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Encounters with the Unknown

A Distant Memory Never Forgotten

by: Carallel

It was 1968. On a road trip with friends, I was luxuriously stretched out in the back seat of a smooth riding Cadillac. Gayle and Tom sat in the front, and we were talking and exchanging stories. I became curious about a fleck of light on the window. Though the sedan was amply blessed with a lot of lights, I just couldn’t figure out where this reflection came from.

It stayed constant in the same position, but with no logical source. I languished and it held my fascination. I could have sat up and changed the reflection, but was determined to figure it out. Several miles down the road, nothing about the reflection was making any sense, no matter how hard I tried to figure it out.

I finally sat up, and cupped my hand above it, to the side and around it. It did not change. Finally, I opened the window and saw that it was truly out there, up in the sky. The bizarre part was how it stayed in the same relative position in the window. That’s how I took it for a reflection in the first place.

Gayle and Tom were talking while I mused about this light out there. It was just a bright speck, but it was following the car down the freeway. I rubbed my eyes, and then figured that I would see if was indeed following us by the time Tom drove the maze to get through my neighborhood and drop me off at home, at my South Akron apartment. I think we were coming from Canton, but that part is fuzzy.

As the path of travel became more intricate, this speck of light stayed accurately in the same position. It followed the maze all the way to my apartment.

I was enthralled with the idea of spotting a UFO. But I was still in disbelief that this was actually happening to me. Just before they let me off, I remember thinking what the real proof would be that it was following me. It would stay hovering over my yard, right?

It didn’t follow them. It just hovered over my back yard with me staring up. I said “take me, take me.” I thought it would be such a great experience. Why I wasn’t afraid by this time is beyond me. How often in a lifetime does something like this happen?

I got suddenly so sleepy; I could hardly hold my head up. I went inside and fell asleep immediately.

I woke up the next day with a vague memory of what had happened. I was taken onto the craft. It wasn’t scary at all. The aliens looked like the standard aliens that so many people talk about nowadays. They were small with silver skin that looked like the scales of a fish. Their heads were triangle shaped with huge eyes that looked like glass bubbles. The arms ended with hands that only had three fingers. They ushered me into a small examination room that was more like a compartment.

They were curious and looked me over. I remember they were particularly interested in the lines that had begun forming around my lips, which I later learned was caused by a vitamin B deficiency.

That’s all I can remember. I tried to remember more, but they didn’t speak. It was as if we communicated psychically. I don't remember what was communicated. Most of the replay comes to me in visuals. When they found out whatever they were probing for, the whole encounter was over.

I woke up the next morning in my bed and felt fine. I never trusted myself about the truth of the incident until other people recounted similar stories with the same descriptions of what the aliens looked like.

Still, I’ve never talked about this with anyone, until now. In retrospect, I believe my life started to change after that. A while later, I met Madeline Teagle through George Murray. I remember Madeline and George discussing that I was the goddess of the temple, interpreter of the past, and goddess of communication. I was still in my teens at that time, and more interested in having fun and being a teeny bopper. I wish I would have asked for an explanation, and the only one who could explain is George Murray. I wonder if he's still alive. I haven't gone to Kent for eons.

I have seen Madeline (now deceased…editor) since she is in her new form. I wasn't attempting to see her in a vision or anything when I saw her. I was in my recliner taking a break. It was twilight, and she appeared right next to the chair. She was much smaller than in her earthly form. Her hair was like a fluffy mass of silvery cotton candy. She had a skirt and top that looked like a suit. It was kind of a muted orange color. She was radiant and smiling the most joyful looking expression as she looked upon me. An overwhelming feeling of love surrounded me. The vision was so real, and she stayed a while, but my earthbound self got a little scared, and poof - she disappeared.

Now I am being channeled through, and I get these cryptic poems. I asked aloud where this writing is coming from, and the answer came "all of your writing is channeled from us." It is the second time that this has happened. The other time was when I lived in Kent in a century home located diagonally across from the Masonic Temple. The year was 1978, I believe. Those were different and more trance-like.

The other people in the house saw me writing and just acted kind of strangely toward me. At the end of the writing, I had a definite impression that I would eventually understand the meaning of the words. One particular phrase that said "five is better than three" is about the pentagram recently formed at the Venus eclipse this past summer. There's more, but this is getting quite lengthy.

I somehow realized that there was a tunnel from this Lilac Gardens house where a sort of communal living set up was going on. That came to me when I was starting to fall asleep. Madeline summoned a diviner named Mr. Shuman and he confirmed with his divining rod that there was indeed a tunnel.

Life in general has been a series of coincidences. I also saw a lantern spacecraft in Kent , Ohio. It was oblong, and I would say that it probably was a hexagon, but it was about two or three hundred yards away, and I only saw the profile view. The top was solid and came to a point. Below was red and lit up. It moved in a tilted position about 30 or 35 mph. It came from high above the treetops to about ten feet or fifteen feet off the ground.


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