar to those on the moon. "Why not go to Mexico, " Ray asked when he came by that night, "and film a fake moon landing? There's more craters there and a lot less risk of getting caught way out there in the Mexican boonies than the Arizona desert."

Now back to my letter: In another section of the book, Ray wonders why the United States Air Force was interested in those craters, so interested that they had permission from the Mexican government to take photos of the craters with a spy plane. I'm sure there is yet the possibility that those Martian rocks were accidentally piled up millions of years ago in a way that resembles a rodent - even to seeing a beady little eye, if you use a magnifying glass on the "varmint." But it is highly improbable.

However, if one goes into the deserts of either Arizona or Mexico where there is oxygen and little else to sustain life, it is quite probable that a rat or other rodent-like animals could be found!

Think about it!

Phyllis J. Dowers
Author: HOAX


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