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An Interview with Bret Oldham

by: Brent Raynes

Bret Oldham and his wife Gina live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They are the founders of Halo Paranormal. I have had the great honor and pleasure of knowing and working with them both for over three years now. We have been on numerous paranormal investigations together. I have found them to be very competent, thorough and sincere in their work. During this time I have kept their secret – that Bret has also had “alien abduction” experiences going all the way back to early childhood.

Now the world is finding out. On the premiere of Destination America’s Monsters and Mysteries in America aired on April 28th, no doubt one of Bret’s most frightening and disturbing alien encounters occurred to him and a former girl friend, while living in Las Vegas. Also in late April came the release of Bret’s extraordinary book, Children Of The Greys , that details his life-long alien encounter experiences.

Readers are encouraged to visit Bret’s site.

Brent Raynes: Bret, I've known you and your lovely wife Gina for a little over three years now, and during that time you stayed way in the background about your alien abductin experiences and memories. But last night (04/28/13) on Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America you allowed television to reveal to the world one of your deepest and darkest secrets - how you and a former girl friend - who was pregnant with your first child at the time - one night were both abducted together by humanoid beings commonly known to ufology as "the Greys." It had to be an absolutely terrifying experience, during which you were made to watch as the fetus was removed by the aliens!

Bret Oldham: I had thought about going public with my experiences for a very long time but never had the courage to do it. Finally, I felt the time was right. I had gotten to the point that I knew by me coming forth with my story that it could help others who have endured these traumatic alien abduction experiences and at the same time bring more awareness as to the reality of this phenomenon to the public. I knew that I had a lot to offer and I no longer wanted to keep this dark secret in. Even my wife Gina didn't know for the first couple of years of our marriage. She had questioned the scars on my back but it was the reoccurring nightmares that made her aware that something really bad had happened to me. It was such a relief to tell her and she has been very supportive and understanding through it all. It was her and our mutual friend, Sandy Nichols, who encouraged me to go public and to write "Children Of The Greys" about my lifelong alien abduction experiences.

I was pleased with the way Monster's and Mysteries in America handled my episode. I had told them from the beginning that it had to be taken seriously or I wouldn't do it, and they did. I saw the show as a way to increase awareness and so far the response has been very positive. I've already been contacted by a half a dozen people from around the country who are experiencers and seeking help.

The television show only covered a couple of the multitude of alien abductions I have had but they did cover one of the most traumatic ones which was the time the Greys took the fetus. You are right in describing it as a terrifying experience. At first it was sheer terror and panic which then for me, turned to anger. The terror really set in once I woke up on the table and realized what was happening. It is the most helpless feeling to be forced to watch these heartless creatures take a fetus that was a part of me, my child, and not be able to do a damn thing about it. I am not a violent man but if I could have, I would have killed every one of the Greys there that night.

Brent Raynes: It had been years afterwards since you and your former girl friend had been in contact and you had no way of knowing what she remembered all of these years later regarding this traumatic event. In fact, it was what broke you two up, as she resented you for what "the Greys" did, which of course you had no control over. But as you and the world found out on television her memories matched yours precisely, confirming the alien abduction and fetus removal.

Bret Oldham: I had no way of knowing what she remembered or even if she remembered it. We hadn't spoke in at least 15 years. When I contacted her about the show I asked her if she remembered it and she said that she did remember the typewriter being knocked over which woke us up to see the Greys standing in our bedroom. Later after the show interviewed her, the director told me that her story completely backed up my account of that night. I had no idea what she had said until I saw the show when it aired. I've always wondered why the Greys didn't block her memory of the event. It seems like they let her remember it on purpose.

Brent Raynes: Then years later, you actually had an experience too, as portrayed in a recreation on the TV documentary, of being brought together with your alien hybrid child, whose recreated image is depicted also on the cover of your recently released book Children of the Greys.

