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Encounters with the Unknown

Ohio family “abducted” astrally by aliens?

By Brent Raynes

The below letter was addressed to me on December 27, 1980:

“As far back as I can remember (to early childhood in the early 50's) I’ve read everything I could get my hands on from a early age. It was also in the mid-50's that I saw my first UFO. It was witnessed by four adults and myself. It was a clear sky (no clouds), the UFO was circular, metallic (silver) in appearance and traveling north to south with no sound. This sighing convinced me that there was UFOs.

My interest though in the UFO field diminished as the years passed, having read, I feel, all that there is on the subject. The end result (was) nobody has the answer yet.

The past five years I have been involved in self-awareness. Philosophy books/seminars, self- hypnosis, regressive (past lives) hypnosis, channeling, and psychic phenomenon. That is until this past July.

I’ll try to briefly summarize what took place over a period of four months although it is an ongoing occurrence. July (approx. the 1st). This is what I consciously remembered at the time of the first encounter. It was the middle of the night and I was being awaken(ed) by my wife’s voice telling me to remember/or to be aware that it was a ‘UFO’ I was on or I could see if I would sit up and look out the bedroom window.

Upon gaining full consciousness, I sat up in bed. My wife was awake also. We both got up, visited the bathroom, and we were both physically shaken, very hyper. I felt I had been aboard a UFO, but I didn’t say anything to Sandy (my wife). I asked Sandy what happened and she told (me) a ‘man’ had been standing beside her when she awoke. She asked where they had taken me. He said I had to go with them but everything was alright. At the time she awoke she saw me leaving the bedroom with a group of smaller ‘beings,’ different from who was communicating (mentally) with my wife. Sandy felt no hostile feeling, only good from this ‘man.’

After she told me what had taken place with her, I explained that all I could remember was that it involved a UFO.

We both went back to bed, but we were real worked up. I felt I couldn’t sleep, but after we laid down a relaxing sensation started at our feet and crept up to our heads and we fell asleep.

The next day and up until August 7th we didn’t remember anything beyond what I just told you. The only thing peculiar that I began to notice was that we (we have a 3-year-old daughter) didn’t want to go outside, especially the backyard. We had no motivation, we did what we had to do and that was it and that my neck (my spinal bone) was hurting me so bad I could barely work. It felt like it had been broken.

It was during this period that I felt I was virtually led to Madeline Teagle and I set a date to go talk to her with my wife. I will tell you this Brent, my wife up until this incident didn’t have the faintest interest in UFOs or anything related to it. Anyway, to continue on Aug. 7th we were awakened by our daughter falling out of bed. I started to get up and my wife let out a cry of surprise. I suddenly felt a presence of people in our house. I saw a ‘shadow’ of a man, at the foot of the bed, in the corner of my eye and also forms coming down the hall to our room. I panicked and quickly turned the wall light on. They were gone. This event triggered something inside.

Aug. 11th. They communicated for approx. 4 hours at night. The only thing my wife remembers is that they told her to remember that a star is going to earth. I remember nothing.

Brent, it’s very had to explain, but we have not seen them consciously, but they come and communicate with us when in a light trance. Not deep sleep. I feel that it’s similar to hypnosis and you remember only certain things. Possibly only what they want you to remember. Also they communicated a lot with my wife. She seems to recall the most.

Aug. 12th. I came out of a deep sleep. I still was in semi-conscious state and it was like picking up a telephone. They just started communicating. They told me how they utilized telepathy and that they can take over someone’s mind/body.

Aug. 13th. They communicated mentally all night. Sandy and I astraled to craft above house. Both recalled this next day. Also discovered first of burnt grass around our house. Specifically around our bedroom. They were 6' to 8' rings in grass burnt at the top of the blades down to about 3/4 of the blade height with a white residue. It is still being analyzed. Madeline sent it to a lab. Aug. 14th. The usual mental communication, but also gave Sandy a verse in another language to remember. Madeline refers to it as ‘Solar Mall.’

Aug. 15th. Craft over the house at night. I awoke, felt myself vibrating. Felt a ‘beam’ come into the house and I used this to astral to craft. Also my daughter was with me. It was fairly dark in the craft but another human was aboard sitting, waiting for me/us. More ‘burnt’ grass next day. Also a UFO I’m sure the same was seen that night by my brother and his friend. They told me about two weeks later.

Well Brent, this went on up until first of October, then it virtually stopped. Although there still is a ‘presence’ every now and then.

A week before the contactee meeting, I did astral somewhere with them. I do not remember.

Another aspect is since this occurred our daughter is forever seeing the ‘Cookie Monster’ around the house and at night in her room. She is also scared of the dark now. She never was. I showed her last week the picture of the being we communicated with and her eyes got real big and a smile and she said that’s the ‘Cookie Monster.’

Madeline also has seen this ‘being’ as well as others. That was new to me.

I’ll tell you now what I remember of the first encounter in July, under hypnosis. This was self-induced.

They came into the house. I left with them, walking through doors/walls. They stayed in house. I continued outside to backyard. A craft, roughly 40 feet diameter, was above. A brilliant light beamed down. It was this light that ‘beamed’ me into the craft. I ‘floated’ up into a cylinder inside the craft. Two of the ‘beings’ took both of my arms and walked me into a room and I laid stomach down on a narrow table.

The next thing I remember I was watching from the end of the table, down by my feet. They had attached a small rectangular device with lights on top to my neck (spine). I moved closer to look at it. I think that it was attached by a cord to what I remember calling a computer. I also recall that the box had like needles that went into the spine. I vaguely recall that (note: I discussed this with Madeline and she said the pain was probably so severe that I viewed it from out of the body) I will say my neck still isn’t quite right. It really hurt for sometime.

The next thing I remember I was floating down to my yard. I went into the house, by the beings in the room and went to bed. All of this occurred while it seemed I was in a light trance.

I remember nothing of what was said to me or anything. I don’t know why me or my family, but it did happen.

One strange thing did occur. I went to Madeline’s to be put under by hypnosis with my wife by a qualified hypnotist. My wife recalled the events as they occurred to her with no problem. When I went under after the routine of putting one into hypnosis, she started to ask me what had taken place that first night. I started to tell about when I first got out of bed to leave and I could not get past that moment. A feeling so overwhelming came over me I told her to stop, I wanted left alone.

At the time Madeline and her friend had seen an object, like a cap with rods on either side, come into the room and rest on my head. As soon as the rods went into my head is when I became upset and started to hyperventilate. It’s quite obvious a control was being used so I would not tell anybody what had taken place or what I had learned. I’m not sure.”

Editor’s Note: Back in 1975 and 1976, I had made quite a few trips to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, up near Akron, and met on quite a number of occasions with researcher/contactee Madeline Teagle, who had introduced me back then to a number of contactees in her area. She verified to me that the above stated “cap with rods” experience had indeed transpired.

“When we did the hypnosis bit, the window was closed,” Madeline explained in a letter dated October 2, 1980. “There were three of us, including his wife, in the room. The other individual, myself and the hypnotist saw the helmet float through the window and settle on his head.”

“The hypnotist was great. She did not give him any clues, she just asked him to tell us where he went and prodded him only on where was he now and what was he doing. She gave no suggestions and she brought him out as soon as she saw what was happening with the helmet.”


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