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Electronic Letters to the Editor

Yours remains the most complete, regularly published internet magazine on the paranormal. Shame we can’t hold it in our hands – but then neither can you a ghost or an alien I guess, and they are “real” as well.

Timothy Beckley (aka Mr. UFO)
New Brunswick, NJ
Website: www.conspiracyjournal.com

I must have had swine flu. I had not eaten for 5 days. My mind was numb. As a computer tech by trade, I could not remember how to work on them. I must have been hit bad. But then started the unexplainable religious experiences—praying and getting answered. The heaviest, per say, was during a heavy rainstorm, having prayed for the sun to come out for a few minutes so I could bask in it. Well, I got answered in as little as three minutes. The rain stopped and the clouds opened in only one spot, between me and the sun. And when I thanked God for it, I went inside and the clouds closed and it resumed raining non-stop for another day. It had already rained two days without stopping. By this time, I was recovering well and feeling better.

Do we have a connection to the other side? In one instance, selling something on the internet brought nothing for a whole week. After a prayer and meditation, I immediately received a call from someone who wished to buy my most expensive item. He did within 20 minutes of the phone call, which the call came immediately after prayer. He came and bought the item and did not even look or examine the item as one would think after paying much.

However, the year after, during a couple month stretch, we got loose with our money. I was unexployed and my wife and myself started spending too much money, buying more than our needs and spending on things we didn’t need. I came home one day after I felt guilty for being too loose. My in-law was helping us and we were not being frugal. There was a couple messages on the answering machine. One was a creditor. The other was a whispering voice surrounded by white noise. As I listened, I could not make out what was being said. So, I took my digital voice recorder and recorded the answering machine message and transferred it to the computer. I did some work to elevate the recording to hear it better. The recording said “stop wasting the money,” then what sounded like “repeat”! I was floored. I don’t know who might have done this. The voice almost sounded like Grandma Wreatha (my in-laws mother) who died a couple years before. She had NEVER visited our house though. Our caller ID record said “unknown” from the caller.

We immediately adjusted ourselves and continued on. Wasting less money, of course. We still get prayers answered, when we are in need!

Kevin M.
Montclair, CA

Monday, February 26, 2024