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Electronic Letters to the Editor


Thanks for keeping me on the list -- I checked off several articles I'm looking forward to reading.
Perhaps you already know, but on Feb. 3rd we celebrated Alex Imich's 110th birthday at The Esplanade where he lives, here in NYC. There were interesting family members, friends, and colleagues of Alex's including a woman who knew his wife Vela in Poland! This woman was spry and witty and we figured she had to be up in her nineties. Also, like Alex, a holocaust survivor. Amazing stuff. Best regards, Lyn Halper

Editor’s Note: Dr. Imich is amazing! We posted an interview with Dr. Imich back in 2005, which can be read here: http://web.archive.org/web/20051216002827/http://mysterious-america.net/alexanderimichin.html
Dr. Imich is a highly respected parapsychologist who has worked on some extraordinary cases. For his 109th birthday, an interview was done detailing his life and many fascinating interests and experiences at this site: http://www.victorzammit.com/articles/allexanderimich.htm.

Brent, I was thinking of our very short interchange... and had gone back to look at your mag again. Again some fascinating material... You know your stuff- your Alternate Perceptions Magazine- is some of the best commentary on the web in this genre. It is presented simply and forthrightly with plenty of detail and a questioning, a wondering attitude. Yet an insider's appreciation of the reality of ... whatever it is that is going on. James D.


Dear Editor;

I wish to express my gratitude to you and your readers for the success of my book, "HOAX: The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled."
Your review (Dec. 2012) was exceptional; and subsequent "Letters to the Editor" ignited readers' interest in my book.
Numerous readers have written me saying how much my writing was enjoyed. Many were not aware of the underworld of disinformation. Others wrote telling me of the backlash from disinformants after trying to expose a government lie.
All who wrote complimented me on my substantiation of facts, some of which are online and indisputable.
Nearly every respondent was concerned about the sailors who'd been hospitalized at Bethesda as crazy, and wondered if any were still alive. Personally, I'd love to hear from any who are still living, or their families.
Thank you so much, Brent, for allowing me the opportunity of this time and space. Sincerely, P.J. Dowers
Author: HOAX
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Editor’s Note: Dowers wanted people to know that her book HOAX has been discounted and available for $9.95 per copy from The BookPatch.Com.


Hi Brent.

Thanks so much for the latest ap magazine. I really enjoyed it. I think this is your best issue yet! The Aquatic Encounters article by Albert Rosales was my absolute favorite. I have had a life-long fascination with stories of the mer people and especially the legend of the Silky. I noticed that many of the mermaid sightings mentioned by Rosales occurred off the coast of Scotland. It is in the Inner Hebrides, especially the island of Iona, where some of the locals believe they are decended from the Seal People (Silkies). As you may have heard, according to this legend, the Silky lives in the sea but sheds its seal skin to come onto the land to live (and mate) with people, then may return to the sea at times with its offspring. This legend bears some resemblance to that of the mermaid. It's interesting that the mermaid/men legend exists worldwide. Well, thanks, again. You and the family take really good care. Mary


Kreskin Interview

Kreskin Interview

Thank you! The Amazing Kreskin interview is excellent. He is an enigma. Inspiring and - in my one time of meeting him - while working with a team in radio - he was very kind in person. However, it takes the right connection to get a solid interview. You revealed some excellent insight.

Best wishes,
Wendy :)

Wendy Garrett
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I saw a full body apparition…

Friday night (01/18/13), around 6:15 p.m., my wife Sherrie was cooking dinner. I was in the main house. Sherrie walked back to the laundry room while dinner cooked. I walked outside on the back porch to smoke a cigarette. I lit it, walked to the steps leading down to the pool deck. I stared at the pool waterfall for about 10 seconds and turned around. I had a straight on view looking into the den through the door we always walk in and out of the main house to the back porch. As soon as I turned around and looked through the door I saw a full body apparition walk from the den into the kitchen. Female, slender, but not overly thin. Very erect posture, dark hair to a little bit below her shoulders. She had on a blue, long sleeve blouse, dark blue floor length dress. Not tight, but not flowing either. I saw the right side of her face. I’d estimate her age looked to be around the mid-30s. Total viewing time was several seconds.

