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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2024

Part three of my anthology on Cuban UFO's

by: Albert S Rosales

We are now on part three of my anthology of UFO type events and encounters in Cuba. Please enjoy and please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions or if you have had any bizarre experiences.

Underwater aliens?
Location. La Havana, coast Cuba
Date: 1959
Time: 08:00 a.m.
A man fishing with a friend near the coastline suddenly saw the water around his vessel began to bubble. Moments later a huge silvery disc-shaped craft emerged from out of the water, hovered briefly, then shot away at high speed. A few minutes later, they saw very near to the boat at several meters in depth, 3 to 4 dark clad figures that appeared to be wearing tight-fitting diving suits. The witnesses could not determine the origin of the figures but assumed that they were somehow connected to the flying disc.
Source: Dr. Sergio Cervera

Bizarre entity encounter:
Location: Barrio Pastora, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: 1959
Time: night
Having returned home late at night, there was no one at home to open the door for 20-year-old Orlando Carrillo, so he fell asleep on the front steps of the building located on Cruz Roja Street. Suddenly, he heard someone calling his name, “Orlando!”, “Orlando!” And as he looked up he saw standing before him a gigantic figure wearing a strange ‘military uniform’, that appeared to be ‘ancient.’ He wore a sword and what appeared to be a .45 caliber gun. Terrified, Carrillo stared at the giant unable to move. Suddenly, the giant vanished in plain sight. At this, Carrillo walked to the corner and waited for his friends to get home.

Source: Jose Seoane, “Cuentos de Aparecidos” Volume I, Santa Clara Province, pp. 60-61, 1963.

Military Encounter :

Location. Viñas near Remedios, Cuba
Date: 1961
Time: 02:00 a.m.
The main witness, Luis Perez Perez, a member of the 388th militia battalion was on maneuvers in the area with hundreds of other men in search for insurgent positions. Early in the morning the group of men saw approaching over the fields, at very low altitude and at slow speed, a large spherical craft accompanied by three smaller spherical objects. Luis and some of the other men at first thought they were ‘American’ ships, since they had been seen in the area before. There were numerous lights on the objects and through their transparent cabins the men could see silhouettes of occupants. The objects were completely silent. At this point several of the men, including Rene Martinez began to fire at the objects. However, it didn’t seem to the men that the bullets impacted or reached the objects. The objects then gained some altitude and disappeared at high speed above the fields. According to Perez there were at least one thousand witnesses.

Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba

Cold War underwater aliens?

Agent and ex-Cuban soldier of fortune Raymond Fernandez, a leader of a three-man expedition manning a swift, high-powered Cris-Craft cruiser. Their engines had been modified and they could really make excellent time. They were running slow that night. However, because it was essential that their cargo of radio transmission equipment reached a rebel leader in Cuba.

The voyage to Cuba was uneventful. The equipment was landed on a small, secluded beach in a well-protected cove. They were just pulling out to head back to the United States when they were called back to shore. The rebels told them that a fleet of Cuban patrol boats were spotted a few miles down the coast. They took off fast, hoping to outrun their fastest cruisers. A deadly cat-and-mouse-game was triggered when a Cuban patrol boat used radar to lock onto the CIA cruiser. They tried everything to shake him, but nothing seemed to work. They were gaining on Fernandez and it was only a question of time until they were either captured or sunk. Deep into the so-called Bermuda Triangle, Fernandez was piloting his boat and keeping a wary eye on his pursuers. He was looking back at the Cuban patrol boat, trying to gauge when they’d get close enough for a shot. Suddenly a flicker of light in the sea to his port side caught his eye. He looked in that direction and saw a light beneath the surface of the sea.

His attention was drawn to the light, which was getting brighter with each passing second. It went from the intensity of a lightbulb to the brilliance of the brightest light he’d ever seen within a span of about twenty-seconds. It might have been even less than that. The two other Cubans on the boat piloted by Fernandez also saw the light. The three men watched as the light suddenly moved between the escaping cruiser and the Cuban patrol boat. The waters of the relatively calm ocean began to bubble and boil. The Communist Cuban boat also stopped. Within seconds, Fernandez was shocked to see a silver-colored disc-shaped object rise from the boiling sea. The ascent was extremely rapid. The men described the object as a large disc, perhaps forty feet in diameter. The outer edges of the UFO were glowing bright red and blue when the device came up out of the waters. It was also accompanied by two smaller objects that popped up out of the water right behind it. Fernandez reported that the large circular disc rose to a height of about fifty to seventy-five feet above the ocean’s surface. The smaller discs hovered about twenty to thirty feet below the larger ship. The two miniature discs were about 50-inches in diameter. They separated almost immediately when they came out of the sea. The little units then moved toward his boat and the Cuban patrol boat. By then, both the Communist boat and Fernandez’s boat started to have trouble. His engines stopped dead. He tried the ignition switch, but there was a complete lack of power. He could hear the patrol boat crew shouting at each other about their engines.

