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Reality Checking

More EVPs, ETH versus PSI, and the passing of another respected Ufological Friend

By Brent Raynes


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Another EVP Experiment

On Sunday evening, January 29, 2012, Bret and Gina of Halo Paranormal in Lebanon, Tennessee, conducted another long-distance Spirit Box EVP session with me. We had agreed in advance that from about 8:00 till 8:05 p.m. I would try and “send” them some sort of message (with the assistance of our spirit guides/technicians) and they, on the other hand, from about 8:05 till 8:10 p.m., would try and “send” me a message. Neither of us knew, at the time, what word or word contents that the other was going to attempt transmitting in this strange manner. Only after we each had the audio that was recorded by the other in our possession did we reveal to the other what we were trying to “send” them. For example, my daughter suggested that “purple hippopotamus” would be a good one to send out, so after I received their audio (in two parts, one 2 minutes and 27 seconds in length and the other 2 minutes and 45 seconds) I emailed Bret and Gina with the two words and then began reviewing the audio in serious earnest. Lo and behold, I found “hippopotamus” at 2.21 on the 2.27 audio file that they had emailed me. On it, you could hear Bret saying, “Bishop, I heard you. Could you please repeat it one more time?” [Bishop is one of his regular spirit guides/technicians]. Soon a male voice says what sounds like “repeat it,” followed again by “repeat.” Immediately after that you hear a female voice (it sounded like she was yelling to be heard) saying “hippopotamus.” I emailed Bret and Gina and explained where I had located this and made an audio file of it and sent it on to them. “Yes, I do hear all the things you found here,” Bret soon replied. “I can hear a female voice in the background, like you said, almost yelling.”

I listened to both audio files that Bret had sent me trying to see if I could locate references to any other non-human life forms besides a hippopotamus, whether it was an animal, a lizard, a bird, a fish or an insect. Out of a total of 5 minutes and 12 seconds I only found one, which sounded like the word “lobster,” my favorite seafood (I was, after all, born and raised in Maine!). So I think it very significant that the target was “purple hippopotamus” and we got “hippopotamus,” with maybe a reference to one other non-human life form (lobster) in over a 5 minute period.

As for what I was supposed to receive, it was “DMT – the Spirit Molecule.” We located on my audio what could have been “DMT” – it kind of sounds like it – but there was a lot of static at that point. I thought it could also have been “EMT.” Thus it’s not conclusive. “I think we had some atmospheric conditions last night that weren’t conducive to doing a spirit box session so we got more distortion than usual,” Bret noted the next day.

We’ll be doing more experimentation again soon. On to the next!

Spirit Box EVPs by Bret and Gina Oldham

Recently Bret and Gina Oldham posted a You Tube video with some impressive examples of their spirit box EVPs. In their own words, it consists of a “cross section of responses consisting of intelligent direct responses to our questions, our names being said, foul language and even Elvis! Well maybe?”

Be advised that very bad language (the notorious F word) can be heard in this presentation. I mentioned this aspect in my column last month. This is a good example of the kind of EVP messages with bad language that researchers (myself included) receive rather often when involved in direct experimentation of this kind!


Bret and Gina’s work is also getting international exposure. Take note of this brief clip from their recent and second appearance on a Bulgarian TV program called “The New Files.” Listen for their names and the mention of “Alternate Perceptions,” the only English words most of us are going to recognize!

Go to: http://tv7.bg/news/4189082.html

UFOs, ETH and the Psychic Hypothesis

Back in 1976, in the October issue of Saga’s then popular UFO Report, Jerome Clark had done an interview with my long-time ufological friend and colleague, the distinguished psychiatrist Dr. Berthold Schwarz, who succinctly summed up in that interview his views on the psychic dimensions of the UFO phenomenon versus the ever popular extraterrestrial hypothesis (a view that never changed in the 36 years that I corresponded with him up until his passing in 2010).

He stated: “The extraterrestrial hypothesis is fine as far as it goes – you can’t disprove it – but what real evidence is there for it?

Then we can take the next hypothesis, based upon what we know about psychic phenomena. Here we have a vast body of evidence going way back for centuries. In the last hundred years or so we’ve had many experiments and controlled observations and well studied spontaneous cases where the parallels between psi and UFO phenomena are striking. You can read Nandor Fodor’s masterful book, The Encyclopedia of Psychic Sciences, and many of the examples he draws on pertaining to the great mediums are right out of modern day ufology, including luminous lights, entities, poltergeists, and the whole works.”

Not long ago (01/30) my daughter and co-host Chandra and I did an interview ourselves with long-time UFO/paranormal author, researcher and publisher Tim Beckley on our internet-based radio show “Alternate Perceptions” (www.liveparanormal.com). We delved fairly deeply into the UFO/psi conundrum and discussed some things that I’m sure would have brought a happy and knowing smile to the good Doctor Bert’s face back in the day. Tim himself sees a lot of parallels between much of the UFO and paranormal data, expressing that “probably the same things that go on inside a haunted house are the same things that take place below treetop level when a UFO is observed to land.” He noted that people from many different cultures, like the Native American medicine man and the Hawaiian Kahuna, “see UFOs and ghosts” in “pretty much the same light.”

