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Electronic Letters to the Editor

Hi Brent,

We found this to be a particularly excellent issue. It was simply all around great.

Brad and Sherry Steiger, Iowa.
Website: www.bradandsherry.com


Hi Brent:
I really enjoyed your piece on Mothman in your Reality Checking column. Our trip there was certainly one of the highlights of my life with lots of good memories.

I have been to the Point Pleasant and Mason County area on many occasions and it is one of the strangest places I have been in my travels. The people there are some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I shall endeavor to make it back there soon.

Linda Scarberry gave all her files, letters and news clippings to Donnie Sergent Jr., who put them all into a booklet and CD Rom, “Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend,” which I have a copy. The chronological listings of the newspaper clippings really give you an idea on how the phenomena got started. There are also copies of letters John Keel sent out. There was an EPA super cleanup up of the TNT area years ago and it’s mostly a wildlife preserve now, but the bunkers are still there. It’s a great place to go camping….if you dare. Keep up your great work.

Ron Schaffner, Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Hypnosis and abductions


Dear Editor:

Talking of cars, as a child growing up in Zimbabwe, I was introduced to hypnosis by the wife of a director of a large car firm. She and her husband traveled extensively and spent some time in India. Being a woman back then was a problem to be seen in public, so the company organized people of interest to visit.

One of these visitors was a spiritual man who trained her in hypnotherapy and self hypnosis. She wrote a book on his teachings and subsequently lent it to me. I had a close friend who became a subject and we experimented together as I was able to induce a deep stage 10 trance.

We experimented in the field of past lives, but I found no conclusive proof as the snippets of the past life were never complete. It was more like being told a story than a person having a direct experience, as I could never get details which is the first thing a deep state subject can offer. Ask the subject what is all in a shop window, for instance.

A number of years later, we had left school and he came to visit and asked me to hypnotize him as he had a strange experience he could not explain. He had recently put new tires on his car and 3 days later they were smooth and he had to replace them.

Zimbabwe / Rhodesia had well documented abduction cases. In one, an entire family woke up at their holiday destination a few hours after leaving and never went through the border post, despite a 1700km journey being undertaken

His story was bizarre. He was driving home when a bright light shone on the car and lifted it slightly off the ground so the wheels were spinning. He was about 3km from his house. He fell asleep and woke later a few 100m from his house; drove to his parking spot, went inside and fell asleep.

I tried everything to get around the block and just cannot, plus I had to remind him constantly of the experience as it just faded from his memory until he did not believe the incident even happened.

I tried everything - even giving him suggestions that I was the person who inserted the block, but after the light coming on and then waking up and being released, I could not access any information or memory whatsoever.

Gavin Tonks
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Ghosts and the Afterlife


Over 30 years ago, my brother Bob got killed in a car accident in New Hampshire. At that time, he and his wife Nancy lived in Readfield, Maine. After Bob’s death Nancy sold their home, which I visited last fall. The house has been empty for many, many years! It’s still straight and has all its windows but it’s overgrown with vegetation and neglect. I went to the town hall and looked up its present owner and here’s what I found out! He bought it as a rental income but no one stayed there very long! He claims it’s HAUNTED! I took a lot of photos through its windows! Nothing! Here’s the funny part though! As I was taking a photo through the front door I heard a woman’s voice!! Very loud, it said, “HEY! BOBBY!! Someone’s taking pictures through the front door! BOBBY come QUICK!! It’s JIMMY! He looks very old but it’s JIMMY!” End of my hearing anything! I looked but I didn’t see anything!