As their power loss occurred, a large beam of white light poured down from the very large disc hovering overhead. According to Fernandez it was as if someone had turned on a powerful searchlight that illuminated the entire area. Fernandez kept trying to get his engine started. One of his crew was a young man named Juan Garcia. He was about 22-years-old, and making his first trip. He became agitated and excited, started shouting something about Judgement Day and the end of the world. He fell to the deck of the cruiser and started praying. Fortunately, Fernandez’ other crew member was an experienced fighter. He started checking everything out. By then the smaller disc was right above their boat. The small disc-shaped object hovered above the boat and started to blink on and off in a rapid sequence of changing colors, from orange, to blue, green and white. The lights changed color every half-second and this continued for perhaps thirty-seconds. Then the disc took on a reddish-orange glow and that’s when they felt the heat. The temperature rose suddenly under the heat of some unknown source. This heat was accompanied by a very uncomfortable prickly feeling on all their bodies. Fernandez became nauseous. He became sick enough to vomit over the side of the boat. Across the way he could see the confusion on the Cuban patrol boat. Men were crying out, running around the boat in a hysterical manner. He assumed they were also feeling the same increase in temperature. Strangely enough, Raymond Fernandez stated that the metal and other objects aboard the boat did not heat up. The metal was actually cold to the touch, yet his body and the air around the boat was extremely warm. However, Fernandez maintained his presence of mind and continued to try and start the engines. Suddenly, the small disc above them moved toward the larger craft and his engine started right up. The man who had been checking for a malfunction screamed with pain. One of the belts on the engine grabbed his finger, carrying his hand around a shaft. He almost lost his hand, and unfortunately, did lose some chunks of skin around two fingers. Engines running, Fernandez slammed the throttle to full speed and faced away from the scene. As they moved toward Florida, he saw the second small disc move away from the Cuban patrol boat. The brilliant light dimmed, and the only light came from the stars and a pale moon. The Cubans got their engines running. They turned around and headed back to the island. Fernandez reported that his young companion gradually regained his

Composure during the voyage back to Florida. He had been “out of it” for a while. On their return to Florida, Raymond Fernandez, Juan and the third member of the crew were debriefed extensively by members of the Central Intelligence Agency. Fernandez had assumed that it had been some sort of secret weapon built and operated by the United States. The CIA agent that debriefed him refused to say anything. Another strange occurrence related to the third man’s injured hand. Twenty-four hours after they’d left Cuba and had this experience, his hand was completely healed. He was then flown somewhere for medical tests and Fernandez never saw him again. His name was Gomez. Fernandez and Juan remained in the CIA encampment.

Soon after the incident, Garcia began experiencing mind-splitting headaches that came with tremendous pain. Nothing worked, even Codeine pills. And whenever he laid down, he drifted to sleep and experienced a bizarre, lucid dream. It was always the same, like watching a movie repeatedly. The “dream” opened with a picture of the CIA cruiser pulling away from the UFO. Garcia could see himself in the exact position he had occupied on the deck, kneeling on the side of the boat, eyes closed. He had been praying for deliverance from Judgement Day. The dream then focused on the large, hovering UFO. The craft hung above the scene momentarily; then a hatch opened. The two smaller discs entered the larger craft. The hatch closed with a sliding motion and the large disc dropped slowly to the surface of the sea. It descended into the water and drifted slowly toward the bottom. As the UFO neared bottom, it straightened out and traveled just above the bottom of the ocean floor for a quite a distance. It slowed down when it approached what looked like a mountain on the bottom on the sea floor. Part of the mountain opened, and the device went into some sort of tunnel. In the dream, Garcia followed the UFO right into the middle of this undersea mountain.

