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An Interview with Professor Deborah West

by: Brent Raynes

Deborah West is a publicist, writer and media specialist. She has worked in corporate public relations with national news organizations writing articles and news releases for over 20 years. Her many articles include cover stories on NASA’s Mars Rover and Hubble Space Telescope, BAE Unmanned Systems and Integrative health care and sustainable energy. She is currently doing investigative journalism reporting on a wide variety of topics including our cosmic culture, the multi dimensional universe, lost knowledge within our ancient civilizations and disclosure. She is working on her first book with co-author Michael Hathaway entitled Idiots Guide to Disclosure, focused on the real origin of mankind, the reality of the existence of alien life and the shift in humanity’s consciousness. She hosts a new radio show entitled Lost Knowledge which focuses on revealing humanity’s vast potential for existence in the Greater Community of races in the universe as a higher dimensional species. She writes a monthly column for The New Era Times, affiliated with the Edgar Cayce Center covering Metaphysical topics including new energy, book and film reviews and spiritual and physical wellness. Her most recent article, published in the Nov issue of Austin All Natural is on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the erroneous compiling of historical religious text.

Lost Knowledge Radio show hosted by Debbie West reveals with expert commentary and scientific evidence the reality of multi species existence on and off the earth and our ability to expand our position in the universe as a sovereign nation. Emphasis is on disclosing without fear or conspiracy the true nature of mankind and our continued interaction with other species within the universe with emphasis on how to exist as a human being in the new higher dimensional state as a peaceful society. Prophecies of the ascended beings that are currently underway highlight that the shift to a higher level of consciousness expands mental awareness, allowing access to expanded knowledge lost from ancient cultures. Guests on Lost Knowledge will empower humanity to use the opportunity of ascension to create peace within and transmit the light based frequency to intergalactic unity. Brent Raynes: Debbie, you write a column for The New Era Times published by the Edgar Cayce Center in Houston, Texas, and you do a radio show where you've interviewed such notables as Kathleen Marden, Andrew Collins and Nick Redfern. I usually find it interesting in an interview to begin with asking how it was that a researcher/author became so interested and involved in the whole UFO/paranormal question?

Deborah West: I began studying energy healing and alternative medicine about fifteen years ago and took courses in the Barbara Brennan study of the human aura and energy field. This led to more studies on Brian Weiss’ work on lives between lives and Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls. My interest in the spiritual world led me to Edgar Cayce’s material and the understanding that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. I became interested in writing my own articles on why we as a society are so unhealthy spiritually and as a result physically and why our science and religion do not fully explain the origin and purpose of mankind. This led me into the realization that for thousands of years we have existed with many other species outside of the third dimension of the earth plane and that we are now evolving into multidimensional beings. The truth is this is a very exciting time to be on earth and many of us volunteered to incarnate here at this time to experience the evolution of the species. Without the understanding that we are evolving, the existence of the other species doesn’t make any sense but when you factor that in, you realize that it is all part of the process of evolution of the species.

Brent Raynes: You're a strong supporter of the disclosure movement. How do you feel it's going at this point and what do you hope to see happen?

Deborah West: Disclosure is going very well as you can see by the amount of books and TV shows that are delving into the subject in greater detail and the number of people willing to talk about their personal experience with other beings. However, it is my opinion from the research I have done that we need to move rapidly away from peering into the sky at space craft and start focusing on expanding our knowledge in areas such as physics and restructuring our concepts of science, religion and history. We don’t need to waste any more energy on accepting that other species exist, instead we must transition into becoming multidimensional beings. This transmutation is occurring now and we need to all start to shift our thinking into becoming fifth dimensional beings.

As earth evolves, humanity is waking up by the millions. If we accept that there are higher life forms that were here before us and are still among us perhaps we will finally humble ourselves into asking for their help and learning what we need to know about the cosmos. If we expect to interact openly with all our galactic neighbors, we need to realize that we are vulnerable and naïve, and more importantly we need to know who to trust. The species more advanced than us operate on frequency and control energy in ways we haven’t discovered and it would make sense to me to figure out who we can trust and elicit their help and support.

The earth is evolving rapidly into a higher frequency and a new dimension and we are being shown many things that help us remember our past and wake up to the reality that we have experienced many lifetimes. As spiritual beings, time is not what it appears on earth and as we awaken to a greater understanding of higher life forms, we can change our perception of time as a continuum.

Brent Raynes: I gather that you don't perceive alien/extraterrestrial visitation as a recent phenomenon, but rather as part of an ongoing occurrence that extends way back into earth history?

