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Cayce's Earth Change Update—Mt. Etna erupts again

by: Dr. Greg Little

I have been asked questions by several people about Edgar Cayce's earth changes predictions and current volcanic activity that might match what Cayce said. Certainly the massive earthquakes in the South and Western Pacific match several of the predictions made by Cayce, but most people seem to be interested in what Cayce said about an inundation of California. It is likely that the Cayce readings do refer to a massive tsunami hitting California and he gave a couple things to look for that would occur just prior to this disaster.

In 1932 psychic reading, Edgar Cayce was asked about when the changes in the Earth's activity would become apparent. Cayce replied that "When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea, and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that's almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the [Etna] area, then we may know it has begun. [Reading 311-8; April 9, 1932}

Interestingly, Cayce related that after Sicily's Etna erupted, there would be approximately 90 days to evacuate the areas mentioned. But Cayce also mentioned other types of activity that would seem to precede the California inundation.

In a 1936 reading [270-35], Cayce related that an eruption of Vesuvius or Pelee would signal an inundation of California, parts of Utah, and Nevada. The interpretations of this reading made by Cayce followers have varied in meanings from Mt. Pelee in Martinique or possibly even the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii. However, I am at a loss why some writers seemed to think Cayce was referring to Hawaii—except a Hawaii eruption would be more likely to cause a tsunami that would hit California. One thing that those interested in Cayce need to know is that a few of the most vocal of the writers who tout Cayce’s earth changes simply come up with bizarre conclusions related to their own psychological needs. I prefer to simply take looks at what Cayce actually said.

In January 2011 Mt. Etna erupted numerous times, and in 2012, Etna erupted 5 times with the 6th, being a spectacular eruption, coming on Sunday April 1. The USGS status report on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano (as of April 2, 2012) shows that there are lava flows currently ongoing there as well as slow inflation on the summit. Mt. Pelee is currently inactive as is Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.

In truth, this set of readings by Cayce presents a difficult challenge to decipher. Clearly California and the other states are referred to in the readings as is Mt. Etna. However, with both Pelee and Vesuvius inactive (at the moment) I doubt that it's "the time" to evacuate. Of course, that's just my opinion about a vague prediction, and I might be wrong. If, however, Pelee begins to erupt, I’d certainly think deeply about evacuating if I was in California.


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