Immediately went into the house thinking at first I had seen Sherrie, but then realizing that it was not her. Sherrie was still back in the laundry room. She was wearing a long sleeve, medium gray sweat shirt, and long black sweat pants. I told Sherrie I had just seen one of our ghosts.

Another strange thing happened back toward the end of this past week, Thursday or Friday night, sometime around 2 a.m. I was walking around the pool deck smoking a cigarette and I was at the far end of the pool, walking back toward the pool house, when half-way back I saw a flash of white light above and behind the back of the pool house. There is nothing behind the pool house except my yard, riding trail, tree line, and farm field.

Sandy Nichols
Thompson Station, TN
Website: www.alienresearchgroup.com
(Email dated 01/21.13)


The Philadephia Experiment and the Allende Mystery

Dear Editor;
I, and others, were shocked that Mr. Goerman attacked my book, "HOAX: The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled," (your January issue – reviewed in December) as if I purposely lied, misleading "unwary" readers. Those who don't understand that our government (and its many tendrils) does mislead and lie to us are the unwary. Those who let others do their thinking will find those others only too willing to take on that chore permanently. In the end, those who won't do their own thinking will be slaves to those who do it for them. The many incongruities in the Philadelphia Experiment tale (and other alleged cover-ups) should make one seek and think, not blindly trust. First, I address Mr. Goerman's "facts."

1. Carl Allen's birth registration proves only that Carl Meredith Allen was born, when, where, and to whom; not that the Carlos Allende we knew was Carl Allen.

2. The "Z" number proves only that that number was issued to Carl Allen; not that the Carlos Allende we knew was Carl Allen.

3. The property owned by the Allens proves only that it was owned by the Allens; not that the Carlos Allende we knew was Carl Allen.

4. The many aliases of Carlos Allende prove only that the man used them, "Carl Allen" being one; not that the Carlos Allende we knew was Carl Allen.

5. Carlos gave a number of document copies to my son. They prove only that a man calling himself Carlos Allende possessed a number of Carl Allen's papers; not that the Carlos Allende we knew was Carl Allen.

6. The identity confirmation by the Allens and their cooperation with Mr. Goerman, seems peculiar. The Allen family member with whom I corresponded cut me off with a short apology when I got too nosey --- the family had been "instructed not to speak to anyone about Carl." It wouldn't be the first time a government agent cautioned people to keep their mouths shut (or else!).

7. Regarding Allende's mental instability, all we have are the opinions of several writers, no clinical documentation. The man's weird ways could have had any number of causes.
Here's ten incongruities. There's others. (You didn't think I was going to give away the whole book, did you?):

1. Allen's Certificate of Identification listed his eyes as green. The man we knew had light blue eyes.

2. Allende's handwriting, compared with Jessup's, went suspiciously beyond similar. 3. Allende spoke of seeing the Nazca Lines. Jessup was in Peru in 1935 and saw the Nazca Lines. When did Carl Allen go?

4. Carlos claimed to be a "Pennsylvania farm boy." Carl was born in a town – Springdale, PA. Carl's father's obituary states that the elder Allen worked for the Duquesne Light Company for forty-three years. Jessup's father was an acclaimed cattle and swine breeder in Parke County, Indiana. Now who was the farm boy? Was the man, who spoke many times as if reading from a script, "instructed" to substitute Pennsylvania for Indiana?

5. Jessup discusses suicide with close friends and relatives. Generally, those who seriously plan suicide don’t broadcast it. Seems strange that Jessup "discussed" suicide, and wrote of it in letters, but there's no record of anyone trying to intervene.

6. The University of Miami states that Jessup's body was dissected in January of 1962, cremated on January 30, 1962, and the ashes placed in a common grave as no one had requested them (emphasis mine). Why? He had living relatives…and "close friends."