The mountain was actually a camouflaged undersea UFO base. “Inside there was an entire city” said Garcia. Not a normal city, but something like a well-run military installation. The flying saucer came out of the tunnel into a larger room. This was sort of a large aircraft hangar. There were several other disc-shaped objects there. They varied in size from the small objects, which he seemed to know were a surveillance craft, to the larger oval discs that had come out of the sea. Inside the hangar were a couple of people working on the saucers. They wore coveralls, although there didn’t appear to be any zippers or buttons or belts on the garments. Garcia explained that his dream focused on the storage area for several minutes. The large disc hovered over a platform for a second, then some legs shot out and it seemed as if the craft sort of rested on this concrete-like platform. A hatch opened and two men stepped out. They were short, about Garcia’s height, and they had thin bodies. Their faces were slightly different from ours, but not enough to be noticed. It could have been the lights in the hangar, but they seemed to have an Oriental or Indian color to their skin. They left the ship, walked over to the mechanics and there was a discussion about something or another. Garcia couldn’t hear what they said. The two “men” left the hangar and entered another part of the undersea facility. This was a long corridor that led to another room. Sort of like a mission control operation with computers and lots of unusual machines. This was a debriefing room. They didn’t debrief verbally. They took off their helmets and placed a gadget over their head. The gadget had electrodes that appeared to spark a little when they struck their foreheads. The men didn’t show any pain from this. They kept the gadgets on their heads for perhaps a minute, maybe less. Then, the computers started up. Garcia thinks they were debriefed by some sort of procedure that read their minds. In the dream, Garcia left the two Ufonauts in the control room and followed a man with a long pair of white coveralls down the corridor. “He didn’t look like the other two” explained Garcia. He looked like your “average” American or Englishman. The only difference that he walked a bit too precisely, like a soldier. He went into a room that looked something like a lounge. There were several people there. Both men and women. He saw a couple with long hair. They also wore those coveralls, although they were of different colors. They seemed to get along with each other on an equal basis. Garcia says that he felt that some of these people were originally there, that some were prisoners or captives from our surface world. He couldn’t swear to it, but it was just an intuitively feeling.

In his “dream” about the undersea city, Garcia said he was envisioning the installation when a horn started blowing, like an emergency horn in a military installation. He seemed about to gain some more information, but everyone started running toward the hangar area. That’s where the dream always ended. Garcia was convinced that it wasn’t really a dream, but some sort of message imparted to him. Later under a deep trance Garcia said, “They had been in our world for a very long time. It is time for the new race to begin. The old order is going away, the new order is coming. The new race is necessary to save humankind.” Basically, they are trying to change our genetic structure so that a new race may evolve in this planet, according to Garcia.

Source: Warren Smith, “Triangle of the Lost” pp. 50-69, 1975, citing investigation by private detective Renfro T. Hayes, Memphis Tennessee.

Bedroom visitation:

Location: Barrio Condado, Santa Clara (Villaclara), Cuba
Date: 1963
Time: night
The witness, 30-year-old David, had just returned home from a friend’s home. It was a very hot night as he lay in bed. Suddenly, as he lay there a human-like figure, over 7 ft tall and wearing white clothing suddenly appeared in front of his bed. The clothing was tight-fitting and it had a bright light on the chest area. Within the light on its chest there was a circle with some unknown lettering or script inside. David tried to get up to get a better view of the entity but it suddenly disappeared. David felt a strange sensation, but felt no fear. For a brief moment he was unable to move.

Source: Jose Seoane, “Cuentos de Aparecidos” p. 64
Comments: Translation by Albert S. Rosales

Witness’ eardrums damaged by strange being:

Location. Santa Lucia, Cabaiguan, Cuba
Date: 1964
Time: late afternoon
Rodolfo Garcia was resting after lunch in the tobacco shed, which he found to be cool and quiet. On that afternoon he looked up and saw a ‘man’ wearing a strange outfit. Its face and hands were green, like that of a frog and it had large round protruding eyes. It didn’t have any ears and its mouth was a thin line. It was about as tall as two men and stood on a wooden box staring at the witness. Terrified Garcia watched as the strange creature seemed to be trying to tell him something. Suddenly it emitted a loud shrieking sound which caused the witness’s eardrums to burst and his ears to bleed. In pain, the witness then fell from his cot, and at the same time the creature emitted a second shriek which caused the witness to lose consciousness. Later he was found by one of his sons since the family was concerned that Rodolfo had not returned from his nap. After he told the rest what he had seen they armed themselves with rifles and machetes and searched the tobacco shed but found nothing.

Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba
Comments: Translated by Albert S. Rosales

A Personal experience:

Location: Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: 1965
Time: afternoon
The young witness, (Albert S Rosales) was walking to his grandmother’s house alone through an alley when something made him look up. What he saw was a white figure of a man that appeared to be standing in a cloudy background. This figure seemed to be making hand gestures towards him, which he answered doing the same. He could not see any details, except that it was humanoid (man-like) and completely white. Eventually the witness left and did not continue the interaction with the entity.

Source: Personal sighting
Comments: I connected this event to the recent death of my loving uncle.

I will be returning next month with part 4 of Cuban encounters. Please visit my Amazon page and check out my humanoid encounters chronology books, thank you.

Albert S Rosales

Sunday, July 14, 2024