“Most people, when they think of Kenneth Arnold, think of nuts and bolts craft, but Kenneth Arnold didn’t believe that UFOs were spaceships,” Tim pointed out. “He thought that they were a link between the living and the dead, and he thought that they were living and breathing creatures of some type. In fact, he described in one interview of seeing like the center of these objects that he saw kind of like pulsating, as if they were alive, like a heartbeat or something.”

“He had 7 or 8 sightings, which most people are not aware of, and it all revolves around the paranormal.” In recent years, Tim seems to have “become convinced” that while he can’t say that “a few visitors from outer space” aren’t dropping in on us, he now leans more heavily toward things like “paranormal phenomena, interdimensional travel, time travel, other realities – not intergalactic travel as we would think of it.” At one point, Tim explained, “Most of what is being seen and witnessed is something that is very psychic and supernatural in nature.”

“An intelligence so different from ours that we maybe wouldn’t even be able to identify it or understand it,” Tim soberly added. He seems to even echo a Keelian train of thought when he expressed: “It seems to be related to a demonic phenomenon. Now I’m not a religious person at all, so when I say demons I’m not saying ‘hail Satan’ or anything like that. I’m thinking of demons more in the sense of spirits like Aleister Crowley was trying to conjure up. I think that a large part of this is paranormal and non-physical and we’re dealing with an intelligence that we have little or no perception about. We can’t even get on the radio and describe it because we don’t know how to describe it because it’s nothing we’ve ever dealt with.”

“A lot of these people in the field are asking for disclosure,” Tim noted. “Well, what is disclosure? I mean, everybody has their own opinion about this subject and like even if the crash at Roswell did take place, I’m not 100 percent convinced that it wasn’t an object that wasn’t made here on earth.” At this point, Tim launched into his thoughts on how shortly after World War II we had brought over German and Nazi scientists and engineers to apply their advanced knowledge to advance our own scientific goals, or to work on a “secret space program.” “I think that it might have been one of these Nazi built machines that they had been trying to perfect,” Tim noted.

A lot has certainly been said and written through the years about Hitler’s fascination and involvement with occult practices, as well as many within his regime, and at one point Tim added a “paranormal background” to what he was telling us about these German scientists when he stated: “They had a couple of secret societies there and they were channeling messages as far back as like 1925, from beings who claimed to be from some other solar system or galaxy or what have you.”

While on the subject of German scientists, Tim further expressed the following: “Also I’m curious why in many of these early contactee stories that came out the witnesses, such as Reinhold Schmidt, said that the members of the crew spoke with a German accent, even though they claimed to be from outer space. Why would an alien speak with a German accent? Also think about how these contactees described the beings onboard the ships – the Space Brothers – were they not very Aryan in appearance?”

“If nothing else, UFOs make us think,” Tim reflected. “They tinker and play with our mind.” Then he added, “There have probably been more books written on UFOs I would guess than any other subject. I mean, there are just thousands of them. Even the Library of Congress, at one point, put out a bibliography of UFO books, and they had like 7,000.”

I pointed out that that particular bibliography had appeared back in the 1960s, remembering having read about it in John Keel’s UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, which came out back in 1970. Tim then told me something that I had not previously known, that the author of that publication, a Lynn Catoe, had been a very “good friend” of John Keel’s! In fact, Tim recalled how early on in the 1960s he had been lecturing at a Congress of Scientific Ufologists conference in Parma, Ohio, and John and Lynn had together attended his presentation.

Of the bibliography, Keel wrote in his book the following:

“Recently the U.S. Government Printing Office issued a publication compiled by the Library of Congress for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research: UFOs and Related Subjects: An Annotated Bibliography. In preparing this work, the senior bibliographer, Miss Lynn E. Catoe, actually read thousands of UFO articles, books, and publications. In her preface to this 400-page book she states:

A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing, and invisible entities, as well as phenomena like poltergeist manifestations and possession…Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena which has long been known to theologians and parapsychologists.”

“That’s the closest that you could actually get to the government making a statement about flying saucers,” Tim quipped. “It’s in an official book printed with taxpayer money.”

Thus disclosure is perhaps over and done with and official ufology completely missed it! Ugh!

The Passing of another Soldier of the Ufological Cause

Lucius Farish of Plumerville, Arkansas, well known in ufology by practically everyone, for twenty years the director of the annual Ozark UFO Conference, passed away on January 26th, at age 74. Lou (as most of us called him) was a kind and gentle soul who always spoke his truth plainly, simply and to the proverbial point. He was a dedicated and serious UFO researcher who was as credible and respected as they come. On a personal note, Lou was one of my first correspondents soon after I entered the field as a teenaged UFO buff way back in 1967. I always looked forwarded to and enjoyed so his letters, which were often filled with copies of interesting news stories as well. (Back in the days before internet, snail mail was the life blood of long-distance communications) Website: http://hosting-634.tributes.com/show/Lucius-O.-Farish-93175580.

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