Most people here won’t talk religion or say anything of weird stuff! The sex problems in the Catholic churches here killed religion locally! Their parking lots used to be full Sundays. Now very few cars there! And most are for SALE! I guess I’m cut from a different cloth as I don’t care! I will tell any one who shows an interest what I think! Back years ago, when I ran my body shop, I was visited by the Jehovah Witnesses and I was honest and told what I thought of what happens to all of us upon death! At first it was just a couple but you know me, I won’t back down when I think I’m right! Within a few weeks, every Saturday, I’d place chairs in the shop and me and them would argue their religion. One lady’s husband had cancer and I told her exactly what I thought he would experience upon dying. He died a few weeks later and a couple of weeks after he passed he appeared at the foot of her bed and said, “Mr. Carey was RIGHT!” She came over and visited me and told me that! She quit that church. I told her when we die we go straight to God! Instantly!! We don’t ROT in our graves and that's exactly what he told her!

Jim Carey, Windsor, Maine.
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Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure

Dear Congressional leaders Kilpatrick, Bartlett, Gravel and Woolsey and Hon. Paul T. Hellyer:

It was very good meeting you in D.C. at the Citizen´s Hearing on Disclosure. I'm on my way back to Peru now. I want to assist in the task of simplifying the complexity of exopolitical - ET presence issues which I have been researching since 1973. I'm simply interested in helping you and other fellow Americans and honest, good hearted, rational people to get a clearer overview of the various aspects and likely implications. I’ve been trying to integrate the many aspects and implications of the ET presence (as a natural vocation) since the age of 12. For obvious reasons, I volunteered to assist and be present at Steven Bassett's historic Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure and basically flew for this from Peru. I do it because I'm concerned for humanity and understand the culturally transformative potential of extraterrestrial contact. I also do it because I believe that humanity has the capacity to absorb, learn and understand this knowledge and to choose a wise course of action.

Here are some straightforward concepts:

1. The People through Congress is the primary source of law giving and self-governing in the republic. We allowed elected presidents to have executive powers, such as the one almost demonstrated to have been used by President Truman to create a secret committee to manage the research on the ET presence. The problem is that this committee doesn't really answer to any effective check and balances and (whether patriotically protecting us while researching sensitive technology or taking unwarranted liberties) they have exceeded their duties non-democratically. It seems that President Eisenhower was aware of this and tried to do something about it. A legal question to consider is whether Congress can revoke an old executive order and regain control of the run-away secretive procedures. We must choose if we really need to know or prefer others in the know to manage it all.

I think that we should, for the most part, seriously consider forgiving those that managed this information since they were either allowed by direct presidential order or were following orders. Most excesses could be understood if we consider that they were operating without supervision. One of the other actions to take would be to strengthen relations with respectful and protective ETs. In fact, there exist a few honest contactees that could potentially act as liaisons in verifiable meetings. Then, these types of conscious choice-respectful ETs would be more empowered to act on our behalf and protect us if legally elected authorities and citizens in general invite them to do so. It would be a matter of building trust without placing them on a pedestal or demonizing them as a single group. Interestingly, some mutually coinciding research suggests that President Eisenhower, weary of the way secrecy on this matter was getting out of hand, had one or two brief encounters with human-looking ET beings.

2. There are indications that the level of technology apparently retro engineered from ET craft and by other means (like re - kidnapping abductees to investigate them) is exceedingly high and there are all kinds of conspiracy theories woven around this. As Richard Dolan, PhD states in his excellent book A.D. After Disclosure, a powerful parallel break-away civilization may ensue. If normal people are kept out of the loop trusting the decisions made by those controlling this research and funds, the evolution of normal society may be imperiled. The technology would be transdimensional in that obtaining energy and organizing information by manipulating physical parameters from a realm outside (and precursor) of space/time, directing energy, bending space/time can occur. In this sense, a new vision of reality must be educated to the citizenry, a new metaphysics that allows for these physical effects.

