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Contactee/healer Jerry Wills

report by: Brent Raynes

Recently I received this email and illustration from well-known UFO contactee and healer Jerry Wills, who had just read a write-up I had mentioned in my last issue’s column (Reality Checking) describing UFO sightings and contactee events in Pennsylvania. He had had a spectacular sighting in that same state just the year before, and it seemed that he accomplished this through mental contact with the entities.

Here’s what he wrote:

Hi Brent -- I just started reading your latest newsletter and saw the info selected below. Very interesting to me because Kathy and a friend of ours (Josh White) witnessed a huge UFO outside Pittsburgh last August while standing on an abandoned runway, now a large cleared hay field. The object was nearly 600' long, flying at an altitude of no more than 100'.

The sighting occurred exactly 24 hours after I attempted to contact the group I had been in touch with years earlier.

It would be interesting to know the details of what others saw (date, time, and description) if you have that information.

Here's a drawing of what they saw...

Best Wishes

I certainly found Jerry’s account quite interesting, and so I sent him a series of questions about his experiences and any possible insights he might be able to share regarding these phenomena and he answered them all. Here they are:

Brent Raynes: Are your own contacts (the group you referred to) Nordic types also?

Jerry Wills: Yes, in a general manner of speaking. There are several illustrations showing this type of ET. In my opinion, and because of what I have seen during numerous contacts, there is not a specific body type. In reality these folks look as different as people on this world. They would not stand out if you were to see them in a crowd. However, by themselves, or if they were traveling as a group of people walking together, you would certainly notice "something" was different about them, though what that something might be would be hard to determine.

Brent Raynes: Have you had other occasions when you could seemingly 'call them down'?

Jerry Wills: Yes, there are several occasions (many years ago) when this has happened. Until that night before Kathy's sighting was really the first time I had attempted it for several decades. The reason is due to how unsafe it is for them when I do this. My instructions were, simply stated, call us if you have a good reason. Whatever that reason might be was clearly left to my decision making whether it qualified as a good reason. They would accept whatever my reason was without exception.

The last time I did this in the US was at Giant Rock, California during a UFO conference held there in the late 80's. I was invited to speak in part because I had the crystal ball given to me by the ET's. This is something I have kept a secret for many years. Also, I was there in part to Virgil Armstrong, a long time friend of mine, He knew my story, and the details of my experiences. It was also because of him I was invited to Berlin to speak at a large conference there one Spring. It has been several years - decades really - since I saw Virgil. I have no idea what ever became of him.

The other times I called on the "visitors" was during trips to Peru. They could move about more freely there, so there was no issue connecting with them. I later learned they lived near a small village deep within the Andes. I have never disclosed their location, and likely never will. For as long as I can recall, these folks have been close friends... almost like family. There is a built in trust between us. I only called them in this last time because I so desperately wanted Kathy to have an experience with them. She had never seen anything like this (a UFO sighting) before. Still, because she loves me she believed me and my wild stories. I felt it was appropriate that she at the least might see what I have seen so many times. It was a good reason... and now, she knows I've not made anything up. It's one thing to simply trust because you love someone. It is also an act of love to show them eventually their trust was well placed.

Brent Raynes: Would love to see what you guys saw!

Jerry Wills: I know... And Kathy was awe struck that she didn't think of shooting a few photo's. I suppose she is now with the world as I was once with her. It's important to have the experience. Perhaps one day it will be provided for you as well. I hope this is the case.

Sunday, May 19, 2024