7. Allende was hard to find, say several reports; but he had a "government guard."

8. A photo shows a forty-plus-year-old "Carlos Allende" in 1942, when Carl Allen was only seventeen.

9. Then there's a photo online, said to be Carl Allen (a man with a pipe). On checking out that photo, we notice that the lower edge of Allen's ears go straight to the head, no split between the lobe and the side of the head. Carlos Allende's photo in the old newspaper, "The News of Colorado Centennial Country," shows Allende's ears as having free-hanging lobes (the lower edge curving back up before attaching to the head. Still think they are the same man?

10. That Jessup wrote letters to himself as Allen and Allende was caught in an obscure inconsistency of letter dates, pointed out in William Moore's book.

Here, a good pitchman would squawk, "Wait! There's more!" To parrot an old comedy recording – "It's in the book." Mr. Goerman winds down his Fate article (Oct. 1980) stating, "It is clear that the legend of Carl Allen/Carlos Allende is mostly fiction." How is it clear? I came away from the reading with a muddy perception of what the man had proven. We have Mr. Goerman's story of talking with Carl Allen's father and brothers, which may be "documented" (written down), but the content of those conversations is unverified, not proven or backed up by official documents. We have just the word of those people to go on – opinion and hearsay only. Mr. Goerman mentions other writers' words. Still we have only opinion and hearsay. As I said in my book, there are many individuals who discourage the rest of us from digging for the truth. I quote: "They mockingly imply how stupid we are to believe such drivel. Their purpose is to redden our countenances, make us slink off into the underbrush and shut up." I won't shut up. The only way Mr. Goerman makes any sense to me, is if one bows down to believing his words, just because they are in print. What I ask is, if something doesn't make sense, that you question, probe, and think for yourself. Too many people read without thinking, and so, many times, they end up believing that two opposite things are true. Common sense should tell us, it can't be both ways. In my book I show you elements that made no sense to my son and me, once we began to think about them and trying to connect them logically to other elements; and I show you how we connected components to arrive at our conclusions, letting you experience our "aha" moments. The "legend of Carl Allen/Carlos Allende" is only part of the story that has been dubbed "The Philadelphia Experiment." Mr. Goerman's article seems to evade the other part, dismissing the remainder of the tale as fiction. This is, I think, the lowest form of disrespect and dishonor for the sailors who were destroyed by those alleged tests. Allende isn't the only one to write of such horrifying results. He didn't invent the "Philadelphia Experiment."

In Mr. Goerman's reference to my book's synopsis at The Book Patch, he omitted that I hinted at multiple USS Eldridges. In his 1980 Fate article, Mr. Goerman does say that Allende wrote that there were two Eldridges. However, Mr. Goerman does not go into any detail about the two ships. I will.

Type USS Eldridge into your browser. Scroll down to "Search Images of USS Eldridge." Click on an image, then the "full-size image" to get clear views of the ships. Take note of the ships' numbers. There's several photos of a 173 (no DE), then the DE 173, all captioned as the USS Eldridge. Doesn't that make two Eldridges? Eagle-eye those ships through a few pages. Some have masts at mid-ship; some more forward; one looks more like a speedboat, which seems to have no number or other designation. Another photo, captioned the USS Eldridge, is numbered 766. The 173s, the DE 173s, the "speedboat," and the 766 are all labeled the USS Eldridge. There should be only one USS Eldridge – the DE 173. The Navy lied; Allende didn't. My book has a whole chapter on ships, and includes an enlightening letter from a gentleman who worked at Naval Sea Systems Command.