I don’t agree that releasing all ET technology is a good idea. It can fall into the wrong hands. I don't know how far obtaining zero-point energy should go into facilitating the fabrication of weapons. This has to be looked into carefully because the benefits of ceasing to use non-renewable and polluting energy sources also are immense. In my view, the best path would be first to educate people worldwide to understand how reality is organized under a much broader scope and to validate ethical principles based on this. We need to expand our cosmologies in an integrative way. A pro-technology path without deeper spiritual and metaphysical knowledge would be demeaning and destructive. For convenience's sake we might be tempted to be incorporated into an electronic world to the point of losing our humanity and by not developing our ethics and body, mind and spirit potentials some types of ET species may be allowed to incorporate us into their "hive" or collectivity, so to speak. Some of this hybridization is already going on. We require integral and integrative ways of being and thinking capable to connect qualitative and quantitative forms of knowledge. Ken Wilber's "Integral Theory" offers some ways to move on and make sense of the complexity of our times and it could be extended to relate with the transdimensional sciences pertaining to the extraterrestrial presence. Other guidelines for today's world may be given by French philosopher Edgar Morin and his "Pensée Complexe." The point is that we need transdisciplinary and integral approaches which include spirituality and a multidimensional thinking.

Returning to the technological issue, the interest within the secrecy managers (some of whom may be doing this with good intentions in relation to exchanging technology (for instance researching downed craft with certain types of ET) would not be in our best interests in the long run. It is good to know that in the 1950's there were friendly, sincere offers made from education-giving but not technology-giving ETs, but were rejected in favor of gaining technological advantage from certain types of "greys" and others who probably needed us more than we needed them. Many of these ETs function under a rigid hierarchical organization.

3. Some ET species and sub species seem to be atrophied, desperate and not to be trusted. All seem to have psychic and telepathic access to the astral and-or Subtle Realm which they use to "tune into" a specific physical universe and time frame. Some seem to be under the control of other more powerful ones. The research from persons like Joanne Summerscales conducted in England on abductees through her AMMACH group is interesting. Some varieties of ET are abducting and implanting people without their conscious agreement, including children and impregnating women. Of the abducting ones some are more traumatizing than others. The research on this collectively adds up and some implants have been analyzed in reputable laboratories after extraction by Dr. Roger Leir and definite anomalous characteristics have been found in them. Some people also develop attachments with their abductors. Some ET species are more respectful of us and it would seriously behoove us to know who these are and to strengthen our links with them. While we are all brothers and sisters of the same Creator and we shouldn't be etnophobic and biased against different kinds of beings based on their appearance, we need to understand that not all our 'brothers and sisters' behave in the same manner or have taken the holiest of paths and made the most constructive choices. Only by choosing wisely will we be in a position to preserve our rights and to eventually assist all beings in different ways. We need to remain intact. The issue goes deeper than the preservation of oil, corporation and international finance interests or of the alleged power groups and families using the secret control group to maintain their advantage.

Although they might be slightly on the rise, in Peru there have been very few classical abductions as in the U.S. or Puerto Rico and I have a few good, rational and service-oriented friends maintaining over many years mutually respectful occasional physical contacts with benevolent varieties of conscious choice respecting ET. All ET species allowed to intervene on Earth in one way or another have some rights to do it under exopolitical intervention laws and perhaps all of them need us in one way or another. Some are genuinely aligned with spiritual and Christ based guidelines, some pretend to be so and some are openly against.

Often, tall blonde ET are generalized as "benevolent" but that may not always be the case. My understanding of the entity Ashtar Sheran is that he distracts and deceives. It also seems evident that the "Pleiadians" or "Plejarans" of Eduard Billy Meir's contacts in Switzerland (after which a cult seems to have developed) are both Nordic-looking and deceiving. Then the so called "Tall Whites" contacted by Charles Hall may be up to save their civilization but tend to react aggressively in a self defense mode quite easily. The beings we have known in Peru and other Latin American countries and also in the US are tall and ash blonde, 6' tall Mongolian looking and human with an orange skin tinge. Dark skin, slim and tall individuals have also been occasionally contacted. One of them -known as Mardorx- was photographed. They protect and work with genuine masters of wisdom preserving the essence within religions and the history of humanity as for example those living under Lake Titicaca in enhanced caverns under the Earth's crust. The difference between these and associated ETs and other "channeled" entities is that there have been simultaneous telepathic messages, collective clear, unequivocal sightings and single and collective physical and visible holographic contacts. Brazil is a mixed bag which also includes deceptive beings and violent beings that exsanguinated to various degrees about 400 inhabitants. Human mutilations also seem to have occurred. Furthermore, in Argentina there have been many cases of cattle mutilations.