Bret Oldham: That was also a very emotional event. I go into detail about it in my book. The image of the little hybrid girl who they showed me and insisted that I interact with will be forever burned in my consciousness. I knew that it was her image that I had to have on the cover of the book. My brother Jeffery almost brought tears to my eyes when he showed me the final book cover. I had vividly described to him what she looked like and he got very, very close to what she actually did look like. I knew after meeting the hybrid child that night, that if I ever wrote a book it would be called "Children Of The Greys". A lot of people are freaked out by her image but also drawn to it in a gentle mesmerizing way and I understand that with all my heart as that is exactly the way I felt when meeting her. The Greys have done some awful things to me, both physically and mentally and never letting me see her again is one of the cruelest. Maybe someday.....

Brent Raynes: Your earliest alien memories go back to your childhood. Initially, you mentally blocked them out, or dismissed them (plus the aliens can induce apparent amnesia), but over time too much had happened that you did come to remember.

Bret Oldham: I did remember the first couple of abductions. I had told my Mother about my new little friends. They would always tell me how they were my friends but at the same time once while watching "The Wizard of Oz" not long after these experiences started, I went into a crying fit when I saw the flying monkey's. They were taking Toto and Dorothy. Something in my subconscious must have triggered a comparison between the small little flying monkeys and the small little Grey beings taking me like the monkeys were taking the characters in the movie. Soon after that my memories were blocked by the aliens. A few things would surface over the years but it wasn't until I was in my 20's and began to have severe anxiety attacks did the floodgates open about my abductions. I think it was bound to come to the surface sooner or later because of all that had happened. It finally did with the anxiety attacks. I ended up in therapy and had a couple of rough years coming to grips with it all.

Brent Raynes: As you and I have talked about many times, you, as well as many, many other alien abductees, are prone to a significantly greater concentration of paranormal experiences than one finds with the average person. Could you weigh in on this as well, share your thoughts and a little of what has happened with yourself through the years?

Bret Oldham: I'm glad you asked this. I have found, and continue to find, this correlation between abductees and increased paranormal activity around them. After my alien abductions began, so did the paranormal events. I covered some of them in "Children Of The Greys" because I feel it is it an important part of alien abduction research that should be pursued further. I spent my childhood living in fear because I was constantly being contacted by spirits/ghosts. They would touch me, talk to me, shake my bed, move things, and appear to me. One even got in bed with me one night! Unfortunately, no one would listen to me. I suppose they all thought I was just another kid afraid of the dark. As I got older I began to educate myself about the paranormal and began to understand what was happening to me and I learned how to deal with it. These kinds of events still continue but I embrace it now. I no longer fear anything. Gina and I do what we can to help both the living and those who have transitioned to the other side. Most of the time they aren't trying to scare you; rather they simply need help or need to deliver a message. I now believe the reason that the spirit world is attracted to me and other abductees is a result of the energy changes in our bodies that happens from the abduction process. The Greys are using inter-dimensional portals to take us. This is beyond our current understanding of physics but I recently saw an article in Life Science about some new discoveries being made that will rewrite our current laws of physics and one of the things they mentioned was inter-dimensional travel.

Many paranormal researchers believe that the energy/souls of those in the dimension of the spirit realm vibrate at a faster rate than we do in our dimensional plane. I agree with this and further theorize that the dimensional shift that happens to alien abductees through the process being used by the aliens to take us, changes our energy and causes an increase, or vibrational rate increase in it, which more closely matches those in the spirit world. Because of that, we become a beacon of sorts to them so they seek us out.

Brent Raynes: In your book, you asked a number of experiencers and researchers (myself included) to share their thoughts on the "alien agenda." After all of your many years of direct, personal experiences, please share with us your own thoughts on the alien agenda?

Bret Oldham: I wanted to get perspectives on what other experiencers and researchers believed was the alien agenda which in and of itself is a very complex subject. As for myself, I can only speculate on what the Greys agenda might be. Obviously, different species of aliens could and most likely do have different agendas and/or reasons to interact or visit our planet.

My experiences with the Greys would reflect a strong interest by them in human sexuality and the psychology of human emotions. Most of the procedures and experiments done to me by the Greys involved aspects of one or the other of these or both. I also believe that they admire and desire the physical attributes that humans posses since they are very frail creatures. They are creating a hybrid species between us and them and perhaps combining the best physical and mental attributes of both to create a more superior species than either them or us. Why are they doing this? I can't say for sure. However, I sense desperation in their motives and actions. Maybe their own survival depends on it and given the technology and right circumstances I believe humans would do the same.

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