Deborah West: The way I understand it earth has been colonized by other species for hundreds of thousands of years. Over the last decade we have witnessed astounding evidence of lost civilizations and their recorded history on this planet. There are tens of thousands of pyramids left behind from a time when advanced civilizations used a universal energy grid to harness gravitational energy. There are space travelers now who enter our oceans and materialize and dematerialize in our atmosphere.

We have recently uncovered evidence of Atlantis which is, in my opinion the most important part of earth history because in the time of the Atlanteans and Lemurians there was a struggle between spirituality and technology that resulted in the destruction of most of the planet. Perhaps we are at this same juncture again and must make the choice. Do we choose to evolve as spiritual beings or do we follow a path of violence and destruction?

Brent Raynes: You're not just focused on one single alien/ET type of being, but rather a wide variety of alien type beings it seems, with a variety of potential motives and agendas. What aspects or evidences most compel you in this direction? Deborah West: If we believe that just one UFO exists then that opens the floodgate for the greater understanding that the universe is teaming with life. The people that have come forward and shared their experiences interacting with other beings are credible scientists with PhD’s, and even former astronauts. People keep telling me that we have to stop second guessing ourselves and move on to the next phase which is stopping our path of destruction and learning to live as a peaceful society so we can join the Galactic Federation. They will help protect us from the negative races that want to take over earth and help us remain a soverign society. With millions of people telling about encounters with alien beings, how can we not believe it to be true? What I can’t believe is that we are waiting for a small group of people who control our minds through mass media to come forward before we acknowledge the truth. That will never happen and when and if it does, it will be for a self serving agenda. We need to take control of our thoughts most importantly and stop wasting energy on what the government or media wants us to think.

Brent Raynes: Have you noticed how a lot of the experiencers are also having a wide range of paranormal and spiritual experiences as well? Often these incidents seem to escalate at times of their UFO/alien encounters.

Deborah West: The beings who are abducting humans are advanced geneticists and biologists who have neuro scientific capabilities way beyond our current science and according to the researchers they are adjusting the DNA of our species and creating hybrids. The species who are abducting humans can control their minds telepathically and have demonstrated advanced biological methods. Research by John Mack, Delores Cannon, Kathleen Marden and Dr. Roger Leir demonstrates that this is a hybrid program and star seeds are the result, which are multi dimensional human hybrids who can live on this planet and also elsewhere.

The hybrids being born now are coming in with expanded ability and many believe that we are activating our junk DNA through a higher vibrational frequency coming to earth since the planetary shift in 2012.

According to the experts, the frequency that our energy vibrates on can make a huge difference in what we see and hear. I have been told by many intuitives that the veil is lifting and getting thinner between dimensions as earth evolves and that we are all going to see beyond normal boundaries as we expand into a multidimensional state. So we will all expand our psychic abilities and eventually communicate telepathically and teleport like the other advanced species.

Brent Raynes: What is your own personal pet theory about what is happening?

Deborah West: I believe that we are here during the time of earth’s evolution into the fifth root race and that this is a crucial time as it will be the harvest of souls. What this means is that those who learn to vibrate at a higher frequency of love/light will advance spiritually to the higher dimension. This is the concept of the Law of One that was taught during the Atlantean times by the Priest Ra who later incarnated again as Edgar Cayce. This is why we are experiencing so much evolution as a society right now and why so many civilizations are interacting with earth. The Galactic Federation wants earth to evolve and join the forces of light and they are here helping us as they always have. The way to evolve is to learn to live in unity, consciousness and unconditional love focusing on service to others. This is the Law of One concept, that we are all one, and what we do to others we do to ourselves. The negative races have a service to self orientation and will have trouble evolving.

Brent Raynes: Who have been some of your most revealing and interesting interviews?

Deborah West: I love talking to Carol Rosin, who is very inspirational and motivates me to continue doing my work. She has tirelessly pursued a treaty to ban space-based weapons which is a milestone we must reach in order to join the Galactic Federation. I also have learned so much from Patricia Cori who is a visionary and spiritual master in the area of ascension and DNA activation, as well as earth’s history. I love talking to Dr. Sam Osmanagich about his discovery of the Bosnian pyramids and I believe he was in a previous lifetime the master builder of the pyramids so he has much to share with us now. I have also had the proud opportunity to talk to Carla Rukert and Jim McCarty who together with Don Elkins so generously gave us the Law of One material. Personally, the most inspirational person I have interviewed is Michael Hathaway, who taught me how to trust in myself and how to let the information flow.

Deborah West is a columnist at The New Era Times where she has a column called Lost Knowledge. She formerly worked in mainstream media for 20 years. To see her articles go to: Here

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