4. Spirituality and religion and theology don't need to be dismissed. GOD is here to stay. Principle and Logos is here to stay. The scope and depth of understanding could be enhanced but not necessarily by the technology, physics, and the use of transdimensional science but by spiritual principles that first allow the metaphysics and then the physics to be as it is. These are spiritual principles and the deepening of religion and theology under a transdimensional science would touch upon the essences that underlie and connect all legitimate religions in spite of their different exoteric interpretations. Openness to new age information should be cautious as many well-meaning, enthusiastic individuals open to the UFO phenomenon within this movement may lack clarity to discern cautiously. In my view, much channeled information in the US and other countries is contaminated. Perhaps genuine telepathy along with objective verification and a long term mutually respectful relationship with the communicants seems to work best to arrive at what is really going on regarding who is who among ETs. Also, many good books have been written by sincere contactees, abductees and researchers at least since the 1950's (such as Timothy Good's Alien Base).

5. It is possible to strengthen contact with beings that respect us. My friend Luis Fernando Mostajo from Bolivia has been translated into English and is in U Tube. He may give you an idea of the types of contacts which are more convenient for us in the long run. Ricardo Gonzalez from Peru also is a bona fide contactee with benevolent beings and his mindset is quite objective and logical. We also have the many in-depth, contactee research books by Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens and many more interesting cases like that of Daniel Fry, Howard Menger or perhaps Alec Newald. Apparently all ET groups allowed to intervene on Earth cannot exceed certain limits that would impede the activities and plans of other groups. Apparently, whether they agree with each other or not, they have to respect each other’s' activities as long as they don’t exceed a certain limit. This is why they have not invaded us. There are many groups with many interests, ways to proceed, inclinations, complicated histories and intentions. Apparently (in order to obtain technology) a greater level of relation was established by the secret control group with varieties of beings that can mire us into grave problems. Most of those allowed to intervene seem to belong to evolutionary lines that gave us some of their genetic seed in our past and this is why they have some rights and some may be "harvesting" us more crudely (like some of the varieties of "greys"; the secret group managing this research) to overcome their more elemental atrophies while others want to learn from our capacity to reach the highest spiritual sentiments which will further their own evolution. The more aware we become of our unique combined genetic potential capable of expressing God's creative patterns more effectively than the ET beings that contributed their genes, the less some of them will be willing to use us as inferior beings or to hybridize (and perhaps attempt to replace us) with us without our conscious approval. If we continue in our ecologically destructive path these particular types of beings may be allowed to continue with their incorporation plans.

At this point, I don't want to overload you with more of this "stuff." I just wanted to give you a general overview of the things that have to be known to start making wiser, informed decisions. A good source of information giving an outline is Manuel Lamiroy (Google him and his "Exopaedia"). Professor Michael Salla, PhD, founder of Exopolitics Institute, also is a very good source to get a balanced, rational overview. Not everything about the ET presence (a very ancient presence) is scary. I think that most ET beings operate under high principles and love but after the 1960's have generally been less visible, waiting for us to be willing to work with them.

Once again, count with my cooperation in this complex matter. I’m also writing essays for Exopolitics Institute and Exopolitics Journal where you can read the work of Michael E. Salla and other balanced authors. Thank you for your well -meaning, straightforward, historical participation at the Citizens Hearing.

Yours truly,
Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera
Lima, Peru

Thursday, August 18, 2022