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New Book Reviews

By Brent Raynes

We Are Like A Brilliant Star
And We Create Everything
By L.R. Sumpter

Express Editions
Bristol, VA
2012, 106 pages, US $12.95
ISBN: 978-0-9848050-1-3

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

A former teacher, the author, retired after 35 years, decides after a few months into his retirement to write a series of essays to help several of his friends and relatives who were facing prostate cancer. He wanted them to understand that though they were approaching a frightening seeming period in their lives of diminished responsibilities, they still had much to contribute in their lives. “I wanted to explain just how powerful the soul is, that their soul was in fact literally creating their world, so they could have whatever world they wanted,” the author explained. On a whim, though quite skeptical, he contacted a psychic reader of the Akashic records who told him that instead of essays he was actually going to write a book – a book that would explain different choices we can make in order to pursue a new awareness of our spiritual powers – adding that he had a short time to get it done. Immediately he consulted a psychic friend who confirmed that indeed he was to write a book, in about eight months time! She had previously told him that he had kind souls who were guiding him in his teaching, and now she was telling him that these same kind souls expected him to write a book. However, the author didn’t take all of this too much to heart as he just didn’t think he could actually write a book, even though he had taught writing in school.

He began writing though and found new idea after new idea coming into his consciousness. “At first I revolted about these new ideas, sometimes for weeks,” Sumpter wrote. “I found them preposterous and contrary to our established and accepted understanding of how things are in the world.” Then one day the author was quite startled when he glimpsed the apparition of a stocky blond woman in his vacation home. He immediately phoned his psychic friend again and was told that the woman was a new guide who had been brought in to assist with the book project, and indeed soon new ideas that he initially “really revolted against” also came into his mind.

This fascinating book chronicles the author’s quest, the discoveries, insights and understandings he arrived at as well as his many personal and amazing déjà vu experiences that he has had through the years – some wherein he foresaw events in his life perhaps 10 to 15 years in advance.


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