Mr. Goerman's sites offer nothing concrete that I could find. He mentions Keel's letter for "confirmation." It confirms only that Keel had opinions, along with Santesson, Sanderson and Steiger. Upon reading materials on this subject – for myself – it seemed there was a clique of writers using each others' opinions to lend credence to their own. This doesn't comprise proof, but repetition tends to solidify statements as facts in people's minds. That's brainwashing. The government does a lot of it, and we don’t notice that it's happening. An old bumper sticker reads, "I'm alert. The world needs more lerts." Oh, boy; do we! My book also has a chapter on disinformants. They're paid to lie. The Navy admits electromagnetic tests. That sailors were maimed and killed by the extreme force isn't admitted. Were some vaporized, like the people of Hiroshima, their bodies' outlines burned onto machines and bulkheads, as the outlines of Japanese bodies were burned onto the sides of buildings? As to the survivors, hospitalized at Bethesda Naval Hospital as "crazy" and "unfit for service," we should wonder – how could so many go crazy at the same time and tell the same crazy story? There have been other past atrocities committed against young soldiers and un-informed civilians. This brings two questions to my mind: One, why is the referenced event so hard to believe? And two, what are they doing to young people, and perhaps others, now – that we know nothing of? It is difficult to see the horrible suicide statistics in our present-day military. If there were such results created by those tests, why wouldn't the Navy cover it up with a convoluted story? Can you imagine the lawsuits the families could file? To save Jessup's hide, why wouldn't they fake his death, trading a Communist's body for Jessup's (no one would want Communist ashes), falsify documents and other "proof," intimidate families into silence, and hustle him off to Mexico? My book contains more questions and incongruities; yet I'm accused of leading people astray. Let me clarify: I'm trying to get people to think for themselves. I don't tell you what to believe. I tell you how my son and I came to our conclusions. If what I state is opinion or hearsay, I say so; if it is theory, or conjecture, I show it; if it is fact, I provide as much substantiation as I can. Please – form your own opinions – exercise that freedom. As they say, use it or lose it. Thank you for your attention. Thank you for thinking.

Phyllis J. Dowers
Author of HOAX: The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled
Available at thebookpatch.com


Watery Past of Egypt

Dear Brent,

Modern scientific tools and methods are helping to create an alternate perception of life in Ancient Egypt and these new insights often conflict with the established disciplines of traditional archaeologists and Egyptologists.

Archaeologist Angela Micol discovered two potential new pyramid sites by using Google Earth.

Geologist Philip D. Gingerich and his team excavated the first known complete fossilized skeleton of Basilosuarus Isis, a 50-foot long prehistoric whale in the Sahara, confirming the watery past of the desert.

Dr. Robert M. Schoch, a geologist, in conjunction with John Anthony West, has been researching the age of the Sphinx and based his findings on severe water erosion of the strata around the Sphinx’s enclosure.

Andrew Collins in his book “Beneath the Pyramids” relates his discovery and exploration of an extensive network of caves and tunnels in the limestone beneath the Giza Plateau…typical of the action of underground water in limestone strata. Andrew’s revelations were rejected by Zahi Hawass, the ‘Head of Antiquities’ in Egypt at that time.

We have information that corroborates the existence of ancient water courses under the Giza Plateau that most likely caused the natural caverns and tunnels in the limestone and sandstone aquifers located there.

This information is available in Report No.10 entitled “Hydrogeology of Deep Aquifers in the Western Desert and Sinai” dated August 1998 by Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources - US Agency for International Development.

Report No.10 details how five enormous aquifers come together under the Giza Plateau and how ancient tectonic faults that cross the plateau developed fissures in the rock strata creating upward paths for water under pressure (artesian) to emerge at the surface. The Report indicates that, during seismic movement, the faults silicified to create vertical glass walls in the formations that forever diverted the direction of massive amounts of water directly to the Giza Plateau. In some locations, the pressurized water reached the surface in quantities sufficient to create the various known oases, while at the Giza Plateau, the water reaching the surface drained off the plateau into the Nile River below. We believe the Great Pyramid was built over the ancient Well & Grotto on the plateau surface and used its flowing artesian water to power the construction engine that built the pyramid, the last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the World.

We used the information in this report to substantiate the theory in our 2011 book “Floating Stones – Great Pyramid built with Water Power.” We also referenced Andrew’s discoveries in our Chapter 2, Page 27/28 to validate the presence of water erosion within the plateau formations. We are currently working to produce a digital animation of the geological and manmade processes that culminated in the Great Pyramid’s construction.

We look forward to the interdisciplinary efforts of all science based researchers to uncover the alternate truths that will demonstrate the watery past of Egypt and would welcome the inclusion of our book or its review to your website. Sincerely,

Michael N. Read, Engineer
Samuel Sampson, Architect
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.floatingstonesbook.com

Sunday, May 19, 2024